Aim for the Head - A guide to improve your aim



Thu 31st Jul 2014 - 4:42pm

CS:GO requires skill which means it requires time and dedication to get better at. The bar that seperates people is the ability to aim correctly. The most effective way of killing an enemy is a bullet to the temple be the enemy armoured or not. Almost every single gun that is available to you will one shot kill the opponents if the bullet meets the head, so naturally would it not be wiser to train yourself to aim for the head? I have noticed that a big problem lower level players face is aiming and accuracy. Starting from incorrect crosshair placement to "over spraying" and not knowing spray patterns. This blog will be divided into section all dedicated to their own specific lesson.

Crosshair Placement:
To start off, crosshair placement is what can give you the edge over your opponent. Having your crosshair just right can save you from adding one more death to your scoreboard. One big problem I see with many players is that they do not aim where the opponent will appear, losing valuable reaction time as they will need to adjust their aim before being able to pull the trigger.





Here you can see that your crosshair is aimed at a hypothetical spot where a potential opponent might come through so you can pop one into his skull and you are good. 

Another factor to take into account is corners, I see a lot of players (including myself sometimes) take corners like this

This, once again, is the incorrect way. What if there is an opponent by the stairs?  Now you have to unnecessarily re-adjust your aim towards them by that time you would probably be dead. So when coming around corners you should keep your crosshair always aimed at head hight and following the corner (keep the crosshair around a 1cm away from the corner) like so:


Gun-Tapping/Weapon Control:
Basically, do not spray like a lunatic. Control your gun. Imagine it is your baby! Now, would you rather smack your baby against the wall or love it with all your heart? That is what I thought. Treat your gun the same way! Do not rage spray with it, but control it! There are many situations which require many different out comes, starting from distant shots to reaction shot in close quarters.

For distant shooting (long-medium distance), gun-tapping and control is the key to beating your opponent. Staying mobile whilst still getting your shots on is a trait which gets you kills. If you are not a professional you should start of with burst shots (max 2-3 bullets). Once these 2-3 bullets have been fired you wait for the gun to reset and you fire again. Always try to aim for the head. If you are not that good yet, aim for the chest. Once you get better and better you should start gun-tapping. Gun-tapping in basics is one shot kill to the head.

If your first hit does not meet the temple move at a "pizza slice" angle where you shoot move a meter to your right or left and tap again (continue until either you are full of bullets or the opponent is killed). When facing enemies close range obviously after missing your first shot you will go into a state I call spray'n'pray, but you can do that with control by learning the spray patterns of different guns. I suggest learning all the guns since you will never know what situation you will face and what gun you might have! Here are some spray patterns!

Gif. created by Twowordbird

 Also you should keep in mind that different weapons do different amounts of damage at different ranges, especially PISTOLS! For instance, a Glock-18 kills from 2 hits to the head with and without head gear (armour) and the p2000/usp-s 1 shot kill without armour and 2 shot kill with armour. While their counterparts the Five-Seven, Tec-9 P250, kill both in 1 hit at close range be the opponent with or without head armour.


Here is a distance chart of weapons which one-hit kill with armour and without.

Chart made by parablooper

Practice makes perfect. That saying applies here! It is as simple as it gets, you have to practice and grind the game for hours and hours and hours before you will start getting those tasty 4k headshot clips you see on youtube! There a many ways you can improve your skills in CS:GO from bot grinding to specific servers headshot only servers.

Here are a few ways you can improve different skills in CS:GO:

1. Deathmatch... here you can grind you aim as much as you want with which ever weapon you want. Set yourself goals that you have to complete before the match is over! 20headshots in one game or 150 headshot before going into MM.
2. Specific servers! Arena/aim maps are awesome ways of training 1v1 situations also it is pretty fun. You can also search for servers which have headshot only enabled which will force you to aim for the head improving your gun-tapping and creating muscle memory for your hand.
3. Training maps offline! A very good one which a lot of people Training_aim_csgo by Anderson "HGK". In this map you can practice what ever you want. From reflex to moving targets, with any weapon you like.
4. The old fasioned bot grind. Just set the bots on harmless and your good to go! Usually you should only gun-tap and go for the head, otherwise there is not point in this exercise!

These are just a few ways of practicing in CS:GO! Hopefully this guide will come in handy to some of you readers. Practice what you need put your dedication into it and sooner or later you will achieve what you were going for! Remember practice makes perfect!