Hello, my name is Shaun 'Apollo' Clark and this is my temporary online coaching planner and schedule. Here you will find all information that you need regarding my coaching and how to continue your interest in booking a lesson. I offer a coaching service to Zerg, Protoss and Terran players of all skill, from bronze to diamond. I will strive to get you into the Master league. I accept and coach on the European and more recently the North American server.

About me:
I am 21 years of age and a member of Team Dignitas. My biggest gaming achievement was winning WCG Grand Finals in 2007. I have several years of RTS experience, going back to 2003, I currently play Starcraft 2 at a high level as a random player. I am also a known commentator, big events I have covered are Intel Extreme Masters, Dreamhack, World Cyber Games Grand Finals, Assembly and many others. I am a hard working individual and esports fanatic.

"So if you uncertain if you should book a lesson at Apollo, I can reassure you that your money is well invested. Apollo has a really good understanding of the game and pointed out my game-flaws, he helped me to nearly erase them by now in only 2 lessons (I mean you still have to practice , but I hope you get what i mean). Also is he a really nice person who answers you questions even after the lesson and  even asks himself if you still got the problems he pointed out in your lesson. All in all I can really recommend to be a Student from Apollo he is a really good teacher and a cool person :) " - Mat Bremer

"I was a total noob at first, going for mass marines ect. That did work in the bronze leage for awhile, but then I got kinda stuck in there. I took two lessons with Apollo and got waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. I'm now going against gold leagers and beating them 80% of the time. For someone coming out of the Bronze leage that's huge. I can totally recommend Apollo, he's fun, explains it all, and when you have a question when your lesson is done, you can always ask him." - Niek van Rijswijk

"While Apollo might not seem like the first choice if you are looking into coaching -- being mainly a caster than one of the big names playing for the big bucks these days -- he definitely should be. His professional demeanor, his invaluable insight and his access to first-hand information from all western StarCraft 2 heroes has proven invaluable in furthering my skills. He always comes to each lesson prepared and his advice is always spot-on." -  Lorand Koncz

What exactly is a lesson and how can you help me?
I create a personal lesson plan based on you and not just another student, I do this through you. Once your application is processed, I will ask you to send me 5 recent replays so that I can assess you and to also include your current league/stats/race, where you want to be, what you want to achieve from lessons/weaknesses and strengths in game and where you want the lesson to be focused on the most (strats/builds/matchups/micro/macro/decision making/timing etc.) This helps me really zone in on you and help you progress as fast and as cleanly as possible.
After each lesson has been completed, I will email over my lesson plan and notes in a professional well presented fashion so that you can easily reference back to the lesson and continue progress outside the lesson.


1 hour: £30

How do I book a lesson?
The next step is actually booking a lesson, below you will find my schedule which is updated very regulary so that you can cross reference with your own schedule, once you see a slot that is available, please email me the following application:

Lesson date and 1st or 2nd daily slot:

Email this to [email protected]

Twitter: @dApollo1337
Youtube: dignitasApollo


Coaching Calendar