Nobody likes you, Vanguard



Tue 7th Jan 2014 - 3:53pm

A letter to Vanguard.

Listen: on one’s saying you’re useless. Of course you’re not. The +250 raw health you give is a great boost for heroes that need a bit of extra tankiness, and the 6 hp regen per second just adds to that utility. And the damage block? Well, at least I’m not wasting an item slot with that early Stout Shield. So you’ve got plenty to offer.

Ring of Health and Vitality Booster are fairly easy to farm as well so you can give a hero a big early to mid game health boost, so they can start being aggressive as soon as possible. In fact, you were even nerfed in 6.73 from +275 health down to +250, would that happen to a useless item? No no, I’m sure it’s not that Icefrog hates you, it’s probably that you were too strong and were outshining all those other items.

Just because you’re not being built by pro players all the time isn’t the end of the world. It’s just that you’re more of a… situational item choice. You see right now people are choosing to rush a Mekansm on heroes like Brislteback or Razor that they would normally build a Vanguard like you on. The EHP from the armour and regen, plus the active and an aura? I mean come on, lets be realistic, you can’t really compete with that. Hey, hey, dry those teary eyes. Maybe it’s just a phase like five man Necrobooks. Patch 6.70 could roll around and all of a sudden you’re a must have item. It could happen.

Although, you’re not exactly a late game item either. By the time the 30 minute mark rolls around players are going to be looking at you like a wasted slot. No, I said slot, not slu...anyway. I mean a Heart of Tarrasque or a Satanic can do a lot more with that space than you’re able to, and if they’ve got the money it just seems like a smarter choice.

t’s not like 2225 gold is exactly cheap, and for a similar price they could buy a Hood of Defiance, a Mekansm, Vlads, or a Sange outright. Or they could get a Hyperstone or Ultimate orb and build something more… No I wasn’t going to say more useful. Well maybe I was, but they build great items like Assault Cuirass (wait, cuirass? I’ve been saying curiass this whole time, why didn’t anybody tell me!) and can you really say you give more to a hero than them?

I know it’s a bit of a touchy subject, but have you considered...being disassemblable? I mean, Sange and Yasha tried it and it’s working out great for them. Sange even builds into a Heaven’s Halberd now, so it’s not completely useless like a… oh wait. Anyway if you were disassemblable then you would be a great mid game transition item, and people could go on to build great late game items with your parts like a Heart and a Hood. They would be stuck with a Stout Shield which would be kind of useless, but what if, and this might sound crazy, but what if you didn’t need a Stout Shield any more and we just did away with the damage block? You’d be cheaper to complete, and lets be real: no one is buying a Vanguard for the damage block anyway.

Look at them, combining and splitting. It's despicable

Look, we’ve had some great times. But so much has changed and you’ve stayed the same. I need a change, and until you’re ready to give me that I’m afraid we’re done. I’ve started buying Mekansm. It’s just what I need right now. Maybe in the future things will be different, and you can come back... but I doubt it.