Interview with CLG Wickd: "I just have to stop playing Irelia untill they [Riot] buff her again."



Wed 28th Mar 2012 - 8:15pm

I managed to catch up with CLGs Mike "Wickd" Petersen. Wickd is a professional gamer who comes from Denmark, he is 17 years old and widely regarded as the best solo top player in europe and even the world.

I spoke to him about his eSports career and how it has grown and where he wants to go with it in the future.


Well obviously you are a large star within the league of legends community but what is the biggest “boost” as such to your career e.g. joining SK, leaving SK, joining CLG/Leaving AL?

Wickd: The most important things which i've done in my Esport career:

I started streaming as one of the first streamers. I streamed for around a year before I started earning money from it. I think that streaming helped League Of Legends grow and I am very happy to be one of the first streamers. I was the first european top player who streamed.

Joining SK Gaming. I really loved being in SK. I started out in SK around 1½ year ago and I was playing with awesome people. Most people probably don't remember all the players that have been in SK, but it was awesome to play with Raashashi, Severus, Alth0r, nRated, Araneae, Ocelote, Sleazyweazy, Nyph, Snoopeh Candy Panda, Liimelight and Farfain. I really enjoyed playing with Ocelote at that time, and it was really awesome. Sadly we had some disagreements which made me leave and create my own team, but that is also okai.

I left SK and decided to create a new team which is now CLG EU. I am currently the team captain of CLG EU, and I think that this is going to be another huge boost to my esport career. I can't talk that much about this part because it's quite new, and there simply haven't been that many things to talk about.

You're really calm when you're streaming but is it a lot different for you when you're out there and eyes are literally on you? At 17 you must get quite nervous?

Wickd: I actually do get really nervous yes. I don't think it's possible to not get nervous at all. In the big tournaments there are hundreds of thousand of people watching your game and if you fuck up everyone is going to comment it. I think one of the bad things is that there are so many flamers in the community, but I also think that I feel very comfortable in tournaments because I got so many lovely fans which always support me.

I really feel the support during tournaments, and i can honestly say that i play a lot better knowing that so many people are supporting me. I would like to thank all of my fans for always supporting me, and always making me feel good when i am feeling bad.

Counter logic gamings Wickd
Which top lane player do you feel you have the most trouble against and what strategies have you had to learn for certain players?

Wickd: I don't think I currently have any problems against any top laners, but I do have problems against Kennen's. I really hate that hero, and I hope he gets nerfed soon.

Better nerf kennen! Obviously CLG EU are currently one of, if not the best team in Europe. At Hannover we saw a mass M5 stomp, do you think you could have handled the finals differently to dignitas because surely you would not have anticipated the allistar gank for FB?

Wickd: I don't think I should talk about how we would have done at Hannover. We weren't there and no one will ever know. Maybe we would have won the entire tournament or maybe we would have lost the first round. No one will ever know.

You didn’t get to attend Hannover due to a discrepancy with the sponsors, now you have failed to qualify for the IPL4 in Las Vegas, how did this make you feel?

Wickd: I want to strive for more achievements, and I am really sad about losing the IPL4 spot. I think we have to train a lot so that we won't loss any tournament qualifiers. Lossing a tournament is fine, but lossing the qualifier is personally too bad for me. I feel a bit ashamed about that.

IPL4 Las Vegas
Do you feel you perform worse when you are under such pressure such as the aAa game in the IPL4 qualifiers?

I don't think that I perform worse under pressure no. I don't think the game vs aAa in the IPL4 qualifier had anything to do with pressure. They are just a better team atm.

Lately we have seen you play a lot of nocturn top lane on your smurf account, do you think it is viable to run in competitive situations?

Wickd: I don't think that Nocturne is viable top, but I had to level my smurf accounts, and I didn't want to play the same heroes over and over.

So you have only yourself to blame wickd, better nerf irelia! What do you think of the changes? Do you think she is still strong just without the insane sustain?

Wickd: I think that Riot have no clue about Irelia, and I believe the nerf wasn't needed. I am sad about it because I really love playing Irelia, but I just have to stop playing Irelia untill they buff her again.

Irelia Wickds Ex favourite champion
Do you feel builds closer to Voyboys vs. SK at Kiev are more likely to be seen now with the multiple bloodthirster irelia?Voyboy built 2 of these vs SK at Kiev

Wickd: I don't think multiple bloodthirster Irelia makes any sense, and i honestly think that top teams will just stop picking her.

When you are under stress with your team arguements are bound to pop up, this is because of disagreements but do you think this harms the team or allows you to talk about issues that will eventually be necessary for your success?

Wickd: I believe that depends on the outcome of the argument. I believe arguments are great for a team, but it depends on how people are during the argument. If people just wanna be right, and don't care about the thing that is being argued about it's senseless and only harms the team.

If people argue about something because they want to understand the full picture it's good. I think that is one thing a lot of top teams have problems with. They often argue for the sake of just being right. I also often hear the sentence. "It doesn't matter if you are right." I think that is the worst sentence to ever use in a argument.


Finally where do you want to be in 10 years?

Wickd: I want to be in the esport scene as something important that will help Esport grow. Currently i am a player in Esport, and i think that Esport is just wonderful. There are so many dedicated people that just wants to see Esport grow. They are working for free because Esport is their hobby, and it just feels like everyone is having so much fun.

Is there any shoutout that you would like to make?

Wickd: Whatever I suck, Jk thanks shoutout to all my fans, shoutout to all my teammates and thanks for inviting me to do the interview!

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