Blog: Why Drow Ranger is Imba



Fri 1st Mar 2013 - 5:09pm

For this series of articles, please keep in mind I, as a gamer, do not believe in extreme imbalance or anything of that sort in competitive video games (though this article about Drow may be an exception).

If you’ve just started playing Dota 2, you likely are, if you took my consideration in a previous article into consideration, playing Single Draft mode. If you haven’t already experienced either a quick, crushing defeat, or a quick win, you likely haven’t been on a team against, or with, a Drow Ranger.

Drow Ranger is the ranged hero I warned players about in a previous article, that uses agility items, and crushing frost arrows that have a lovely minimalistic recharge and mana cost. Her frost arrow ability, has no cooldown, has a standard range for a ranged attack, and has a slow, scaling from 11% to 60%. Drow is like no other hero in Dota 2 because of the fact that her primary nuke can be toggled to auto cast and drains next to no mana.

Also, she has an AoE silence, which is critical in team fights as it both silences enemies, and reveals any enemies that have permanent invisibility. This ability, paired with her auto-attacking frost arrows makes Drow a ridiculous force in a team fight, wherein she can likely dispatch the majority of their team, barring direct attacks on her.

To top all of those things off, she has two passive abilities. The first, her tertiary ability, Precision Aura, makes everyone within a relatively large range of her get a damage bonus of 14-26% based on how much agility Drow has stacked up. If Drow has received sufficient farm (read: any farm), she will have enough agility to make her entire team hit like trucks. As well as this, she doesn’t even need to rely on items to get more agility. Drow’s ultimate, Marksmanship, just throws more agility at her (because why not?). So essentially, Drow hits like a truck while making her entire team hit the same way.

So why is she imba? Why is Drow imba? Is it the fact that it takes the majority of the enemy team to take her out even if she’s alone? Is it the fact that she can silence all of the enemies while blasting them with arrows, each of which will take ~1/5 of the enemy units health? Is it because she makes every other hero around her insanely powerful by just being there? Yes. Yes it is.