Interview with AL Malunoo: "with some minor buffs Amumu will be a good pick again"



Wed 25th Apr 2012 - 5:50pm

Today I was able to catch up with Malunoo. He is a professional league of legends player as he is the jungler for Absolute legends. He is 21 years old and from sweden, most of his time is spent on his PC so he can stay in form as competitive play demands.

In this interview we speak about his solo/duo queue experiences and where he wants to go with his team. His team recently placed first in the Go4LoL Monthly Final and have been playing really well!

What you think about league of legends as a pro, is it just your job or is it truly the best game you play at the moment?

Malunoo: I don’t see League of Legends as a job at all, actually I'm really happy that I'm able to do what I love, earning money while doing it is a nice bonus.

When you play solo queue is there like many other pros say a different mentality that you have to take on board to succeed or do you just have to remember that not all high elo players are pros and you can’t expect too much?

Malunoo: Solo queue is different from playing with your team, that’s for sure. There is a lot less communication with your team. So, when you are playing solo queue you should focus a bit on yourself and your own play.

When you duo queue with players from other teams do you have to reserve your normal play style as to not give away too much about how you like to play?

Malunoo: I don't really play reserved in duo- or soloqueue, since the playstyle is very different. When you're playing with your team there is a lot more teamwork and communication, so i dont think hiding your playstyle is necessary.

Do you pay extra attention to other players from pro teams over the unknown players in an attempt to get a grasp of their play styles?

Malunoo: To be honest I don't pay more attention to either one of them. But I feel like unknown players come up with new builds and strategies more often, which sometimes end up working well even in tournaments.

What is your favourite jungler and what is it that the champion has that others don’t?

Malunoo: My favourite jungler is definitely Dr. Mundo. He got everything a good jungler needs such as a nice clear time, good ganks and the possibility to control his own and also invade the enemy jungle. What he has what other junglers don’t have? Well, you can throw cleavers in peoples faces every 2 seconds, I love that.

Is there a champion that isn’t seen very often that you are waiting to use in competitive play, or a rarely used champion that you think you could make viable with a certain team setup?

Malunoo: Someone that you don't really see in competitive play is Amumu, even though he is a pretty good champ and fun to play. I think with some minor buffs he'll be a good pick again and I would love to use him in tournaments.

Your team has lately been gaining lots of success and really showing some results, what are your aims for your team in this year?

Malunoo: There are a lot of tournaments that we take part in and we always aim to win. Our main goal would be winning season 2.

Do you do anything career wise other than league of legends?

Malunoo: League of Legends is my sole focus right now.

What do you want to do in the future in eSports?

Malunoo: I'm not sure about my future yet, but I hope I can continue working in eSports since it's what I love to do.

Do your parents and family support what you do or just see it as a glorified hobby, has their opinion changed at all as you gained in popularity and success?

Malunoo: Actually, yeah, their opinion changed. At first they didn't really like what I was doing and didn't believe there was any future at all. But lately they have been a lot more supportive of what I’m doing.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Malunoo: I don't really like thinking that way. I have no idea where I want to be in 10 years. But whatever I'll be doing, I hope it has something to do with eSports.

Thank you very much for this interview is there any shout outs you wish to do or any links you want to share with us?

Malunoo: Shoutout to our fans as well as my team and my organization. Additionally I'd like to thank our sponsors and SpecialTech. If you guys want to support me follow my stream.