Dota 2 Tips & Tricks #1



Mon 6th Aug 2012 - 5:38pm

Hello, and welcome to my Dota 2 Tips & Tricks #1. In this series I will explain various tips that some people might not know about in the world of Dota 2. The tricks are fairly simple, and can easily be applied to your own game to enhance your gameplay. In this episode, I have 4 tricks in store for you:

1. Ancient stacking with Helm of the Dominator

2. Easily accessing the Dire secret shop

3. Escaping with teleport scrolls

4. Teleporting to Beastmaster's pets


#1: Ancient stacking with Helm of the Dominator.

I am sure some people already know about this, but this guide is for the people who don't know. Basically, you can use your Helm of the Dominator to dominate a creep to stack the ancient creep camp for you. The way this is done is just like stacking any other creep camp: you pull the neutrals away from their spawn at about x:50-x:54 of every minute.

That way, when the game checks if the creeps are there each minute, it will think that the creeps have been killed and will therefore spawn new creeps. So firstly, you will want to pull the creeps with your dominated creep at about x:51-x:52.

Stack timing

 The creeps have now stacked, and you should just continue doing this for the next couple of minutes.

Succesful stack

 Eventually there will be a lot of ancients for you to kill.

Ancient stacking finished

You can now kill them for a huge gold bounty. This is best done with a hero who has some form of splash attack so you can kill the neutral camps quickly. When stacking the first couple of times, do it around x:52. When more creeps are there, you have to do it around x:50-x:51 to make sure all of the creeps get ouf of the way before 1 minute. 
DRAGON KNIGHT works well for this with his ultimate, as does Phantom Assassin with a Battlefury.

Other noteworthy mentions that can take advantage of this technique is Huskar, Drow Ranger and Luna. Technically any hero who buys Helm of the Dominator can do it, but those heroes can clear the camp fairly quickly and all benefit tremendously from the gold boost.

#2: Easily accessing the Dire secret shop

This is actually fairly simple and requires almost no effort. Basically, you can access the Dire secret shop from multiple locations. One of those locations is very handy in certain situations, and that is within the Roshan cave.

Secret shop from Roshan
If you stand in this exact spot, you can sell and purchase from the secret shop without Roshan attacking you. This is very useful for selling an item to pick up the Aegis, or for buying items without having to go all the way around. One example could be an Anti-Mage, laning in the bottom lane, who needs to pick up a Perseverance for his Battlefury.

Instead of going all the way around, he can just stand in this spot and purchase everything he needs. Another spot is just right of the Dire tier 1 middle tower. By eating a tree with a Quelling Blade or a Tango, you can get close enough to use the secret shop.

Secret shop from middle


Alright. So far so good. The last 2 tips both involve teleporting, but in 2 very different scenarios. Let's start with:

#3: Escaping with teleport scrolls

We all know that a TP scroll can be used to escape bad situations, but there is always a risk of getting stunned while attempting it. Some abilities can be used to help you successfully escape with a TP scroll, even with multiple enemies around you. One of those is Juggernaut's Blade Fury. Blade Fury makes you magic immune for 5 seconds, so if you use it just before activating your TP scroll, ordinary stuns can not stop you. Some spells go through magic immunity though, like Beastmaster's Roar and Enigma's Black Hole, but this method will still prevent spells like Sven stun, Sand King stun and many others.

TP spinning
Some spells like Weaver's Shukuchi can even be activated while teleporting and will make you invisible WITHOUT interrupting your TP.

The last tip for today is also really simple, but is more of a niche tip that is only useful in very few scenarios. Still, I think it is worth mentioning.

#4: Teleporting to Beastmaster's pets

If you haven't already guessed, it is possible to teleport to Beastmaster's pets (both the Hawk and the Boar) with Boots of Travel. This is excellent for catching your opponents off guard by teleporting in behind them while your team is chasing. It also works nice for assisting team members who are caught out of position with no nearby tower for you to TP to. If you run this strategy together with a Natures Prophet, you can make for a lot of great turn-arounds and surprises. 

TP to Hawk

Alright, that's it for today. I thank you all for reading, and if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will respond to the best of my knowledge.