A guide to the newly buffed twin headed dragon, Jakiro



Wed 17th Oct 2012 - 6:12pm

With the latest major Dota 2 6.75 patch, Jakiro is one of the heroes that received the largest buffs. Before, he was just a subpar support due to his unreliable stun, but it’s now one of the best multi-target area denial spells in the game. Let’s look at his abilities.


Dual Breath

Dual Breath
This is a really strong aoe nuke and slow that scales relatively well. You should level this second if you are in a super aggressive lane for the extra damage, and the ability is also fantastic in teamfights as it applies the slow and damage over time affect to everyone you hit with it.


Ice Path

Ice Path
This is now Jakiro’s bread and butter spell. It’s basically a spammable fissure, as the cooldown is 9 seconds at max level and mana cost is only 75 which is almost negligible because of Jakiro’s good intelligence growth. What this spell does is law an ice path on the floor for a set duration, and any enemy that is hit by or touches it while it’s down is stunned until it disappears. It also has a newly buffed cast time, so instead of being very difficult to land it’s now almost a targeted stun with how fast Jakiro spits it out. In almost all circumstances it’s probably best to level this first, as the cooldown drops and duration increases.


Liquid Fire

Liquid Fire
This is a great passive ability that you should get one point in early no matter what, and max after ice path if you have a strong pushing team. This causes Jakiro’s attacks to slow the target’s attack and burn them for 5 seconds, but has a long cooldown at level one. Maxing it drops the cooldown to be equal to the duration, meaning you can keep the debuff up on your target if you can consistently click them. Oh, it’s also an area of effect spell and can be used on towers to slow their attack speed. Yeah, it’s pretty strong.



Macropyre is a great ultimate ability that does a ton of damage if you can get anyone to stand in it for a while. It lasts 7 seconds, has a decent range, and only a 60 second cooldown. The downside is the high mana cost, but it’s still a very powerful spell. This mixed with your icepath stun or any of your allies aoe stuns can easily decimate an enemy team, dealing a maximum of 700 (!!) at level 1 if the enemies stand in it for its full duration. You can take this whenever possible, or wait until you have two of your other spells maxed (should be around level 9) so that you’ll be a higher level with more mana to use it.


Item Choices

Jakiro is a very solid support hero, and doesn’t require much farm to do most of his damage. That being said, if played right you can set up ridiculous amounts of kills and even net yourself a few so you may just be able to build up a few strong items anyways.


Wards and Smoke
Typical support items, Jakiro’s stun can set up for easy ganks if you smoke in past the enemy wards and block their retreat with it. Wards are needed for any team, so if they are in stock and you have money it’s highly recommended that you buy them and set them up for your team.



Mekansm, Pipe of Insight
Jakiro is also a great holder of these two standard team support items. If nobody else on your team is working towards one of these, it’s a good idea to build it as the added benefit of them can easily be the difference between winning a team fight or losing one.



Eul’s Scepter
Eul’s is a personal favorite of mine on Jakiro, as it gives him pretty much everything he needs. The mana regen is amazing, the intelligence is always good, and the movement speed helps him catch up to people to land ice paths and dual breaths for slows. In addition to the stats, the active can easily save him from being focused or simply put one of the enemy team members out of a fight for 2.5 seconds.



Scythe of Vyse
Like Eul’s scepter, this item provides amazing stats, but the best part about it is the active. The 3.5 second hex is great against enemy damage dealers, and it also slows them down significantly so you can easily get them stuck in your Macropyre for the duration. The downside to this is the expensive buildup, so if you are playing a hard support role it could be a long time before you get this done. Luckily, it’s useful at any point in the game and your team really can’t have too many of them.



Aghanim’s Scepter
Jakiro does get an ultimate upgrade from Aghanim’s in the form of increased range and damage, so it’s not a bad item choice at all. It’s best if your team has a lot of really strong aoe disables to combo with the Macropyre, as otherwise you won’t get the most use out of it as compared to other luxury item choices. Amazing aoe setups that work amazingly with Jakiro’s ultimate include but are not limited to Faceless Void’s Chronosphere, Enigma’s Black Hole, Tidehunter’s Ravage, or Dark Seer’s Vacuum.

Jakiro is now easily one of the best support heroes in the game, and if you are a fan of dragons or things with multiple heads, you should definitely try him out!