An interview with Aui_2000 about Dreamhack and the state of the game



Tue 4th Dec 2012 - 8:01pm

Kurtis 'Aui_2000'Ling is a 20-year-old Canadian gamer. He is the hard carry for Team Dignitas' DotA 2-squad, which just participated in the DreamHack Winter 2012 DotA 2 tournament. In this interview, he talks about his Dreamhack experience, the current metagame, the future and many other things. Enjoy the read!


You and your team recently got back from DreamHack. How was the event in general?

Aui_2000: The event overall was quite amazing. I've always heard that a gamer should attend at least one DreamHack in his or her life and now I completely understand why. The BYOC area was particularly impressive and the atmosphere was just awesome.


Now, let's talk about the DotA 2 part of it! Team Dignitas unfortunately got knocked out in the quarter finals by Team Empire. Did you think you succeeded or failed to meet your expectations?

Aui_2000: Completely failed. We should have done a lot better at this event with a top 4 finish at minimum. There are plenty of reasons for our poor performance that can be used in attempt to offer an explanation, but none of them really justify our failure to perform. All I can really say is that we’ll practice and prepare a lot better for future lans.


The entire cup was won by No Tidehunter, a team that perhaps wasn't the most favored one amongst all of the teams. Did this surprise you?

Aui_2000: Well, NTH definitely was not the favourite going in. However, they were my personal dark horse and they definitely worked the hardest out of all the teams so it wasn’t a complete surprise.


The flavor of the tournament seemed to be Sven and Magnus. Do you think these heroes are here to stay or just a part of the new meta-game?

Aui_2000: Both heroes are here to stay. I think that they'll both receive small nerfs but still remain usable. They’re both just so versatile and difficult to deal with — neither of them really need any big items to do game-changing plays. Not to mention that Sven and Mag are good at multiple roles, which is always a plus.


Speaking of the current meta-game: It seems to focus mostly on playing passively and farming up your core items while pulling a very large amount of creep camps instead of ganking and getting kills. Do you enjoy this kind of DotA?

Aui_2000: No! I hate this current meta-game of stacking and passive farming. I really don't like the trend of playing PvE instead of PvP.


What is Team Dignitas' DotA 2 squad up to in the future?

Aui_2000: We'll be practicing hard and playing in TPL, The Defence and all other online leagues. We've already synced up a much better school schedule for next year and should have full practice days 5 days a week.


In the future, which heroes do you think will emerge more and more in competitive play? I know you played an amazing Gyrocopter in one of the group stage games.

Aui_2000: Well, you've already mentioned Gyro, a hero whom I think is is really good. I also think that Clockwerk Goblin is definitely a pick-able hero.I really like Witch Doctor and Warlock as well.


You normally play the #1 position, a k a the one who gets the most farm, in the team. What are the most important things to keep in mind when playing that?

Aui_2000: The most important thing to worry about is to not die. CS'ing, getting kills, pushing lanes to pressure etc are all important, but dying sets you really far behind and gives the enemy team a ton of experience. Even if you’re behind the enemy carry in farm, if you haven’t died, then you can usually come back through good play.


Is that position your favorite one to play or do you enjoy playing some other position more?

Aui_2000: I like playing the 1, 2 and 3 roles pretty equally. It's more hero dependant than role dependant. As long as I get to kill enemy heroes, I’m pretty happy.


EG has the Knight strat and NTH used the Prophet Rosh bait. Do you guys have a certain unconventional strategy you like to use every now and then?

Aui_2000: I don't really think that we have any pocket strategies. And even if we did, I wouldn't want to reveal it, now would I? ;)


Now for some general questions about DotA 2. If you could be one hero from DotA 2 for a day, which one would it be and why?

Aui_2000: I think weaver would be really cool because of his storyline. I've always been curious about time manipulation.


What do you think about the newest heroes released? (Slark, Centaur Warrunner)

Aui_2000: Slark is completely useless in the competitive scene. Centaur seems quite overpowered though. That ultimate of his is ridiculous and he also has the highest strength gain in the game currently as well as 2 AoE nukes. On paper and from the one time that I've played him, I don't think he's counterable as of now.


Which hero is your favorite to play?

Aui_2000: I like winning and killing stuff, so probably any 1/2/3-Hero when I'm doing well.


Which hero is the most overpowered respectively underpowered?

Aui_2000: The most OP = Magnus/Batrider. The most UP = Morphling, mainly because I want him to be buffed. I miss him.


I've seen you playing every now and then on some streams, mainly Merlini's. Do you do these kinds of things often?

Aui_2000: I just play with people who are fun to play with. Usually that means people who will pull their weight and try relatively hard. Streamers usually happen to fit those categorizations so yes, I do this often.


Which aspect of DotA appeals to you the most?

Aui_2000: I really like the team-play aspect of DotA. As opposed to a game like Starcraft 2, where practicing usually equates to sitting alone for at least a few hours a day, you can practice DotA with 4 other friends whilst being on skype having a good time.


Which team do you think is currently the best in the world?

Aui_2000: As LGD just won the G-1 League, I'd probably say them.


All right, those were all of my questions. Thank you so much for having this interview with me! Do you have any final shout-outs?

Aui_2000: Shoutout to Team Dignitas and our sponsors Intel, Alienware, Scan, Antec, Twitch, Creative, Qpad, Killer, WD, IIyama, Gamerbase HMV, IG and Multiplay.


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