Interview with CLG Snoopeh: "I would like to see a return of Amumu"



Mon 16th Apr 2012 - 10:10pm

I was able to catch of with CLG Snoopeh. He is the jungler for his team and previously played for SK gaming. He hails from rainy Scotland and is a big figure in the eSports community with him building many friendships. As well as being a top flight player he has helped to enrich and grow the UK gaming community and been a friendly figure amungst it!

His team CLG have been a strong force within europe and being one of the only team who often beat the almighty M5. They beat off the russians to win Kings of Europe some months ago.

(CLG.EU Claims victory over M5)

Recently at IPL4 and on a lot of pros streams we see Junglers and top lanes speaking about how top and jungle is the most important interaction between 2 people on a team. To what extent do you feel this is an important interaction and how does it compare to other relationships on a team e.g bot lane?

Snoopeh: Well, frankly I would like to disagree with that statement :P I do believe that top lane for sure (in a 1 on 1 scenario) can snow ball much harder than any other lane - however it being the most important interaction between 2 people on a team could not be further from the truth!

The ongoing synergy between Support & AD Carry has a much greater impact over all, acutely followed by the presence between your Mid Lane and Jungle to gain map control.

You recently played in your first all LAN tournament with your team, how do you think other people’s attitudes change when they are in an environment where their teammates are actually there in front of them?

Snoopeh: I don't think individual attitudes towards team mates change, well perhaps a little bit in that it is much more personal - you can see the emotions, whether it be victory or defeat..

(Wickd, Yellowpete, Froggen, Snoopeh, Krepo. CLG.EU)

UK community was a project of yours in which you first really spoke about months ago now, what have you really done in the way of the UK to get it more League of legends active other than acting as a catalyst to new friendships?

Snoopeh: My primary goal for the UK community is fundamentally to "act as a catalyst to new friendship" - In turn bringing our community closer together, as previously it was and to an extent still is fragmented. My pursuit of Pro Gaming, has detracted from my ability to focus on growing the UK community in the way which I'd like - however I hope to attend more UK events (such as I-Series) to promote our community.

We have seen you in the past play AD carries in the jungle, do you ever think something like this could work in competitive play with possibly a bruiser bot lane for extra support on your risky jungle or do you think it would be a waste of time?

Snoopeh: AD's in the Jungle were an experiment of mine when the new jungle was implemented (along side the mastery changes) - which pretty much made anything viable in the jungle. In regards to it being fit for a competitive environment, I would say not really at the moment - due to the nature of AD's inability to 1v1 in close proximity (the jungle). Prior to the nerf's and still to a lesser extent, Vayne can be quite capable of pulling this off.

With many people saying league of legends will decline soon we still haven’t seen any indicators of it on the way down, do you think Riot are doing enough to keep the game we all love afloat?

Snoopeh: Anyone who suspects league of legends being on a decline soon, is just plain ignorant and I think Riot are doing an exceptional job.

Is there any champions you wish were more viable for competitive play that you really enjoy playing and are good at but just don’t cut the mustard for the top flight of play?

Snoopeh: I would like to see a return of Amumu, he was my most played jungler in Season One - where I reached 2,400 with almost solely him. I really loved his ability to initiate, perhaps with a few buffs in the near future we might see his return.

(Snoopeh raking in the assists!) being a new team are you currently happy with how things are going and that you will continue to be a power house and be able to reach the top LAN events in the future?

Snoopeh: I'm very happy with my team's progress, it was unfortunate we weren't able to claim top of the podium at Gamers Assembly - however we learned a lot and are extremely happy for our first event as a team.

What things specifically do you wish for your team to work on?

Snoopeh: Looking forwards I think our team just has to develop more strategies and expand our team compositions.

eSports is a growing industry do you see yourself staying working/playing in it once you have finished with league of legends or do you have other plans for your life?

Snoopeh: From the very first event I attended, I've been very driven to be a part of eSports in the future - Whether it be working with a team or with game developers or hosting events.. I very much see myself being part of it in the future.

Finally I just want to say thanks for allowing me your time for this interview! Is there any shout outs that you wish to do?

Snoopeh: I'd like to thank everyone thats continued to support me since I started and the IRC "Spell Check" crowd ^^ ;) Check out my face book - &!