5 ways a beginner can help the team



Wed 22nd Aug 2012 - 8:14pm

Dota 2 is at its core a team game, where you and 4 other people have to try and combine your efforts to try and secure a victory over another random team of 5 individuals.

This in itself can become challenging when people do not want to listen or help each other out. So here are 5 things that you can do to ensure that you can help your team be effective and possibly win!.


If you are new to dota, the Courier is one of the best items that you can buy to help your team. Normally when you are playing a public match, not many people will buy a courier and will only focus on what they need for their hero. For 150 gold you gain access to a walking courier that travels at 350 movespeed and can be used to ferry your items from base or the secret shop to the hero.

The animal courier is magic immune and cannot be effected by most spells, it has a relatively low health pool of 45 though and if it does manage to get killed, everyone on the other team receives 175 gold and you lose access to the courier and your items on it for three minutes.

Abilities of the courier

Transfers items on the courier to the hero

Sends the Courier to your teams secret shop

Transfers items from your stash onto the courier

Transfers items from the courier into your stash

Returns the courier to base


Flying Courier

For 220 gold, you can upgrade the walking courier into a flying courier. By doing this the health of the courier goes up by 105 and it gains 10 armour. It also gains an ability called speed burst

Speed burst

Enables the courier to move at max movement speed for 20 seconds - 40 second cooldown.

Tips for the Courier

- It can use Healing salve and Clarity on a hero

- It can use tangoes to cut through trees

- It is able to use smoke of deceit and it will shroud any heroes nearby (by far the most useful aspect of the courier aside from carrying items)


The observer ward is an item that is purchased out of the consumable tab for 200 gold it comes in stacks of two and can be used to spy on the enemy. Wards are absolutely essential for victory because the team that has the most vision / map control really controls the game and has all the advantage.

Observer Wards, despite not detecting invisible enemies (sentry ward does this!), provide a large sight range of 1600 AoE around them and last for 6 minutes after being placed. Wards are one of the few items in the shop that have a limited stock, due to the insane advantage that a team gets by knowing where the other team is. Observer wards can be used to provide vision for Runes, watch out for Ganks, and to block neutral creeps from spawning in the Jungle.

It is crucial to place and continue to place wards. To have continous knowledge of where the enemy team is allows your team to plan ganks and to execute them successfully.

Because of their usefulness, Observer Wards have a maximum stock of 2 in the store. The stock takes 6 minutes to replenish, but each stack contains 2 wards. It is important to remember to also scout for enemy wards and destroy them if possible, as denying information is almost as crucial as having it, remember however, that no gold is awarded for destroying an enemy's observer ward.

For a more detailed guide on warding check out - Ultimate guide to warding.


A town portal scroll is an item that has a varied and versatile usage in the dota world. It is an item that everyone should get used to carrying in their inventory at all times because it is just that useful.

The cost of a town portal scroll is 135 gold and it teleports you within a 525 range of a targeted friendly building. While teleporting (3 second cast time) you gain a small area of vision around the tower and it will ping the minimap, alerting your allys that you are assisting them.

If multiple people are teleporting on the same building (aside from the fountain) then each subsequent teleports will take longer in duration, increasing from 3 seconds originally to 5/6/7/8 for 1/2/3/4 recent ally teleports within 25 seconds of the original teleport.

Having a town portal scroll on your hero enables you to take more options through the game compared to another hero who doesn’t have a TP scroll.

- teleport to save someone from a gank

- teleport to assist in a gank

- teleport to defend a tower / barracks

These three reasons alone make the 135 gold investment worth it. The worst feeling is when you or your team are caught out of position and end up losing a tower / barracks because of it.

MISC use of TP

- You can teleport while waveforming as morphling

- You can teleport while ball lightning with storm spirit

- You can teleport while charging with SB

- If someone force staffs you while you are teleporting it will not cancel the effect


Communication is the binding force that makes a team function, without communication between the members of your team you will have no chance of winning. Worst case scenario your team will each do their own thing throughout the whole game not listening to each other while the other team has good communication and is playing like they are professionals.

There are 4 ways through which you can communicate in dota 2 - typing, voice chat, pinging the map and writing on the minimap.

Typing can be done simply by pressing enter and typing your message, followed by another enter to successfully send it to your team mates. This method of communication has always been effective and is used in every dota game, although you have to be careful to pick when you start typing.

You can ping the map to warn allies about incoming dangers by pressing and holding the ALT key while clicking on either the screen or the minimap. It will produce a loud pinging sound and there will be a flash / signal at the area you clicked on.

A player has pinged the map

By pressing the control key, you can draw on the minimap to signal to your allies which way they should go / what way the enemy went and in general coordinate a bit faster than actually typing up a message.

Be warned though, once someone starts drawing on the map normally other people start drawing on it as well. This can lead to some misinterpretation as a team.

The final form of communication is voice chat, to enable voice chat you have to go into options. Once you are in the options tab, navigate your way to the player option screen, from there you have the option of assigning a key to voice chat. When you have assigned a key, you can press it in game and if you have a mic people will be able to hear your voice.

Setting up Voice chat

On the right hand side of the screen is the option to set up voice chat

A player is using voice chat to communicate


When you are picking a hero, you need to take into account what heroes your team already has / are looking at picking and what heroes your enemy have already picked. This is where some communication can come in handy - as a team you can figure out what heroes you need to pick to make a strong team or what heroes need to be picked in order to counter an enemy hero.

If you do not communicate here, there is a very great chance that you could end up in a team with 5 carrys, because for some reason everyone loves playing the carry.

once the hero picks have been decided, another crucial element is what lane you are going to lane in. There are certain heroes that need to take a specific lane in order for them to play to their full potential. An example of a hero that fits into this category is Invoker, he needs levels really quick so most teams will put him solo mid to capitalize on the quicker XP rate of a solo hero.

In conclusion, if you can effectively implement these 5 key issues into your gameplay then you will be well on your way to helping your team achieve victory.