Heroes to look out for in upcoming DotA 2 patches



Sun 16th Sep 2012 - 9:00pm

So with The International 2 behind us this can only mean one thing, more hero ports, which you all should most certainly be excited for.

There are most certainly some pubstompers to come along with some extremely unique ones who are great to try out. So I'll cut straight to the point on who is left in the hero pool and what is to come and what you can expect from the heroes you may or may not know about.

Centaur Warchief

centaur warchiefHe's a strength hero, who has decent str gain. He has an AoE stun within a 315 radius around him, can have permanent damage return, a nuke that hurts both the enemeny and himself that also ministuns and to top it off his ultimate gives him a massive strength boost similar to Drow's ultimate giving her agility.

This guy is a beast, once he has blink watch out because he is going to be stomping all over a team with his stun. He was one of my favorite heroes to pick in DotA 1, he has good damage dealing abilities between his aoe stun/nuke and his double edge which deals a crazy 400 magic damage. His perma damage return is bad news for everyone since he becomes tanky with his ultimate and basically lives forever. Get a heart on him after a blink dagger and its pretty much good game.




First off, he's a walrus, how awesome is that? Secondly, he is a walrus that punches people into the sky with his ultimate that also slows them and deals a ton of damage (even more so if they are under 50% health). Combine this with his nuke that makes an icewall behind you which means you can't run away from him and his walrus punching craziness.

Finally he makes a snow ball that grabs nearby allies in its path and then explodes in a stun a little further along the way. He is a massive walking wombo combo hero, great pub stomper and you should most certainly try him when he finally comes out.


medusaAre you someone who likes to afk farm for 40-50 minutes and then suddenly come out of nowhere 1v5'ing the enemy team and winning? That is essntially what Medusa can do. She was epitome of rice heroes, you farm enough on her you can't lose. But nowadays this is extremely risky, she can be fairly weak most of the game so beware, if you don't see Medusa for the first 30 min and beyond, a storm is most certainly brewing if you didn't shut it down.


slarkThink of him like a little frog, a frog that steals from all of your stats converting it to agility with every hit, leaps at foes and tethers them in place while he does a nuke that also purges himself of negative effects. So good luck trying to land a good stun on him when he is played properly.

Now here is the best part about slark, his ultimate passively makes you invisible when out of enemies' sight and grants you massive health regeneration and movement speed. When activated he goes invisible and it lets him attack, while invisible. He is a hero to watch out for in pubs, he can be extremely stompy, but is worth a try because he can be extremely fun to play.


Goblin Techies aka master of mind games

techiesIf you don't know who Techies are yet, he, I mean they need to be on your watch list. Techies is the master of mind games, the enemy always has to play cautiously, he lays mines that deal AoE damage  and he can lay AoE stun traps. On top of that he can kill himself for massive damage in a small-ish AoE and his ultimate is a bunch of remote mines that, when stacked and detonated properly, can potentially instant kill an entire team.

Runes become your enemy, side shops are no longer safe and your secret shop is now danagerous. He almost always forces a team to buy sentries and a gem. This hero is worth the try.



meepoIf you like microing units meepo is one of the more intense heroes to play. He requires a ton of skill to micro his clones, because if one dies, they all die. His first clone comes at level 6 as his ultimate, the third and fourth come at later ultimate levelings. However this first clone can be crutial, it can be used as a free teleport to home with his ability poof, which lets him teleport to any clone on the map. On exit it does AoE damage and it also does AoE damage on entry.

So with a full group of 4 meepos cycling poof, your enemies health pool will evaporate very quickly. A draw back to clones is they only get the boots you are wearing so you always want str treads, simply so they get the extra health from them. His other abilties include a net which can lead to perma rooted with clone cycling and a passive stacking damage over time with a movement slow. He is definitelya stomper in the right hands, he is hard to master but worth the effort. He is expected to come out soon but should be on your watch out list.


 Tauren Chieften (new name TBA)

tauren chieftenThis is one I'm really excited to see and play again. He is an extremely unique hero with what he can do. He has a spirit he can summon which mirrors his own personal movement which goes great with his other ability, echo stomp. Echo stomp has a small-ish cast time but you and the spirit both do an AoE "knock out" it is like a stun however any damage done breaks the effect. It synergizes even further with his ultimate which is a huge straight line AoE with 300 width and 2400 length.

