Being the ultimate support with Dazzle



Wed 12th Sep 2012 - 6:21pm

Dazzle portrait

Dazzle dazzle icon

Dazzle is one of the better supports in the game; he can prevent teammates from dying, does not have a huge item reliance, can do a large AoE armour buff to allies while removing armour from enemies. He also has a heal that does damage in a small AoE around the targets it heals. To top all that off he has a damage over time that also applies a small stun along with slowing the target.

He is a great support simply because he doesn't need much to be a good asset for the team which means that gives him free gold to do what everyone loves their support to do, which is warding to give the team vision which is beyond valuable in any game. I'll be covering what his abilities do, what items help him support even harder and some useful warding tips.

 poison touch

Poison touch

Casts a poisonous spell on an enemy unit, causing damage and slowness over time, and eventual paralysis.
At level 2, the slow increases after 1 second, and at levels 3 and 4, the target is stunned for 1 second after the slow.

Range: 600
Duration: 7
Time to set in: 1/2/3/3
Damage Per Second: 8/16/24/32

15/13/11/9 second cool down

100/115/130/145 mana cost

 shallow grave

Shallow grave

An ally blessed with Shallow Grave, no matter how close to death, cannot die while under its protection.

Range: 400/600/800/1000
Duration: 5

60/45/30/15 second cool down

140/130/120/110 mana cost

 shadow wave

Shadow Wave

Shadow Wave heals several allies, which in turn cause damage equal to their healing in a small area around them. Dazzle is always healed by Shadow Wave, and it does not count toward the number of targets.

Range: 900
Radius: 475* / 170**
Damage/Heal: 80/100/120/140 ***
Number of Targets: 3/3/4/5

(*) Bounce radius between units

(**) Damage radius around the healed unit

(***) Heals allied units and damages enemies

 12/10/8/6 second cool down

 80/90/100/110 mana cost



Applies a buff that increases allied hero armor or decreases enemy hero armor in the target area, changing armor by 1 every second.

Range: 2000
Radius: 575 (775*)
Duration: 12/18/24 (18/24/30*)

(*) Value with scepter.

always a 40 second cool down

120/160/200 mana cost


Babysitting a carry

Dazzle can babysit very efficiently, especially once he gets a soul ring. His heal is very spammable which makes carries love you. He has a spammable slow/stun in poison touch, and he can protect the carry from ganks by using shallow grave. Stacking the pull camp and pulling to keep your lane from being pushed is a good way to deny the enemy while keeping your carry safe as well.

The best time to pull the camp for a stack is around the xx:53-55 mark, camp spawn every minute, try to pull it as far away as possible to make sure the stack actually happens because the spawn detection can be finicky sometimes. The times to pull your creep are around xx:15 and xx:45. Most of the time when you pull you can take the gold from the camps, this tends to be your source of gold and experience since your carry should be getting the majority of last hits in your lane.

Make sure to keep your carry alive, and harass/deny the enemy as much as possible since this makes your transition into the mid game much smoother for your team as a whole. If you are denying 2 heroes in lane experience/gold that means they become active much later on than people on your team.


 Shallow Grave and you

Shallow grave can turn a gank around, save team fights and most certainly keep people alive. For a short duration it makes any ally hero (or yourself) invulnerable, except for situations like axe's culling blade (which is an instant kill) or techies suicide, for five seconds, which is huge.

The best time to use it is when you see an ally or yourself getting  burst really hard, because that usually means that specific person is getting focused. Since they are now unkillable and a lot of their abilities have been used it leaves their team wide open for retaliation while they get nothing from it. One thing that can be extremely hard is timing it so a person doesn't die. If you are trying to use it on someone who is already close to dying you need to do it quickly, the slightest hesitation can be the difference between life and death.

To use this ability well you must be paying attention, so watch those health bars! It also takes a lot of judgement on your part, sometimes there are multiple allies who happen to be low, you need to proritize who to save. Usually do whatever you can to keep your carry from dying, if possible. Use your best judgement!


Weaving to succeed

Weave is an extraordinary skill, it is a huge armour buff that adds 1 armour per second, meaning near its end you have the maximum effect. The best time to use this is when you are pushing a tower that will most likely end up in a team fight. The duration lasts long enough so that when that fight begins your team will have fairly high armour, making them tanky and greatly increasing their effective health.

On the flip side if you are defending against a push try to hit as many enemies and allies at the same time as possible, this both increases your teams damage output while also making them more tanky. Weave is a fantastic support ability that can make your pushing and defending a lot stronger.


Support items

You do not require very many items on dazzle to do your job well, but there are a few that make your impact for your team much greater.

A good start is always either a courier or buying wards depending if someone already got a courier. Getting an early sobi mask to build into your soul ring isn't a bad choice and of course tangos. Early soul ring makes your lane support extremely strong and going for a quick headdress into mekansm is good if you plan on strong pushes while getting an urn of shadows before mek is better suited if you plan on ganking. arcane boots are great for the spamable team mana. Don't forget to get wards and ward throughout the game. If you get your core items, mek, urn, arcane boots what you go for next can be really situational, if the enemy team is heavy on spell casting go for a pipe of insight , if you want to free up a space for a melee carry, you can sacrafice an inventory slot for vladmir's offering (the aura isn't too bad anyways) and hold it for them. drums of endurance is another good team item with its aura/active abilty, it helps with your team's pushing capabilities. If you manage to get the gold scythe of vyse is great in the late game, but do not rush this unless your team desperately need the disable it offers, your other support items are fairly important to make your team extremely strong as a whole.


Wards are a huge part of the game and having vision on the map is one of the most important things in the game. Knowing when a gank is coming, where the enemy is moving or if their junlger is slightly low and an easy target for a gank make warding a very important job. Dazzle doesn't need items that badly meaning he can spend his lower gold income on wards.

Warding can be hard, you usually go alone, are vulnerable and sometimes the judgement is up to you on what's a good spot and what's a bad spot for a ward at the time. There are aggressive (which includes jungle camp blocking) and defensive spots for warding. Defensive tend to be on your side of the river to provide vision of incoming ganks and enemy hero movement to protect you lanes while the more aggresive ones are moving in on their side to do things like set up ganks or even protect your own ganks from being caught out of position.

Where you place a ward depends on a couple of things like how the game is going, how mobile the enemy is, what their composition is. You should be asking yourself "are they going to be trying to gank a lot?" "can I catch their jungle hero so we can plan a gank"  "does their pull spot need to be warded" "do we need rune control" "do we need to watch for ancient stacking". It is one of the things where you need to be more aware of what is going on in the game so you can react accordingly

Since warding is an entire beast of its own here is a more in-depth guide on how to ward.



All in all if you pick up Dazzle you're going to be a pretty big part of you team, from giving your carry the time of his life to keeping your team mates alive in pushes and team fights. He is a great hero to try out if you are looking to play a support and extremely rewarding when you land that crucial shallow grave to save someone's life.

So my final advice to you is stay alert in team fights and pay attention to the flow of the game and you'll go far with both him and any hero you end up playing. Hopefully you'll enjoy the mannerisms of the Shadow of the Shadow priest and support like you've never supported before, "zzzzzzzap". Good luck.