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Tue 9th Oct 2018 - 9:12pm

Everyone knows how to throw a couple of smokes, flashes, and enter the site, and of course the most common A Execute is already known by most people. What if you still use smokes, flashes, and molotovs to execute A site but in some different ways, away from that usual execute? Down below you will find a series of alternatives to successfully take the A site. And, although everybody knows the standard execute, I will show it too.

Before we begin, you need to know and have a Jumpthrow Bind to do some of these smokes. The Jumpthrow Bind allows you to throw a smoke and jump at the same time so you can land smokes easier. If you don't know how to do it, I'll explain below.

There are two types of Jumpthrow Binds. The one made with just one key that you can only use while playing Matchmaking since it is forbidden on tournaments, leagues, ESEA, FACEIT, and so on, and the other one made with two keys that you need to use and it's the closest to the normal Jumpthrow Bind that you are allowed to use on the previous situations.

One-Key Jumpthrow Bind: Pretty easy to do, you will just need to create two aliases called "+jumpthrow" and "-jumpthrow" and bind the first one to a key. So you should put the following commands one by one in the CS:GO console:

alias "+jumpthrow" "+jump;-attack"

alias "-jumpthrow" "-jump"

bind "ALT" "+jumpthrow" (ALT being the key you want to bind. I just have it on ALT because I find it easier.)

Two-Key Jumpthrow Bind: It's simple as well but you will need to have the precision to press the two keys at the exact same time, so I recommend you to jump with space and to bind the smoke throw key to a key that is close to spacebar on the keyboard for example "v", "n" or "m". After picking your key to combo with spacebar you only need to set the following command and when need to jumpthrow just press spacebar+binded key:

bind "v" "-attack"

In both situations, you will need to press mouse1 (to start the first part of the grenade throwing) and then use the jumpthrow key(s). Jumpthrows aside, let's get started!

  Standard 3 Smokes A Execute

(Graphic made with csgoboard)

So for the perfect execution of this strategy, you will need (as shown in the image above):

  • 2 Molotovs: The first one on Underpalace/Shadow and in front of the Jungle/Connector smoke to avoid CTs pushing through the smoke and catching the Terrorist team by surprise.
  • 3 Smokes: One of them to cover CT Spawn, another one to block Stairs vision, and the last one to block off the Jungle and connector area.
  • Some Flashes: Flashes will always be something that you can add up or reduce according to your gameplan and available utility, but generally you want to use some standard bombsite flash and some Stairs/Jungle flashes. All the utility and players' POVs will be shown in the videos below.

Advantages and goals while executing this tactic:

  • Isolates CT players outside the bombsite making it easier for the Ts to take it.
  • The amount of utility that is deployed forces the CTs to switch their positions to weaker and more vulnerable positions.
  • Allows a guaranteed bomb plant and gives the team more time to choose and work their post-plant situations as you have 18 seconds of smoke duration.

Without further ado, let's hop right into the players' POVs and explanation.

Palace Player: The lone wolf, this player will be the only one separated from the team as he will be heading towards Palace at the beginning of the round to hold for pushes and then drop his molotov on Underpalace/Shadow so that the team's entry fraggers don't have to worry about a CT player being there. Will also be a crucial post-plant situation player since he has one of the best positions to cover the bomb and avoid CTs from defusing it.

(Palace Player's POV) 

Support Player: He is responsible for using a lot of utility to allow the team to enter the bombsite. This player will be doing the CT smoke and will flash for the entry fraggers as they progress onto the site. When getting out of A Ramp, he will throw a running molotov to the front of the Jungle smoke.

(Support Player's POV)

2nd Support Player: Usually you want your AWP player (AWPer) to do this role, with a similar role to the main Support Player. This player will also be flashing for the team but instead of smoking CT, he will smoke Stairs making the Stairs CT player useless. Once he is out of A Ramp, he will focus his AWP on CT.

(2nd Support Player's POV)

Entry Fragger: The same as all Entry Fraggers, this execute is no exception. He will be the first player to enter the site, will hold for a Ramp push at the beginning of the round, and will then proceeds to position himself to enter the bombsite along with the flashes thrown by the supports.

(Entry Fragger's POV)

2nd Entry Fragger: A mix between a Support and an Entry Fragger, this player will drop his smoke on the Jungle/Connector area and prepare himself to enter along with the first Entry, ready to trade kill in case he dies.

(2nd Entry Fragger's POV) 

Deep A Smokes

(Graphic made with csgoboard)

This A execute is pretty similar to the previous one because you also need three smokes, but they change a little bit. The CT smoke will be there so it doesn't change but instead of having Stairs and Jungle/Connector smoked, you will have the Connector entrance smoke and a deep Jungle smoke.

So you will need:

  • 1 Molotov: Same Underpalace molotov as shown above.
  • 3 Smokes: Same CT smoke as before, along with a deep Jungle smoke and a Connector entrance smoke.
  • Couple of Flashes: Any type of bombsite flash that flashes CTs defending inside the bombsite and some Stairs/Jungle flashes will work pretty well.

