Ultimate PUG Smoke Guide: T-Side



Tue 10th Jul 2018 - 9:03pm

In CS:GO, you can either play as a team in leagues or simply play alone or with a few friends on any map you like whenever you like, so-called Pick-Up-Games. In those PUG games, you need to be able to quickly deploy smokes that specifically help you to find an opening, clear out a part of the map, or get on the bombsite safely without having to rely on your random teammate knowing a bunch of smokes himself.

The aim of this article is to give you line-ups that work on their own without help from a teammate. These smokes will help you clear out parts of the map or help you take straight-up duels that you will be prepared for. In most of the videos where I will teach you the line-up, I will also show you an example of how to play around the smoke or what to do with it.

Carpet to Hay

Stand on the doormat in the Carpet position and find the rightmost part of the mat where a lighter thread is used (please just watch the video) and stand right at the invisible wall at the door. Now aim to the left of the protruding part of the open wall to the right of you and throw. This should cause the smoke to fly through the open door and land on the hay.

With this line-up, you will be able to drop a smoke on the hay cart in front of the balcony, helping you to focus on one angle at a time while exiting Apps, increasing your chances to win a duel since a different opponent will not be able to quickly find your position and spray you down when you take your first fight towards Pit or on the balcony. Alternatively (especially when you have lost 1-2 duels when using this smoke), you can just jump through the smoke and surprise your opponents. Keep in mind that people like to spray through smokes, though, as a smoke doesn't equal a wall! Still, this smoke can help you find the CTs positioning by waiting for a spray, helping you take one duel at a time and in general helping you and your PUG team to take A more easily.

Banana to Casket (One Way)

To throw this smoke, simply stand in the corner of the wood stack in Banana and aim to the right of the pinhead of the fence to your left, lining up your vertical line of the crosshair with the strut right next to the bigger strut holding the pinhead. Now simply throw and the smoke should land inside/on top of Casket!

This smoke is especially useful against AWPers holding from Casket, as it blocks off the common angles towards Banana while leaving a gap for you to spot their feet when they stand behind it. I have tested it and, unless the CTs go all the way to the very edge of the smoke, they will not be able to spot you from Casket/Construction. This smoke is good to catch your opponents off-guard once or twice in a game, giving you the last bit of edge that you need to carry your teammates to victory. Be aware that if you do not go first, your teammates might not know what to do with it, so it's worth it to go first and take full advantage of the feet-spotting capabilities of this smoke. Keep in mind that just because you used this smoke does not mean that the CTs can't be on B in First Box or other similarly dangerous positions!

Tetris to CT

Stand on the non-stacked box at Tetris, aim on the horizontal level of the lower edge of the protruding wall around the line of windows on the big building on the left side of A and do not move your crosshair to the right until the vertical line of your crosshair is to the right of the lamp on the wall below your crosshair (Again, I beg you, just watch the video).

We all have experienced it. Someone calls for an A-Site execute and people assign themselves smokes. However, the CT smoke doesn't land or your team takes too long to get out of A-Main, and the smokes start to disappear before you planted. Now, this smoke helps you in those chaotic mid-round situations. Simply line this smoke up and re-smoke CT from Tetris, allowing your teammates to plant much more safely. Due to how quickly you can re-deploy a CT smoke when push comes to shove, you will be king in PUG situations where you can't always rely on taking A time efficiently.

Underpass to Short

Stand in the corner to the left above Underpass, find the bent cable and line up the rightmost part of the cable with the right edge of the pink/red-ish building in front of you. Now place your crosshair in the middle of the bent cable and runthrow.

To help you with mid-round plays, you can learn this line-up to help you get boosted into Window or to get up Connector, blocking off Short without a gap and taking the Short player out of the equation in Mid. Since you are rather open to Window, I'd be careful when lining up this smoke in order to not to get caught off-guard by a CT. Although these are PUG smokes, this smoke can also help your PUG, as well as a real team, win crucial rounds where you have gained some control in Mid but you're lacking that last bit of an opening to either get on A or sneak someone behind enemy lines.

Dust 2
Long Cross

Stand in the corner of the barrel and the Double Doors building. Now find the rightmost downward facing pins on the small metal roof on Long Corner and aim above it until your horizontal crosshair line is meeting the corner of the orange building to the left. Now you run until your horizontal line passes the part where the white building is meeting the orange building and let go of your smoke.

One of the most important smokes in all of Counter-Strike, this smoke on Dust 2 allows you to safely cross from Long to A-Site without running risk of getting sprayed or picked-off by an AWP holding the cross. You can use this smoke in a lot of different ways, since this smoke is enough to draw one or more players away from Mid and B to A, allowing you to use what you have once your teammates suddenly execute on B after you've taken Long control alone or with a friend. Keep in mind that, due to the width of the gap between Long and A-Site and the random spread of smokes, it is impossible to consistently throw a smoke that blocks off the whole Cross. This is why my smoke lands closer to Long than A-Site, as this leaves the necessary gap between the smoke and A-Site, not allowing them to see where you are at the beginning of Cross and only allowing them to see you when you are already crossing to safety behind a non-penetrable wall instead of a smoke.

Lower Tunnel to X-Box

In order to throw this smoke, simply stand centered in front of the big box in Lower and, again centered, slightly above the X-Box. This will cause your smoke to land on top of X-Box, giving you a mid-round alternative to the spawn-thrown X-Box line-up for early round map control.

If you throw this smoke, you will block off the view from their Mid player to Short, allowing your teammates to safely get to Short or for you to jump up X-Box and also go Short. Even if you don't follow-up all the way to A, taking away crucial information can help you against insecure PUGgers who rotate early. Unless the CTs push Short or Mid, you should be safe when throwing this smoke, too!

