An interview with former aAa support Kujaa



Mon 14th May 2012 - 5:57pm

For my first interview I had the pleasure to talk with ex-Millenium player Kujaa. He is most known for playing with aAa during 2011 as a support with Yellowstar as AD carry. During his time in aAa he claimed second place at the IEM Invitational in 2010 and he went on to win WCG France.

Until recently he played for Millenium and we've decided to have a chat with him and see what he's been upto lately.

IGN: Kujaa
: None
: Support

What caused the Millenium team to disband? Anything special triggered that?

 Kujaa: Well the first lineup that we made with Hmmer, Haydal, Engimz was starting to do really well but as usual some people don't like each other so some people wanted to kick enigmz, etc. So basically it was the beginning of the end. I don't want to put the finger one someone for the team spliting up.

Let's go over the Support role, what made you go for it? Is there any other role you wish to play?

Kujaa: When the game started to go more "pro" a the beginning of season1 I chose to play two roles -  jungle and support. I love to play support so I don't wish any other role.

What would you say is your most used support champion and is there a special reason for you using it often?

Kujaa: The most used champion was Janna but Soraka is really coming back these days. I don't like playing Soraka but I love playing Janna because she improves team fights due to her passive and massive "Crowd Control".

According to many AD and Supports:  Janna + Vayne lane has nothing to offer during lane phase, do you agree with that statement?

Kujaa: I don't like Janna + Vayne, I like Vayne with Taric , Alistar , Nunu. I like the kill lanes, farming so boring for the Support and I'm sure it's the same for AD carries aswell.

I think the most asked question right now is how the meta will change with M5 plays in the last tournament, do you think that AD + Support botlane will change? for better or for worse?

Kujaa: Well the metagame that M5 used was a bit used by the us players a long time ago with some Alistar roaming & in DotA. I think it is nice when people change the meta every once in a while. I love a Support+Bruiser lane, it has alot of benefits if you manage to shutdown the enemy ranged AD carry.

What do you think about massive Crowd Control champions instead of ordinary supports-Singed/Gangplank/Sejuani?

Kujaa: Aslong as they have two "heavy" CC they can be supports in my opinion.

In most teams the jungler is the one who takes the role of a leader, do you think that any player can lead or there is a special preference to certain roles?

Kujaa: Usually you see top and jungle lead but I don't think that it matters, if you are a carry or a support and you lead well then why not utilize it?

Thank you for your time Kujaa, best of luck in the competitive scene!