Advantages and goals while executing this tactic:

  • Allows your team to gain more bombsite and map control compared to the previous execute you had jungle and stairs smoked and now you have that part open for you to take.
  • Gives you more bomb plant possibilities and consequently more ways to play the post-plant situations.

Moving on to the practical part of the strategy and to the player's POV:

Palace Player: Remember the standard A exec with the Palace player doing the molotov to Underpalace? Well, this guy has the same exact role in this strategy. He only needs to be a bit more careful when opening the angle to Stairs because there is no smoke there this time. You can check out the video above.

Support Player: Same as before, but this time doesn't drop the molotov in front of the Jungle smoke. This time the Support Player only does the CT smoke and then he flashes for his teammates.

2nd Support Player: As before, it is better if this player holds on to an AWP to do this role. He will be smoking the Connector entrance and look for a kill on Stairs or CT.

(2nd Support Player's POV)

Entry Fragger: No exception once again. Same role, same path when entering the bombsite. On the previous execute, the first player would look to go left when entering the site and clear Underpalace, Default and the bombsite. In this execute, the path should be the same.

2nd Entry Fragger: He will do the deep Jungle smoke and immediately drop down to go together with the first player and once again look to trade kill. While the Entry Fragger clears Underpalace and Default, the 2nd Entry will be looking to cover him by looking and trying to kill any CTs that are peeking from Stairs or from Jungle.

(2nd Entry Fragger's POV) 

Titan A Exec

(Graphic made with csgoboard)

As the name indicates, this strategy was first performed by the ex-French team Titan. They took another look at the A bombsite and decided to cut off the left part of it (the bombsite part) and gain control of the Jungle and Stairs area so that the bomb can be planted for there or for Ramp. Hopping right into the utility usage to execute this tactic:

  • 2 Molotovs: The standard Underpalace molotov is once again needed, along with a bombsite molotov thrown on the run by one of the players coming out of A Ramp.
  • 3 Smokes: A smoke thrown by the Palace player to cover the Default/Underpalace area, one to cover the middle of the site, and the last one to cover off the area next to Triple Box.
  • A Couple Flashes: As in the previous executes, flashes will always be needed to enter the site. In this strategy in particular, it's very important that somebody throws a flash to the Stairs/Jungle area when the two Entry Fraggers are ready so they can open the angle and gain control of that area as will be shown in the videos below.

Advantages and goals of executing this strategy:

  • Cuts off the left area of the bombsite so players playing Underpalace, Default, Ninja, Triple Box, Get_right and CT/Ticket will be useless and unable to do anything (mostly because they are all covered with smokes, but they also have to deal with a molotov on site).
  • Allows your team to fight for Jungle/Stairs control so you have a different post-plant situation and more options to play.
  • It's a different execute, something that people are not used to seeing, so their reaction will be slower and weaker since they will not know how to react to an execute like this.

That's enough theory. Let's see how each player should behave when executing this strategy:

Palace Player: Fresh utility. This player will have something new to do in addition to the standard molotov to Underpalace. This time he will do a smoke to cover the Default/Underpalace area and two flashes that will allow the team to enter the site, the first one popping out of Palace entrance to blind any players playing fer Spot or Close Palace and the second one popping Underpalace to blind a player playing there or Sandwich. He will also help the team fighting for jungle control. 

(Palace Player's POV)

Support/AWP Player: If you have an AWPer on the team, he should be doing this role. If not, any rifle player can do the job pretty well. It's just safer and better for the AWP player to do this role if there is one. He will be doing the mid site smoke, flashing one above the roof for the team, and will then hold CT and A site area with that AK/AWP.

(Support Player's POV)

2nd Support Player: He will be responsible for doing the Triple Box smoke, and then will flash and go in with the team to get site control. It's extremely important that this player takes the bomb and plants it in front of Triple Box as shown in the image below.

(2nd Support Player's POV)


Entry Fragger: Same role, same goal, different path when entering the bombsite. As the bombsite is cut in half and the left side is behind smokes, this player's objective will be to get Jungle/Stairs control by killing some CTs and then play the after-plant from there.

(Entry Fragger's POV) 

2nd Entry Fragger: Has the same role as the Entry Fragger above but goes second and tries to trade kill for the Entry.

NOTE: If you feel insecure using this strategy try closing the bombsite completly by having all the five players using smokes and adding to these three smokes the Connector entrance smoke and the deep Jungle smoke shown in the videos above. It will leave the CTs completly isolated and once the bombsite is cut off, it will look like this:



Throwing a couple of smokes and entering a site might work, but executing into a site properly with all the right utility and perfect timings makes it easier and a lot cleaner. I hope you liked this guide and that it helps you and your team improve and get better results when attacking/executing A site on de_mirage. Be aware that more guides will come out in order to help, teach, and improve your gameplay even more!

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