Why You Should Buy Eul's



Wed 26th Sep 2012 - 4:50pm

There are a lot of items in Dota 2, and they do all sorts of things. Some items are bound to get bought less often, and Eul's is one of those items. It gets ignored a lot in pub games, which is a shame because it's incredibly powerful. Here's a few reasons why you should buy it:

The stats

Eul's gives 10 intelligence, 150% mana regeneration and 30 movement speed. Since you're typically on squishy intelligence heroes, you want all of that. It can fix mana issues on most heroes by itself, and the movement speed helps a lot with positioning. You'd be surprised how much of a difference 30 MS can make, especially since most players don't buy anything that gives MS besides boots. With Eul's you can chase effectively and run from almost anyone, so you'll never miss another crucial nuke or stun unless you misclick.

The active
Cyclone Lycan
This is the main reason people buy Eul's. A 2.5 second knockup is a fantastic CC to have on your team. Enemy carry trying to murder your team? Pop Eul's, now they're surrounded by 5 angry men. Low health baddy just about to get away? Eul's makes you faster than them, and the tornado gives your team time to catch up and grab that kill. Running from someone after burning your other abilities? Eul's them and laugh. Accidentaly run into the entire enemy team want to initiate? Go Eul's yourself!

My personal favorite use of Eul is probably when you also have a Blink Dagger. Popping Eul's on yourself gives you just about enough time to let the 3 second delay pass so you can blink away freely. It's one of the most satisfying ways to escape. My point is that Cyclone is an amazing active. It has all sorts of uses, get creative.

The Price
The main arguement I see against Eul's is that Scythe of Vyse is a better item. This is true, but it costs over twice as much! Most intelligence heroes are not supposed to make that much money. Whether you're taking farm or stealing kills, that cash would be put to better use on the carry, or anyone more item dependant.

Granted, a 2.5 second knockup is not as strong as a 3.5 second hex, but the price difference is a huge factor. If you're rich by all means grab the Scythe of Me, but otherwise Eul's is a more affordable item that builds out of better pieces, so you can buy wards and wings for your donkey while working on it.

What else are you going to buy?

I touched on this already, but honestly, if you're a support who's made a moderate amount of money there are only so many things you can go for. Mekansm is amazing and core on most supports, but beyond that it's up in the air. Drum has a great active but the stats aren't always what you need, Pipe is really expensive and Urn is specialized. Why not Eul's?  


It's not going start a new meta or anything, but Eul's is a great item that's really underused. Buy a damn Eul's, people.