Interview with Absolute Legends Ad carry, Sleper



Fri 23rd Mar 2012 - 7:02pm

Algirdas “Sleper” Saliamonas is an League of Legends player who plays ad carry for Absolute Legends team. He accepted to answer some questions about league of legends and his thougts about the game, the champions and the competitive scene.


You are already know by many summoners, but for the record, can you present yourself?

Sleper: Hello, I'm Sleper, a 17-year old student from Vilnius, Lithuania who really enjoys League of Legends, currently im filling the role of an AD carry for AbsoluteLegends. Thanks for having me here.


When and how did you began to play league of legends?

Sleper: About a year and a half ago, Me and couple of my friends played DOTA for fun, but then I wanted to try out the LoL game that I have been hearing so much about, and when i tried it, I couldn't stop.


Aside league of legends what do you do with your life?

Sleper: As I said im a student, so I do all the school work that needs to be done, hangout with friends, occasionally play some basketball.


What do you think about the competive scene? What are your expectations with AL?

Sleper: The competetive scene of LoL is one of the best out there, lots of teams are reaching the same level of play, of course there are couple of teams that are ahead of the pack, but they usually don't stay there for so long, because you need to be one step ahead everytime to be in the lead, and its not so easy to do that.

My expectations with AL are to try to be the best team in the competitive scene, and start to win some LAN and Online tournaments. I really grew with these guys over couple of months but we still have a lot of growing to do, the atmosphere in the team is great last couple of days, after hannover we got ourselves together and now our attitude towards practice is far more better.


As a great ad player, what advice can you give to all the people out there trying to learn that role?

Sleper: First of all as I was playing the AD carry role I didn't play everyone of those AD's, of course you will need it later on. But when you are starting try to find your comfort zone with 1-3 AD's don't try to master them all in the same time. well basic stuff that you need to learn is positioning, knowing when you can fight, when you need to go back. In lane its about last hitting, exchanges you can't let them hit you and let them get away with it.


Do you think the champions for that role are currently balanced?

Sleper: The champions themselves are pretty much balanced, some people say that Champion is OP the others tell that he is not OP, but its more about where that champion fits, and most of them counter each other so it evens things out.


As an Ezreal fan, and I know you like him a lot too, whats your opinion on him?

Sleper: It's a really fun champion to play, can be really dominant in solo queue, but its hard to fit him in a competetive scene, I saw's player Doublelift did it and it really worked in Hannover, but still i see him as a situational AD.

Regarding the competitive scene, what do you think about the current "main" teams? What is your opinion on the IEM Hanover and the last tournaments you had seen?

Sleper:  Current "main" teams can beat one another thats for sure, sometimes you lose just by the picks, sometimes by the play, but usually its an equal ground when they play each other. IEM Hannover showed how much different things teams prepared for it. Saw some interesting things there, lots of different champions have been used in it.

Been surprised by some teams performance, tho didn't predict TSM dropping out from the groupstage. Last couple of tournaments it was all about M5, they showed us some aggressive playstyle that we haven't seen that much from the other teams. All in all those last couple of tournaments changed my point of view.

Some people say that a good early game for AD carry depends on the cover you get from your support, what do you have to say about that?

Sleper: Well support means alot, wouldn't say its all about the support but yeah it kinda decides are you gonna be behind, equal or ahead. Because some supports have the lane presence, sometimes you are affraid of an Alistar pulverize + headbutt combo followed by tristana jump ignite etc.

Sometimes you know you can evade that and the presence dissapears. but there are alot of combos bottom that counter each other so you need to pick respectively, and calculate what you can do vs that lane, put some objectives against that lane if you are practicing.

What is your opinion in the solo queue?

Sleper: The solo que system is decent, you get matched up with people right around your skill level. You play solo queue to keep up your mechanic skills up, and practice new champions. Some people rage alot because they really care about that rating, but if you are in the top 100 or in the top 10 it doesn't really matter you get matched up with them either way. i like those 2 min queue's because you can practice more and don't need to wait those ridiculous 20-30 min queue's.

What advice can you give to people trying to enter the competitive scene and trying to climb the ladder in solo queue?

Sleper: To enter the competetive scene you need to practice alot with the your team, or try to find one, fill in one role you enjoy and don't try to master all 5 roles. climbing the ladder is all about keeping your head cool, don't rage. People say they are Lower elo because of  "bad" players, they rage if they lose.

But if your good eventually you will win more then you will lose. So i guess my advice for climbing solo queue is to practice, and play the best you can, eventually you will start winning and you will climb that ladder.

Any shoutouts or anyone you'd like to thank?

Sleper: I want to give a shoutout to my friends who always believed in me and a special thanks to AL for taking us under their watch and of course SpecialTech and TwitchTV.