Short B to Bridge

Simply stand in the corner below Bridge in B-Short (waters) and aim at the leftmost line in the metal wall of the small construction building in front of you, lining up the upper part of your vertical crosshair line with the roof of the building. If you throw this smoke, it will drop right in the middle of Bridge, blocking off the view from Bridge to Onspot or Short.

By smoking off Bridge, you will take away a whole bunch of angles that are commonly used to keep Short in check. By taking away these angles, you will allow yourself to isolate angles more effectively and prefire the most common spots. This smoke can also get used to rush Monster from behind more safely, in case you got a call that a CT is playing Monster and is dedicated to his task.

Long to SWAT

Stand centered on the blue-ish brick in the ground and aim above the middle dark spot on the wall of the Toilet building, pulling your crosshair up until it is between the upper and middle strut of the fence on top of the Toilet building.

This line-up will smoke off the gap between the SWAT truck and the boxes on the bombsite, not allowing AWPers and other CT players from Bank to watch Long or switch between Mid and Long, limiting the dangerous angles you will need to clear and care about when entering the A-Bombsite, similar to the Bridge smoke on B. This allows you to advance from Long to A rather safely, allowing you to support your teammates or simply allowing you to open up A on your own with the right crosshair placement.

Brownhalls to Upper Exit

Stand at the left corner between the wall and the invisible clipbrush in the Brownhalls in front of Upper and aim to the right of the upper right corner of the open door in upper. This will drop the smoke right in front of the Upper exit, leaving enough of a gap to check a few positions with a one-way-esque line of sight.

Especially on B, it is important to smoke off the most common angle that can directly hold an angle at your preferred point of exit, which is exactly what this smoke does. Not only does it take away vision from positions ranging from Spools to Connector, it also allows you to spot rather common angles like behind the bombtrain and below you relatively safely and on your own, if push comes to shove. This smoke also helps you to just quickly jump out of Upper and rush down the bombtrain player if you are in a mid-round take with your PUG team.

T-Spawn to Cross (Between Red and Green)

This smoke can be thrown rather loosely as it has a lot of room for you to miss the actual line-up and not miss the smoke. The exact way of lining this smoke up goes like this. You stand at the corner of the building in Spawn and aim at the protruding roof that is between you and A. You aim in the darker part of said roof to drop the smoke perfectly between Red and Green.

One of the many smokes used by pro players almost every round, it limits the available spots for CTs to keep A-Main in check and opens up passageways for the Ts to close the distance and compromise the CT-side set-up. Keep in mind that, although this can open up a lot of free real estate for you and your team, a lot of players like to climb up the trains and spot you from above.This line-up is especially useful if you do not get stuff done by playing as a "team" in a PUG and you know that you need to get the opening, as this smoke allows you to roam more freely and to rush down unsuspecting players when you have played too slow for too long.

Outside Cross (to Red)

Run out of Spawn and aim at the top of the electric tower right in front of you in the distance. Now run a few good meters and do not move your crosshair before you throw and let this smoke bounce off the fence and go between Red and the blue container outside.

This smoke is crucial to advancing the quest of taking away Outside control from the CTs or opening up ways to enter Secret and Main. By blocking off the view from the spots in and around Garage, you allow yourself to freely cross to Red and open up a multitude of different approaches to meeting the Outside player by switching between boxes, going through the smoke, and so on.

Ramp Exitsmoke

Stand right in the middle of the single chair in Trophy Room and aim at the top right corner of the sign on the slanted wall in front of you and run a bit to throw the smoke, blocking off the common position behind the Bigbox in front of your exit path.

Although you will still have to deal with the position behind the Box at Ramp and on the actual ramp leading to B, you still limit the ways that the CTs can hold Ramp by dropping a smoke right in their face, allowing you to exit into Ramp for a Ramp rush, or to surprise them by rushing through your own smoke with a flash. This is especially useful against AWPers who like to support their teammate by standing on the CT exit to Ramp and hold the corner where you have to pass, allowing you to explore different pathways to kill any of the CTs holding Ramp.

B-Main Map Control Smoke

Stand right at the dirtied white line at the beginning of B-Halls and aim at above the right edge of the fourth window after the break between the windows in the wall above Garden. Now run and throw after a meter or so and the smoke should pop right in B-Main.

One of the many grenade line-ups used by pro players who solo B in their T-side default, this smoke blocks off the view from positions like from the B-bombsite, Heaven, CT, Headshot, etc., into B-Main, allowing you to cross from B-Main to Checkers, which will permit you to take different approaches to cracking open B from Checkers or B-Main. Keep in mind that, by facing Headshot from Checkers, you take away the advantage the CT player has. He will not be able to move from side-to-side to dodge your bullets, neither will you only see his head. You will be allowed to spray his body if you approach him correctly.

T-Spawn to Highway/Whitebox

Stand at the beginning of the third zebra stripe from the right on the ground and aim between the last quarter of the arrow and the top part of the A, as seen in the video. Now run and jumpthrow to bounce this smoke off the Whitebox and have it bounce back from the wall to block off the Whitebox and extend the "edge" of the Whitebox from the actual Whitebox more to the left, allowing you to spray through if you suspect a player is trying to (re)peek.

Everyone knows the Z-Connector smoke from T-Spawn. However, with this line-up you will be able to block off the Whitebox, not allowing a CT jumped up on the spools behind the Whitebox to watch Mid anymore. The player will either need to switch to Z, fall back, or try to peek behind the smoke, allowing you to flash quickly in order to take the easy kill. This smoke works similar to the A-Long corner smoke that you can throw from outside Long, where you basically extend the corner with a fully penetrable smoke, allowing you to spray your opponent if he wants to keep peeking from behind the smoke.

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