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Thu 14th Nov 2013 - 5:15pm

With almost a month of games to watch and statistics to peruse, it's time to face the cold hard facts for a few unfourtunate Dota heroes, 6.79 is here and their time to shine is gone.  The meta-game shift was nearly instantanous, new strategies showed up right off the bat and a new age of Hand of Midas and Necrobooks has arrived.  Midgame push teams were always viable, but the recent infuse of heroes and items that shine in those lineups have greatly increased.

Heroes like Pugna and Broodmother who weren't covered in the winners of the 6.79 patch have skyrocketed in popularity, Pugna as a competitive carry and Broodmother as pub offlane, while other heroes have fallen out of the game entirely.  So, what heroes and items have been hit the hardest by 6.79?


1. Chen

6.79 Changes:

 - Test of Faith teleport is now dispellable
- Hand of God cooldown increased from 140/130/120 to 160/140/120

 If you look at the changes, it doesn't seem that Chen has been hit that hard, a 20 second increase on his level one ultimate is certainly a nerf that will hurt the hero, it's extremely rare to see Test of Faith dispelled.  While those changes do hurt him, they aren't what's weakened Chen the most.  Tweaks to neutral camps have hurt Chen more than anything in 6.79.  Getting less XP from nearly half the jungle creeps and enemies ability to get shared XP from Chen's neutral kills have made it harder for Chen to level up efficiently to make his presence felt at proper timings.

Aggresive trilanes making a comeback has also hurt the power of Chen, it's not as common for Chen to be able to get a free jungle and make early tower pushes against a solo offlaner or even an abadoned lane.  More freqently he has to deal with roamers or pressure being put on his safe lane.  There are a couple things that Chen players can take solace from: the medium camp moving closer to the center of the map has helped Chen a lot.  This neutral camp move has been great as it allows Chen to find Centaurs to gank or farm with easier, it means that Chen doesn't have to take creeps from his short lane's stack, and it means there's higher XP creeps in his typical farming rotation.  All in all, Chen is still playable and can still be very effective but it's harder in the current meta if enemies up their aggresion.


2. Troll Warlord

6.79 Changes:

- Berserker's Rage movespeed bonus rebalanced from 20/20/20/30 to 10/20/30/40
- Whirling Axes (Melee) damage reduced from 125/175/225/275 to 75/125/175/225

The nerfs to Troll are much more obvious than Chen's.  Troll was a top-tier hero in 6.78 because he was an amazing laner that could beat nearly any hero 1v1 and transistion into the mid and late game very effectivly.  Trolls reduced melee Whirling Axes damage as well as his reduced early game move speed bonus make his laning far more weak than it was before.  A 50 damage nerf in the early game is a massive nerf to any hero, and for Troll it means he can no longer reliably get solo kills in the lane anymore or even find those solo midgame pickoffs.  Troll can still be effective carry but he come's online much slower and competitive teams have went from first pick/banning the hero to the hero never being picked in tournament games or high level play.


3. Huskar

6.79 Changes:

- Agility reduced from 20 + 2.4 to 15 + 1.4
- Berserker's Blood is now disabled by Doom

 Huskar is still simply a pubstomper but with these stat reductions he isn't able to kill nearly as easily before and is easier to kill.  Huskar's agility nerf hurts the hero in a couple of ways.  First of all the reduced agility means far less armor on a hero that you must kill with physical damage. What was once a nearly unkillable hero without hexes and lots of crowd control is now a hero you can manage to take down without commiting an entire team's CC rotation on him.  His reduced atack speeed is also a nerf that hurts his pub stomping ability.

No longer can Huskar stack up seven Burning Spear charges before you can hit him four or five times, and his damage doesn't come out nearly as fast anymore.  The biggest change was Huskar no longer being able to use his Burning Spear orb attack while Ghost Scepeter, a game breaking change that no longer means for 1600 gold Huskar can no longer be an unkillable machine. All in all, Huskar is much weaker in the lane and it's no longer a nightmare to find heroes to beat him in a 1v1 situation.  Huskar still isn't in competitive mode and it's hard to say when the hero will be but these nerfs make him much more manageable to overcome in your typical pub game. 


4. Nyx Assassin

6.79 Changes:

- Spiked Carapace no longer stuns your hero when your summoned units proc it (the summoned units get stunned instead)
- Impale no longer has unit targeting, it is now only a point targeted spell

While the hero hasn't really been nerfed, he does just as much damage and has all the same stats, his changes certainly hurt the hero in a big way.  The change to Spiked Carapace means it's not as easy to get out of ganks from heroes with minions as it was before, it's a small nerf but one that change the course of a pub game where many players simply don't micro well and would stun themselves by hitting a Nyx with their minions.

The biggest change to Nyx is Impale no longer being a point targeted spell.  While it's still easy to hit targets when you come out of Vendetta, no point targeting makes it nearly impossible to hit max range stuns without a lot of practice and makes it much harder to hit stuns when your being ganked and panicking.  Even simple ganks can fail now if the enemy hero is able to juke the stun.  Nyx is still a ganking machine and with practice his stun is reliable, but in pub games you can't really expect your Nyx to hit that easy stun now.


5. Tranquil Boots

6.79 Changes:

Active Boots:
+ 85 Movement speed
+ 4 Armor
+ 10 HP Regeneration

Broken Boots:
+ 60 Movement speed
+ 4 Armor
Restores when you haven't attacked or been attacked in the last 13 seconds.

No it's not a hero, but Tranquil Boots were the biggest loser of 6.79 for a number of reasons.  Tranquil Boots were good for their ability to keep a carry with a small health pool in the lane and farming after taking some harass, tanking a big creep wave or jungle creeps. However due to Tranquils no longer proccing if you've attacked in the past 13 seconds, Tranquils are useless on farming heroes now.  At the same time, due to the increased passive gold gain and the more aggresive meta of the game meaning more kills and tower gold, supports almost always have enough gold for Phase Boots or Arcane Boots.  Finally a small change that hurts Tranquils is Urn's cooldown being changed from ten to seven seconds, with Urn having a shorter cooldown, supports having more gold, and supports being involved in more kills than before, there's almost always an Urn charge for supports that's much more efficient (and cost-efficient) than Tranquil Boots. 

6.79 didn't really nerf a lot of heroes but because of the change in the game flow and due to so many heroes getting buffed, the heroes who didn't get buffs or have been hurt by the meta game changes are deemed the losers for now.  None of these heroes are really unplayable now and all of them can be effective in the right setting but be aware that these heroes aren't Tier 1/2 picks anymore and aren't as easy to pub stomp with.

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