Interview with Studio



Wed 21st Mar 2012 - 7:05pm

For a while now league of legends has only had the influence of professional players and the loudest of the forum dwellers to look to for advice. Studio saw this and decided to step in, creating his own webshow (The Studio Daily) giving useful advice on a nearly daily basis.

This type of show is a huge time commitment and people doing similar things have gone on record saying they work on their shows 4-6 hours a day. It also requires an immense amount of knowledge and creativity, the ability to see a replay or a VOD and distill important learning potential from it. 

I wanted to know what would make someone want to take up such a huge time commitment, what it takes to make this kind of content, what inspires each episode and who exactly is Studio. 

Thanks again to studio for taking the time to answer my questions, including the extra one at the end! Also thanks to Team Dignitas for hosting this interview 

- Neonhowl EUW