Interview with Pooksie



Mon 2nd Apr 2012 - 7:27pm

Pamella "Pooksie" Rocha is a well known streamer in the League of Legends  scene. She's a casual streamer ( and an avid player.

We talked about her personal life, her plans for the future and she also let us know which champions, players, roles she prefers. And since she's brazilian i also asked what she thinks of Mordekaiser! An enjoyable interview with one of the favourite streamers of the community.


Hi Pooksie, can you present yourself to the readers? 

Pooksie: My name is Pamella aka Pooksie. I am a video game addict and a JustinTV (now TwitchTV) streamer since 2009. I was born in Brazil (huehuehue) and I am currently living in the USA.


When and how did you begin to play League of Legends?

Pooksie: I began playing League of Legends about 8 months ago, which is pretty recently. I actually decided to play after running into Sotis on SC2 customs, finding it susprisingly fun, and having one of my viewers suggest I tried League.

Aside of League of Legends and streaming what do you do with your life?

Pooksie: I am currently taking a break from school, not by choice unfortunately, and I do work part-time. Aside from that I love attending live events and I have recently been to IEM NY, MLG Providence, Curse Invitational and I am attending IPL4. On my free time, I stream as much as possible though I often find myself laying in bed watching Doctor Who quite often.


How did you end up streaming? Do you feel that the community needs more girls streaming and playing like you do?

Pooksie:I had been streaming since Call of Duty 4 on Xbox, so streaming is nothing new for me. I do, and always did, feel like we need more females in the streaming community, though the amount significantly increased. I completely understand why many girls are not interested in becoming a public figure. Sometimes the trolling and hating is horrifying, but you have to think about all your fans and people who support you and keep your head up.


Who is your favorite League of Legends pro player?

Pooksie: I know I'm biased since he's my boyfriend, but I do have to say my favorite player is Voyboy. I think he's the best solo top player in the world right now, and I love how he actually listens to my noob advice and turns silly ideas like AD Orianna into top level gameplay. He's also a great streamer, and if anyone is interested in learning to play top lane well, it's definitely worth checking out.


Who is you favorite champion? Why?

Pooksie: My favorite champion is Janna. I do enjoy playing her as support, but I still get butterflies in my stomach every time I get to play her AP. There's nothing more satisfying than disrrupting an entire enemy team and dealing TONS OF DAMAGE by landing a good Howling Gale, or sniping people down with Lux laser. DEMACIA!!!!


Is League of Legends your favorite game? Why? If not,which game is your favorite and why?

Pooskie: Currently, League is my favorite game, but I have to admit that winning gold balloons on Diddy Kong Racing for the N64 is just as a fun!


You play a lot of support, is that your favorite role?

Pooksie: If you look at my match history, I mainly play supports but I honestly don't enjoy it that much. I always get stuck with last pick, but I also duo queue with good AD players. My favorite role would have to be ranged AD, though I've been playing so much support lately I'm probably rusty.


Do you enjoy playing mordekaiser? HUEHUEHUE

Pooksie: Morde es #1 huehuehue. In my eyes: I'm Brazilian, therefore I was born with what it takes to be the best Mordekaiser, and if I use that to my advantage it will be unfair to the less unfortunate. The truth: I suck with Morde lol.


What are your plans to the future?

Pooksie: I do plan on attending Cosmetology school as soon as possible, but that's a little out of my reach right now. I want to keep gaming, streaming and attending events for as long as I can! I also plan to master all four elements and defeat the firelord before the comet arrives.

Thank you so much for answering all that questions, last question:any shoutouts or anyone you'd like to thank?

Pooksie: First of all, I would like to thank all my fans and everyone who supports me. I'd be nothing without you guys. Shoutout to Joey because he's the best, Cop because he's my best friend even though he won't admit it, and to Amy because she's too cute. Oh I would also like to say hi to my mother who is very likely to find this (Oi mãe!), and to my creepy little cousins who like to stalk me on the internet.


Thank you Pooksie for this delightful interview!