Interview with Blitz: "I think that Troll has some pretty neat potential as a pocket pick"



Tue 19th Feb 2013 - 6:56pm

In this interview we talk to Blitz, a very well recognized player and streamer in the dota community and get his insight on what’s been happening in his dota life! Blitz has played for ROOT gaming in the past and also with his friends under the team name Turtle Masters. Most recently he was on a team with a few other Dota Celebrities participating in a lan!


Heya Blitz, thanks for taking this interview! Much appreciated. Blitzdota, this is perhaps one of the biggest names in the dota community! Very few people have not heard of you and for those that haven’t it seems like it would only be a matter of time before they did. How does it feel to be so well known in our dota community? Was this something that you saw coming?

Blitz: Thanks for having me, but I'm no Purge gamer. It feels nice being known or at least recognized once in a while though, even if it's through stuff like me dooming creeps or something whacky. I started streaming with the intention of just having fun and making solo queuing less lonely and it's been a bit of a surprise that I get any viewers to watch me do clowny stuff. All in all no it wasn't something I saw coming.


So to get straight into it I know that recently you were down in San Diego playing in a lan tournament, I’m not too familiar with college lans and for those readers out there who aren’t as well, how was the experience? Was it a tough matchup against EG.Demon and his team in the finals?

Blitz: The LAN itself was incredibly enjoyable. My teammates and I, Fluff, Eosin, Luminous, Purge, and Brax as cheerleader, all had a really good time. Everyone was really polite, kind, and made us really feel special. I highly encourage people to go to local LAN's, you meet people that really share an interest in something that I at least consider something more then a hobby.

As far as the games went, they were pretty one sided up until the Demon games. Those were probably some of the more epic games that I've played in and if you haven't watched them go to Purge's youtube channel and check them out. It isn't really a secret that Demon and I don't get along and it kinda added to the excitement for me anyways. I don't think he wanted to lose and neither did I.


Another thing that you’ve been up to recently that I’m sure viewers would love to hear more about was your run through the defense with Turtle Masters. I know you didn’t make it to the bracket stages of the tourney but still you guys played fairly well against many top notch teams in your group such as NTH, EG, and GU.

You guys actually had the same number of points as two teams that did get to move on from your group so obviously the skill gap could not have been too different. Ultimately are you happy with how your team played and also your experience at the defense?

Blitz: Me, EGM, Niqua, Smulgullig, and prior to that Hailo, were all really close knit friends and we wanted to make a team for fun in the Defense. We practiced 0 games and our skype chat usually was just us joking around and thinking of the next level 1 rosh strat in game, or if we were going to ban meepo or not. (which we did in 60%~ of our games) At the end of the day I got to play with my friends and played some really good teams and had a good time. Our experience was a largely positive one and I wouldn't have done it any other way, shoutout to my swedes.


So can we look to be seeing more of you in the competitive dota world? Perhaps for Fnatic.NA? As that does seem to be the rumor running around right now.

Blitz: As far as competitive dota goes for me, I'm not entirely sure how much further I'd like to take DotA. I'd like to think that I'm at least an okay competitive player, but I think I get a lot of breaks for being who I am and that isn't fair. So I should work a bit harder and get my decision making sorted before I try for anything big. As far as Fnatic.NA goes I played a few games with them thats about it. I really enjoy ringing for teams and getting some experience more then anything as I sorely lack a competitive base.


Speaking of experience Blitz, I know that you have been around quite a bit, whether its playing for ROOT gaming or just scrimming with other teams, I think you have the rare potential to answer a question that many of us fans and viewers have about the dota scene.

Since you have been scrimming around and competing here and there can you tell us what it is like playing in cross-region match ups? By that I mean like how different is it playing against a EU or SEA team as opposed to a NA team? What differences can you spot right off the bat?

Blitz: The only SEA team I played would be ex-AL N9, and they seemed to have a pretty standard style. I played against iG once with Waga and the PULSE guys and they seemed really team fight oriented and all that. European teams seem to favor more of a teamfight style and North Americans seem to favor more lane dominance, but I don't watch or play enough competitive DotA to be confident in that statement.


You are quite possible one of the most famous streamers in our community, what was your stream “journey” like? Did it have a lot of ups and downs? And also if you could give advice to the other streamers out there who can’t seem to get too many viewers what would you tell them?

Blitz: The journey began sometime in my senior year of university. I had a ton of spare time as I wasn't taking a lot of classes and DotA 2 seemed fun. I didn't really have a lot of people to pub with so I figured I'd stream to try and make it more enjoyable for myself. Gradually I just gained more and more viewers over time. For those that get discouraged easily, it took around 4-5 months to break 100 viewers, and 7-8 to get even 500.

After that it sorta snowballs as people see that I have a lot and gravitate over other streams. To all those that want to try and start streaming I'd say offer something unique. If someone wanted to watch good players theyd always choose someone like Dendi for example. Just have something that makes you different and interesting. Be interactive, and above all else don't get discouraged. If you need more viewers and you feel you have a potentially good stream, email me @ [email protected] and I'll plug you at the end of every stream.


Now I did my research and I saw you actually had an interview with another Team Dignitas interviewer quite some time back, I think maybe almost 6 months ago if not more. In that interview you mentioned that you took a semester off of school to play more Dota, I’m wondering if this is also your current agenda? Are you still taking time off of school to further your Dota career?

Blitz: I took a semester off school as in I delayed law school for DotA. I don't think I'll be doing that anymore as I look to attend in the upcoming fall semester which means I think I'd have to quit DotA. I don't really make enough to justify continuing playing, and it isn't fair to my family who have been supporting me to continue to shirk my responsibilities. I'd like to be able to support my mother who's done a lot for me and I don't think DotA is in the cards for me. Perhaps if I was younger but with age comes a certain amount of responsibility.


Final question for you here Blitz and I’ll let you go, who do you think will be the next meta game hero that we don’t currently see. Be it a dota-1 import coming up or just a hero you think is currently hiding in the shadows?

Blitz: I think that Troll has some pretty neat potential as a pocket pick. I think that his ultimate has some pretty crazy pairings with other carries.


Oh yeah, Troll definitely can have a lot of synergy with many other picks. Alright Blitz last thing, any shoutouts?

Blitz: Shoutout to everyone that supports me. It means a lot that I'm able to wake up in the morning and realize I have some sort of positive impact on at least a few people. Thank you for your kind messages on twitter, reddit, and twitch. It kept me going through some awfully tough times. For everyone that dislikes me or hates me, I apologize, I'll be out of your hair shortly anyways. I can be arrogant, abrasive, and truculent, but I always meant well. Shoutouts to EGM, Gareth, Chris, Heyoka, Matrim, Niqua, Smulgullig, my LAN team, Mandurang, Mikey, Hot_Bid, LEX! and a special shoutout to Coryn my personal therapist.