Presenting the Team Dignitas Smite Open Cup - Sponsored by Alienware and Hirez Studios



Are you ready for another epic tournament?


After acquiring a Smite team, we over at Team Dignitas decided that it is time to host our first Smite tournament. Thanks to Alienware and Hirez Studios, we are able to get a £1000 cash prize for this tournament, which will feature 32 teams. This is an open cup, meaning all teams from all regions are allowed to sign up and we hope to see all slots being taken.

The tournament will be run from Wednesday 24th July until Friday 26th, each day being presented by Hirez Bart on stream! The signups are opened as of Thursday July 18th and will close on Tuesday July 23rd.

Teams can sign up by creating a comment on the announcement newspost and you are expected to be on the mIRC cup channel (#dignitas.cup @ Quakenet) 30 minutes before the start of each match day to confirm your participation. We will be streaming all rounds so make sure you tune in on


This tournament is sponsored by



Hi-Rez Studios


Stream -


Tournament Details

Game: Smite 5vs5 Conquest
Teams: 32
Signups Open: Wednesday July 17th
Signups Close:
Tuesday July 23rd
Stream: Hirez Bart will be streaming over on
IRC: #dignitas.cup (Webchat)
Admin: Sui



Brackets will be published here.



1st place: £400
2nd place: £200
3rd place: £ 125
4th place: £75
5-8th place: £50



Wednesday 24th:
Round of 32: 20:00 CET (BO1)
Round of 16: 21:30 CET (BO1)

Thursday 25th:
Quarter Finals: 19:00 CET  (BO1)
Semi Finals: 20:30 CET  (BO1)

Friday 26th:
Grand Final: 19:00 CET (BO3)


How to sign up

You can sign up by leaving a comment on the announcement newspost, mention your team name, nation and lineup. You are expected to idle #dignitas.cup on Quakenet (Use the webchat if you don't have IRC) 1 hour before the cup starts on each day.

Signup example
Name: Killers
From: UK
Contact: YOURNAME @ #dignitas.cup (IRC contact is mandatory)
Lineup: Player 1, Player 2, Player 3

How to check-in
Just send a message to the tournament admin on #dignitas.cup @ Quakenet and let him know that your team is ready to participate in the cup. Make sure your team is marked as 'checked-in' on the teams list which will be posted by the tournament admin.



- We will use the Smite Tournament Series Rules for all matters related to cup matches.
- Only official streams approved by admins are allowed to stream this cup.
- Teams/players are not allowed to stream their own games.
- All teams are expected to wait for the tournament streamers when requested to wait.
- Teams must take screenshots of all map scores.
- Team Dignitas has the right to penalize teams/players who do not follow above rules or incase of any missconduct.
- Team Dignitas has the right to make case by case decisions that may deviate from these rules.
- Update: the new god released on Wednesday is not allowed.


Server Location

- EU vs EU: European server
- NA vs EU: European server
- NA vs NA: American server

The same applies to all other non-European teams, not only to North America.


Teams/players need to send their payment information to the tournament admin within one week after the cup took place to claim their prize.