After about 3 seconds, everything inside the effect gets pulled to the middle and takes 35% of their maximum health dealt as both physical and magical damage, which is great because his passive aura reduces both phsyical and magical resistance. He isn't used much because he can be complicated but he is worth the play if you're into huge visual effects and landing big ultimates.



abaddonEver think to yourself  "man I wish I had a hero that always pisses everyone off all the time"? Abaddon can be pretty good at that. He can create a shield on ally units that absorbs damage and then when it breaks it does AoE damage. He has a spamable nuke or heal that costs his own personal health, but works in conjunction with his own shield perfectly.

He has a buff placer for his attack which puts a debuff on the enemy and grants everything attacking it increased move speed and attack speed while slowing the affected target. Now here is one of the more hated things in pubs, his ultimate which converts all damage taken into healing Abaddon. You think you finally have him down after spending all that time bursting down shield after shield, but no he finally pops his ultimate (or it passively activates at 400 hp) during those lasts 5 seconds and pretty much starts it all over again.

In pubs you're going to have a hard time mostly because people will stil hit him, if you can actually get them to stop he is a walk in the part to deal with. If you want to have a fun time, I suggest giving him a try, he is a pub hero for sure.


Troll Warlord

troll warlodHe's a pretty common pub carry, he can switch between both ranged attacks and melee attacks, while in melee he gains the ability to bash. His passive gives him increased attack speed each time he hits a single target, upon switching he loses the bonus speed.

His whirling axes ability changes based upon being ranged or melee. At range it is targetable and applies a slow, in melee its a small AoE that applies a chance to miss. His ultimate gives global attack speed to all team mates. You will see him a lot in pubs, he is a fun hero, but a bit simple. Pretty much all right click damage. His bash is pretty annoying, so prepare to see stun locks.



phoenixIt has been speculated and rumored Phoenix is going to go under a big overhaul, so this could be relevant, or not. Phoenix spends HP to cast all its abilities. His first one is a diving arc towards the target location damaging all along its path and then swooping back towards the original position. The dive can end manually so it works great for ganking, escaping or chasing.

At the cost of health he can make four spirits that grow in power over time and can either damage enemies or heal allies. A fun one is his pew pew lazer beam that you can semi-control in direction. It hits the first taget in its path for sustained damage, it has decent slow turn rate, so if you can nail down a hero a ton of damage is going to be dealt.

Finally there is his ultimate, which causes him to go into an egg. If the egg survives after 6 seconds, he will do an AoE stun/damage over time and be fully healed. He is certainly a harder hero to use, but a fantastic stomper. He is considered fairly overpowered and possibly being reworked. He is worth the try when he comes out either way, a very flashy hero so expect good visuals.



magnataurA fairly fun hero to play, pretty good at the pub level and he has a really nice ultimate. He can do a shockwave that does AoE damage in a line. His next ability is a buff that gives bonus damage and a 200 radius cleave that does up to 45% damage. He has a charge attack that impales all enemy heroes in a line and drags them along till he reaches the end point, which goes great with his ultimate, reverse polarity.

Are pesky heroes running away as they see you charge in carrying along two of their friends? Well have no fear because with reverse polarity everyone gets dragged back in to get stunned and take damage. A fantastic initiator that chains well into a lot of other heroes like enigma, lich, puck, lesh or about any one else with AoE abilities that do damage or stun.



Yes there are other heroes to come like, bristleback, pit lord, soul keeper, skywrath mage, goblin shredder, ember spirit and legion commander, but my experience with four of them (skywrath, shredder, spirit and commander) is extremely limited as I finished with DotA 1 around the time the were on the way in.

Pit lord is getting a remake so he is a big unkown. I personally haven't put too much effort into bristleback or soul keeper because honestly, I was never very good at them. They are both in in their own rights and are worth the try, they both can be extremely annoying in pubs. So get excited, new heroes are going to appear soon enough! And knowing valve they are going to make them look great.

Skywrath Mage

skywrath mage

Pit Lord

pit lord

Soul Keeper

soul keeper

Goblin Shredder

goblin shredder

Legion Commander

legion commander

Ember Spirit

ember spirit