Interview with TheOddOne: "Morgana is just way too hard to gank and encourages farming"



Sun 29th Apr 2012 - 10:45pm

I had the lovely chance to sit down the one and only TheOddOne from Team SoloMid. I probed his mind about League of Legends and received a little insight into him as a person.

We spoke about his esports career and then went on to talk about his experience in League of Legends. Enjoy the read!

Name: TheOddOne
Team SoloMid
Jungle; and carry Dyrus

When did you start playing LoL?

TheOddOne: I think about a year and a half ago, roughly around when the Dota scene was dying out and LoL had an open beta. Not sure of the exact date but around slightly before their first winter skin sale.

How did you come up with your Summoner name?

TheOddOne: It was a long time ago I made it in Starcraft in like the late 90s but I honestly forgot the reason and just stuck with it forever since I played Warcraft 3 after that so if anyone wanted to track me down they could.

Who is your favorite champion? Why?

TheOddOne: Lee Sin. I just find him fun to play and his skill set is fluid and just works. Whether I am good at him is another story.

Who is your least favorite? Why?

TheOddOne: Probably Morgana or Soraka. Morgana is just way too hard to gank and encourages farming while Soraka gets really annoying for most junglers I play as she essentially blocks physical damage early game and most AP jungles don't do enough to out-damage her heal. I also hate Teemo since I think he’s a useless little bugger.

Are there any champs that you think need to be nerfed or buffed?

TheOddOne: Vlad/Ryze are two I think that need to be nerfed since they tend to be durable and rip apart everything lategame, I also dislike how Urgot/Kog’Maw are the two far more popular ADs bottom.Buffwise it's hard to say but I'd like Trundle and Sejuani to be useful as they seem to not keep up in utility like Nautilus and Shen and tend to fall behind in farm against Mundo/Shyv/Udyr.

What is it like to be pro for TSM?

TheOddOne: Haha this might be weird to answer. It's pretty cool playing something you enjoy and working though it really eats up a ton of time. It's mostly staying at home until an event and working/streaming constantly, I've found that I have limited recreational time unless it's tied to me being at my computer due to our practice/streaming hours. But so far it's been a great experience as I've met tons of great people at events and I like to think I've changed a ton as a person.

Streaming… Constantly?

TheOddOne: Well most of us see it as a job and since that's basically our biggest source of income aside from literally taking top 2 at tournaments, most of us tend to stream 6-10 hours (maybe 14 in Dyrus's case) a day to make sure we pay the bills. You can find it at which also has all of my teammates and several others.

Aside of LoL-ing, what do you do?

TheOddOne: Lol since the gaming house, I either take walks or read manga since I don't have that much free time.

Tips for noobs wanting to jungle.

TheOddOne: Learn how to do routes and build your map awareness so you can deviate from routes and adapt constantly. This'll give a huge advantage in ganking and controlling the map.

Have you tried jungling with the new guy? (Hecarim)

TheOddOne: Actually I have posted a Commentary/Rage on him at our youtube channel (solomiddotnet), I think he’s similar to Volibear in that he's alright but not great without a team comp built around him.

What do you and TSM have planned next?

TheOddOne: Mostly Scrimming and practicing for the next tournament, though we're unsure of the next LAN event, I'm assuming CRS may have another tournament where the finals are played at their HQ.


What do you think is going to be your next move in life? Pertaining to LoL? Aside LoL?

TheOddOne: Hopefully continue playing and winning at a high level, I'm not sure how long the wave will last but I'll probably ride it out as long as I can. I'll probably return to programming after.

What are your favorite items to buy for just about every champ you play? Why?

TheOddOne: Phage and Wits end because I think those two items is currently the best combo for that price; they're both extremely helpful on bruisers. One gives hell of magic damage and magic resist while the other gives physicaldamage, slow and health, all the stats simply work together.

Well thank you TheOddOne for the interview. It was a great time.