Interview with aAa's jungler, Linak



Thu 15th Mar 2012 - 3:48pm

Akbar "Linak" Lorthios  is currently the jungler for against All Authority. This mainly french team is very friendly and although does not show off too much by scrimming and streaming they show very good skills as a team in tournaments. They have recently been called to integrate the group A of IEM Hannover and are very confident about it.

Linak is a very polite and interesting player with good skills as an individual and a very supportive player in his team. Enjoy the interview about his social life and aAa.

First of all I would like to thank you for this interview. Would you like to present yourself to the readers?

Linak: Hello, I'm Linak from team aAa. I play jungler as main.

How did you get into LoL? Have you played any other RTS or MOBA games?

Linak: I was playing a lot DotA with a bunch of friends. We got told that a new MOBA would come and we immediately tried it. I play LoL since beta so.

That is a long time! Do you think LoL will remain active for a long time or do you think it will start losing players soon?

Linak: I think it won't lose players until the game becomes like 5-6 years old. It's still new, and will keep rolling. At least I hope so!

We all do, we all do! How is your social life besides your competitive League of Legends commitment?

Linak: It's going good since I can live from the game for now. Six years go I started living with my girlfriend and even though she has hard time letting me play as much as I do it's all going good.

Do you want to make a living from eSports or is it something you are trying not to rely on?

Linak: I want to get as much as possible of it but I don't rely on it. It will stop soon or later, so I better be careful about it.

It seems like you have your head well organized so that is fine! Off to some questions about League of Legends: You are the jungler of aAa at the moment, how has that been going?

Linak: It feels so good to jungle for such good players. We have a good coordination since we know each other very well. That's also why I have hard time playing jungle in Solo Queue, it feels so poor compared to premade.

So basically LoL is mostly a team game for you. You are, in a few days, going to IEM Hannover as you were chosen to replace World Elite. What are your expectations in this tournament and how did you feel when you found out? (Editor note: this interview was taken before IEM, aAa placed 4th)

Linak: We totally went crazy when we heard we were going to go to Hannover. We felt like we would miss something we worked so much for. Now we are going in a 'we can't lose anything' mood and hope to rape as much as we can!

Another question related to aAa: I spoke with other teams and they all said that they practice by scrimming against other important teams and that they would like to scrim against aAa but never really get the chance. How do you guys practice?

Linak: We don't practice a lot; we try to get some games every day but not as much as other teams that practice 5-6 hours a day. We mainly practice by doing online cups, such as Go4LoL, 4PL...

Why is it? Why don't you scrim more to practice and get even better results?

Linak: We don't feel like it's that much needed to have tons of games. And the game is always different when you play it under the pressure instead of a relaxed scrim game. Maybe we are wrong maybe not. Guess Hannover’s result will tell us!

Well, talking about you as a player: You are a jungler, what kind of importance do you give to your role?

Linak: I feel like my role is to make sure my teammates have an easy laning phase. But jungler has much more work to do such as securing buffs, keeping an eye on the enemy jungler and much more. I will mainly determinate how the early and mid game of my team will go.

Don't you ever want to play any other role, for example a carry in which you are essentially the damage dealer?

Linak: I do so when I play in solo queue. In aAa, I don't want that kind of role since I know my teammates are the best at it. Why would I replace them?

Talking about solo queue, do you think that the ELO system is well-designed?

Linak: It's designed to give an approximate rating of your level in a game without trolls. Since this game is mainly about trolls it doesn't work!

Concerning nerfs and buffs at the moment, is there anything you would like to get changed?

Linak: I want a new Udyr passive and the old Innervating Locket back so much. If I could use one wish it would be for that. Udyr wants love Riot!

Well, last questions: Which champion do you feel like in real life?

Linak: I feel like Master Yi, dumb and useless, but sometimes he shines. :(

Nice answer! Last question! Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Linak: I hope I will be alive, with my girlfriend, in an island!

Any last shoutouts or anyone you would like to thank?

Linak: I would like to thanks our sponsors: Roccat, Winamax. Also my teammates and all the people behind us: Drijoka, Corbieber. You can find us on streaming everyday!

I would like to thank very much Linak for the interview and for the great response in terms of time. I hope he succeds in League of Legends and in his overall life.