Interview with Araneae: "In the current metagame, jungling means 'control of laning phase' "



Sun 1st Apr 2012 - 2:39pm

Alvar "Araneae" Martin is currently playing in Na'Vi's League of Legends team. This well-known organization recently opened a League of Legends division whose players currently are: SAND, Araneae, CitizenWayne, nesrilaS and Antogyn´╗┐. They have gotten pretty good results lately and that is why we caught up with them.

He is very happy with the overall performance of his team and very excited for the future. I personally wish him all the best and I hope you guys keep visiting our website for cool articles and news.


How did you get into League of Legends? Were you an online gamer before?

Araneae: I play League of Legends since Beta. Before that, I was playing DotA and Super Smash Bros Brawl.

What do you do with your life apart from playing?

Araneae: I’m studying Electronic Industrial Engineering. Also, as a Spanish, I love to party!

You recently joined Na'Vi (Natus Vincere). How was your team before that?

Araneae: We started playing under the name of MyBoys and we did a really good performance on tournaments as Go4LoL, 4Players and other European tournaments. So we started talking to Na'Vi and other organizations. In the end our decision went for Na'vi because it was such a great opportunity.

Indeed, you will certainly have a great future concerning LoL. How did you guys know each other?

Araneae: That is a long story for all of us! I met CitizenWayne on Berlin Acer Cup on September of 2011, he was playing with Acer and I was on MYM. Then I met him again on 2011 WCG. Citizen also met Nesrilas and SAND on the German EPS finals. Both were playing together on The last one, Antogyn met Sand while playing duo on the bottom lane.

After the WCG Citizen and I decided to create a team together. Nesrilas, Antogyn and Sand were already together on another team. We decided to join forces and everything is going great for us since then.

You are going to the Gamers Assembly in Paris soon, what are your expectations for this tournament?

Araneae: Well, this is going to be our first offline tournament but we are training hard for this tournament. I guess we will get at least a Top 3.

Let’s talk about you personally now. You are the jungler of your team, what importance do you think this role has in the overall game?

Araneae: In the current metagame, jungling means "control of laning phase". You can almost win a game with some good early ganks. Also your smite-spell helps to secure or steal Dragons and Barons.

What do you think of the current ELO and rating system?

Araneae: I think it is fine. The only thing that has to be changed is the number of reports players have to get until they get banned. We have a number of constant trolls in Solo Queue and they sometimes get nine reports after a game but they are still around. If you notice that you know something is going wrong.

How do you pick your jungler, what factors do you take in consideration before picking your champion?

Araneae: If it is Solo Queue, I usually pick a jungler to practice with. If I duo queue I try to pick a hero to gank the lane of my buddy.

In premade, first of all you have to know where you will start jungling, because it is not the same to gank a top lane as purple or as blue. After that, you need a jungler that fits on the setup, in terms of CC's, Drakes, ganks, and damage.

What are your expectations regarding Natus Vincere in this upcoming year?

Araneae: I feel that our team is really new and we can train more and become better and better. I just want to see us on the top of the world ^^

Which champion do you feel like in real life?

Araneae: I would say I am like Udyr since I do a lot of things in my life and Udyr does the same depending on his stance!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Araneae: I’m studying this career for something! So I hope I will have a good job to work at!

Any lastshouts or anyone you would like to thank?

Araneae: Just thank you guys for your work and also I would like to thank Na'Vi team and sponsors; they are helping us a lot!