Interview with TSM Dyrus: "Though reginald might stop after season 2 and just focus on working"



Wed 9th May 2012 - 7:40pm

I have been very lucky in my ventures so far as an interviewer but now I am able to speak to the one and only Dyrus! He is known by many and loved by most. He is known for being tired and loving his pillow and is the solo top player for Team Solomid.

(Picture courtesy of IGN)

Why hello there Dyrus! How are things with you all now you are back in the gaming house?

Dyrus: Good to be back at the house, can finally relax from the long flight. Only 4 of us are back at the house reginald is still in Cali taking care of business and such. We got 2 weeks off of just derping around playing tera and league. I can say that we're going to be out of practice within this time.

Obviously you won IPL4 so congratulations to you all for that! What do you think was the main factor that lead to your increase in success from IEM?

Dyrus: Jonas was a huge part to our success. Living a healthy lifestyle is important, also practicing efficiently was also important. For me the main factor was wanting to win to prove myself to be worthy as TSM's new top laner. I had a lot of pressure on me, and I wanted to do everything I could do to get better and be recognized as a player that isn't overrated.

Now Jonas has left the house do you think there is a possibility to fall back into old habits or develop new ones?

Dyrus: Yes we've developed some of our old habits again but we're picking it back up to go back to the way we were when Jonas was here. It's a lot more difficult but with the motivation and some hard work we'll be able to lay down a good practice regiment so we can compete with the best.

Now you are back in the TSM house what do you think is the correct route forward?

Dyrus: Now we just need to get our communication down, and continue to innovate new strategies so we can be at the top of our game. The last time I've seen TSM innovate something was the triple wriggles when I wasn't on the team, but we're looking into strategies to catch people by surprise. We're also keeping our standard play strong so if we ever end up being forced to play standard we can still put up a strong fight. So basically just wanting it and practicing properly.

Many teams have been able to go and stay in Korea. This has given them time to practice away from normal life and also to learn their META, is this something TSM would consider?

Dyrus: I don't know about anyone else, but my opinion of the Korean Metagame is still pretty average. It isn't because CLG says so though, you can't be like oh Koreans are the best now because we lost to them or w/e. or something like that. For me what I've seen is that they've learned very quickly and picked up on today’s metagame. Their ability to study and copy is very high; they also have a few tricks up their sleeve that I've seen in the past.

From the start of this game I've always said to be the best you just need to copy the best, which is why they'll be a top contender. From watching the matches with chaox though, I feel like they don't fully understand it 100%. (taking it from what chaox says, and sort of agree after watching) But don't get me wrong I still love Korea, and all of the Korean players. This is just my honest opinion.

It's just that my experience with playing with them hasn't really been that convincing. Such as the CLG Last Call tournament when I was still in EG, and we had a sub (although they did have a very high ping). Then there's the WCG where I have no idea who maknoon's team lost to but for WCG it felt like there was no real competition other than DIG at the time hopefully everyone has learned enough from the past to be up to par in the meta today.

So TL:DR we've considered it and looked at it carefully but we're not really scared of it but I look forward to playing them in the future to see how they've improved

With so much to win in the season 2 finals do you think it may push the winners away from eSports and use the money to launch a new career?

Dyrus: That's a future goal that I can't really say for anyone else other than myself. For myself my love for video games is pretty infinite. If I couldn't play video games then I'd rather just stop living. I don't think I could say any more than that to describe my passion for video games. Though reginald might stop after season 2 and just focus on working on his business as a possibility.

Who do you enjoy to play against at top lane, who teaches you the most or is just a really strong opponent to fight with?

Dyrus: Out of all the top laners I've played against I have a few categories:

Most intimidating I would say hotshotgg just because I have paranoia of saint camping the lane. Also if hotshot built carry items instead of support items sometimes it would be absolutely terrifying. I don't really wanna go into it because my item builds aren't really that good either unless I just play AP champs.

I think the best top laner I’ve ever faced top was Wickd trailing behind him I would say Voyboy. For any other top laners I haven't played them enough to determine it, such as soaz or darien. I've never played against them at all or enough. If we were going by experience for who has beaten me top the most I would say burbs who isn't even a pro player.

wickd punishes mistakes and plays mind games top his item builds are usually very optimal and his rune and mastery setups are also very up there. He has a counter pick chart and he's always looking for ways to destroy his opponent he knows when to freeze or when to call his jungler for a gank, or knows where to go as the game progresses with his advantage.

Reginald IMO played exceptional at IPL4. This to me was maybe due to his increased motivation after the removal of stress that Jonas brought, do you think he may suffer again now Jonas has gone?

Dyrus: On the last day like everyone else, he was derping really hard the first two games against CLG because we all went to bed late. We didn’t even get to warm up against CLG, that 2-0 was basically our warm up. I think as the owner of solomid he has a lot of stress but he's a very outgoing hard working aggressive person. I think he'll be able to handle it. Sometimes I wonder how he even does it; he's like half a year younger than me or something.

You were once told by Rinoa that you went over the top at IPL4, what do you really think she meant, did you act much out of the ordinary to attract viewers?

Dyrus: I've swore a bit much and said words like rape or gay too much I've cut down ever since I just wanted to have fun and entertain the fans that's all I had no bad intentions.

Dyrus you have the most formidable fan base, you once hit 42k concurrent viewers on stream whilst just playing solo queue, what is it about you that your fans prefer over anyone else?

Dyrus: The only reason why I hit 42k was because of aphromoo. I don't know what my fans prefer of me other than my voice. I'm really on and off now days because I rage sometimes or I don't talk enough or I'm just tired. With aphromoo we did a jarvan leona combo which is very fun to watch and sometimes nhat would be in the queue.

Nhat and aphromoo just really have a lot of fun with the game something that I’ve lost in the last 2 years of playing this game over and over. Streamers like scarra and hotshotgg are still way up there I just happen to be streaming when they aren’t.

Is the house still all bros with TRM since his departure or has it just been very quiet between you all?

Dyrus: I dunno what happened to him he just baylifed it and left. He’s in Florida with his girlfriend now, I was pretty awkward but in the end I thought I was always cool with him, just didn't have much to say anymore. He's still on TSM, I heard he's making another team.

What are your personal goals within the coming month as a player?

Dyrus: Just get better at the game and be more efficient. I only do really good when I try hard, my motivation has been lacking in the past months I used to write down every mistake now I can't really get serious unless my opponent is really top level, or if I have my pillow. I cut corners and it causes me to do stupid things and it makes me look bad and such by cutting corners I play down to other players levels sometimes. Other than that I just hope to become a more solid player like salce

What is TSM's next big focus?

Dyrus: 3 back to back events in California. Our main worry is qualifying for the curse tournament. My main worry is team dig, they're always thinking of new things and my history with voyboy in tournament play is very iffy. If I ever had a rival in this game I'd say it would be voy, he's like the top lane version of reginald really aggressive play style, makes me really uncomfortable.

Thanks for giving me some of your time for this interview! I hope you guys can go on to win many more tournaments. Is there any specific shout outs or links that you wish to share with the community that loves you?

Dyrus: shout out to all my viewers that have stuck with me all this time

@loldyrus on twitter

dyrus on facebook

Friends and family

Oh and to riot games for making their game my career.