DotA 2: All Random and Why You Should Play It



Thu 7th Feb 2013 - 9:26pm

All Random and why you should play it

All random is the most recent addition when it comes to game modes in DotA 2, adding to the already vast variety of modes one can play in matchmaking, accompanying modes such as Single Draft and Captain's Mode. The mode has been out for about two weeks as of today. All Random, just like its name suggests, gives every player a random hero. But exactly why should a player do this, when he can just click the random button in a normal All Pick game instead? That, among other things, will be explained in this article.

all random

Here's the mode in question

The Appeal of All Random

First off, what kind of player does All Random cater to? The answer is both simple and complex. You could say all sorts of players and spare yourself some torment trying to explain. But that would be too easy. All Random's appeal does, of course, vary depending on the player. A new player might choose All Random because he is new and has no idea what hero he wants to play, maybe even cannot decide, and therefore allows the game to choose for him. It could be the expert of one hero who wants to try out something new. However, it could also be a player who has decent knowledge of almost every hero and likes not knowing which hero he will play during the game.

All Random appeals differently to everyone, but for me personally, I'd say the second player fits me the best. I'm far from an expert, though. I just tend to pick the same hero game after game because I'm comfortable playing that hero. All Random, while still having the probability of giving me that hero, forces me to try out other heroes I haven't played before. Forcing you to play out of your comfort zone while still being able to give you the hero that you completely dominate the enemy team with is one of the more appealing aspects of All Random.

Re-picking and Gold

The fact that All Random gives you a random hero does not mean that you are forced to stick with that hero for the rest of the game and have no other options. Just like in other game modes, such as All Pick & Least Played, you are able to re-pick your hero once. Re-picking in All Random will give you another random hero, although not the one you had before. This is not the only way you can play another hero, though, as you are able to swap heroes in All Random as well. So before you hit that 're-pick' button, make sure to ask your team if anyone would want to swap their hero for yours. If they say yes, then you have just saved a bucket-load of gold.

You see, every hero in All Random starts with random gold, which is 250 gold more than what you normally start with (603 starting gold + 250 random gold = 853 gold). However, if one re-picks in All Random, not only will they lose the gold they normally get from randoming a hero, but also 100 extra gold for re-picking, making their starting gold 503. So re-picking in All Random makes you start with 350 less gold than everybody else. While it might not sound as much, it's actually about 40% less gold. This puts the re-picking player at a deficit, especially if their second random hero they get is one they aren't very experienced with.


Since All Random gives every player a random hero out of the entire hero pool, which is currently comprised of more than 90 heroes, some VERY unconventional and interesting team compositions are able to emerge, allowing you to find synergy where you previously thought there was none. For instance, once a teammate of mine got Meepo where I got Dazzle. One good thing to note about Dazzle is that his Shadow Wave does damage in a small AoE around every target it heals. When Meepo levels up and gains more clones, if every Meepo surround an enemy target, your heal basically functions as a small nuke as well, doing much more damage compared to if you were laning with another hero (well, with the exception of PL).


A surprisingly good combination

Another interesting aspect of All Random is that is forces you to adapt your game-plan in order to succeed. In one game, my team was largely comprised of supports, whereas the enemy had a lot of late-game carries. Upon seeing the enemy composition, our team immediately decided to gain an early lead and make sure to end the game as soon as possible, since we knew that there was basically no way for us to prevail if the game went on for too long. Adapting to and playing with the cards that you have been dealt is one of the most important things to learn in a game such as DotA 2, where games are highly volatile in nature and have the capability to turn around completely if one team plays appropriately. All Random is a great tool for honing this skill.


Of course, this game mode is not all roses and rainbows. Sometimes, you will lose. Since All Random is so unpredictable, it is very likely that one or more of your teammates in a game might not now exactly how to play their hero properly, which may or may not result in them feeding the enemy team, which leads to your team losing. However, it is imperative that you bear in mind that this is, after all, All Random. Most heroes in DotA 2 are not easy to learn, and even harder to master. It takes time to be able to utilize a hero to the full extent of their capabilities. Basically, if you just want to win a game and are sort of aggravated, do not queue for All Random, as it might just serve to provoke your anger.

The unorthodox and unusual team compositions can be a double-edged sword if a team doesn't co-operate as well as they could. Take my example with the support-heavy lineup from earlier. If we as a team had sat back and let the enemy farm, we would have gotten crushed terribly by the carries. And, if you're REALLY unlucky, your team might be comprised of Broodmother, Meepo, Morphling, Timbersaw and Medusa, some of the heroes with the lowest win-ratio in the game. In the end, though, it's these impossible-to-plan-for compositions that are what this mode is all about, in my eyes. Unpredictability is one of the most compelling arguments for playing All Random.


All Random is a great game mode for those who want to play other heroes but do not want to have to decide for themselves. The randomized hero pairings can sometimes make for extraordinary and exhilarating discoveries that you might not have thought of as possible, had it not been for this mode. Unconventional strategies emerge and it's all very interesting and improves the already awesome DotA 2-experience.

If you have a positive mindset, you will most likely be able to enjoy yourself in All Random. Just keep keep your chin up and go into every game refreshed and willing to commit to the hero you've been given and, perhaps the most important thing of all, don't forget to enjoy yourself! Learning something new is one of the most blissful things in DotA 2, as you feel your knowledge of the game itself increasing, adding to your expertise about this already great game


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