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Tue 22nd May 2012 - 6:19pm

So recently I was browsing reddit waiting for windows 7 to install on my new monster (had to make sure Diablo 3 would be beyond epic). I came across a thread of a newer player asking about AD carries and how they fit. Naturally I responded and gave some feedback. A couple of days later I found the same user was now asking about bottom lane pairings, this caught my eye and I investigated the thread thoroughly. What I found were pairings that I had never seen, which work incredibly well on paper as well as in execution. 

So ladies and gents, I present to you a relatively quick guide on bottom lane pairings:

Also, it is STRONGLY recommended that you and you bottom lane partner communicate as half of winning the lane is playing in sync perfectly. Ventrilo, Skype, Teamspeak, Mumble or any other VOIP service is highly recommended. If not, try to type out a lot and set up strategies beforehand.

DISCLAIMER: These are merely suggestions based on proven worth in the lane, they will work if played correctly however they are not the only way to play bottom lane. All of these pairs came from experimenting with strengths and weaknesses. Feel free to attempt new pairs. 

There will be 3 suggestions per AD carry (since you can run most supports with most ADs, the suggested pairs are considered strong however there are other pairs for these champs that will also work just as well. These are merely popular suggestions




Ashe's strongsuit is kiting. She has no steroid and volley is on a long cooldown until lower ranks. Her guaranteed crits are what you really have to be on top of and abuse. Using volley and frost shot to kite and avoid damage while burning down the enemy is the way to go. Her ult is pretty epic.

A long range skillshot stun that does significant damage. Use this to either disengage a really bad fight or hard engage into a good one. The arrow also works well when chained with other CC to guarantee a kill on a straggler, stun a jungler for a smite steal or completely disable a carry in a team fight. Atlanta playing Ashe

Works well with- 


Janna* -  Ashe slow and crit rate + Janna dmg/shield and knock up/slow allows for crazy damage and kite.

Janna's shield will help Ashe immensely as the bonus damage makes her crits pretty huge at low levels. The other reason the pair is good is because of the ammount of survivability Janna gives Ashe. Frost shot combined with Zephyr slows the enemy to a crawl, Tornado knocks up and gives you an extra second to move towards/away from enemies and Janna's ultimate knocks enemies away and heals. All those defensive (or offensive) skills really make this lane very dangerous.


Nautilus - good kite potential (frost shot + dredge line & riptide) while Naut tanks damage. Naut passive & ult means never missing and ashe arrow. 

Nautilus is a tanky front line for Ashe. Most of his use comes from his passive and dredge line. Once you both hit level 6, Nautilus can set up a dredge line and the first auto will snare instantly. This will allow you to wait for the flash as he will ult after the flash goes and you can land an arrow knowing the knock up won't allow them to dodge, from there its all slow and letting Nautilus tank most of the damage with his shield.


Nunu - insane kite. Ashe arrow much easier to hit and guarantee full nunu ult. Bonus attack speed from Blood Boil

Nunu is a very rude laner. All you want to do is poke down the enemies with Ice blast while sustaining with consume. Whenever is prudent, blood boil Ashe, the increased attack speed and move speed will make her an even better kiter. Her slow + your slow will pretty much immobilize an enemy and if Ashe lands a good arrow you can start up an ult that they won't escape without flashing. Do also try and tank most of the damage for Ashe since you give her no sustain.





Read my Caitlyn guide here.

Chaox playing Caitlyn

Works well with:


Taric* - Stun lasts long enough for Cait to lay a trap under the enemy. Taric Armor passive also helps in trades and shreds enemy armor

Wait until the lane has a good moment to trade. At which point stun an enemy, walk over, shatter, auto attack and Ultimate (if you have it). This will set up Caitlyn for an easy trap, Q and some easy autos that can result in forcing enemies out of lane, keeping them scared at tower (denying) or even a kill.

It was one of the most popular combos at the beginning of season 2 and is still a very strong lane. Remember that your heal cooldown can be reduced with autos (which also give you mana) so hitting high health minions (tank) can give the mana/cooldown you need for faster heals (make sure this is ok with your AD though, if they are controlling the lane and you start hitting stuff randomly, it can really throw off their balence and hinder their last hitting)


Blitzcrank - Pull enemies into traps, knock up after snare. Allows for a huge amount of burst and CC

Sit in brush mostly, slightly behind a Caitlyn trap. When there is an opporunity grab someone. This will set up Cait for an easy Q and some autos, once the trap snare wears off, hit them with power fist to make the CC even longer. At low levels this can kill as the damage output is pretty severe. Sitting in the brush will give you strong control as enemies will be afraid to go near any brush putting them on edge. Try to get a pink ward/oracles as any good lane will ward you to try to have some idea where you are and how they can position to avoid your grabs.


Lux - Great range and poke. Snare + traps can bully people out/to death.

Really mean lane. Sit in brush mostly and just harass with your E (singularity). The range on it is far and once it detonates, you can auto them for another chunk of damage. When setting up a trade/kill lead in with snare so Cait can land a trap and then a Q. While she is doing that hit them with an auto (to detonate passive) then throw out E behind them to slow them, ultimate to guarantee a kill or set up a kill for Cait ult. Throw out shield to negate a lot of damage and use your skills to escape as well as engage.





Corki's strengths lie in his passive and very nice burst from abilities. 10% true damage on attacks is a very good tool when trading/last hitting/shredding semi armored people. Level up Q and use it to harass hard, the range and damage on it are really nice and you can hit both enemies/a group of minions. Next up is Valk (1point) for escape and gattling (max second) for armor shred. Get ult when you can and use it to harass/snipe long range. 

Team Dignitas' own Imaqtpie plays a mean Corki.

Works well with:


Soraka* - Safe lane, Soraka gives Corki lots of mana, therefore lots of poke

If you are beasting the lane, throw some points into other skills than heal, if you are having trouble and taking a lot of harass, level heal more. Always give corki mana as he will pretty much always expend it. Use the infuse silence to protect Corki or guarantee that an enemy can't escape away with a skill. Pretty easy lane, keep Corki alive and full of mana.


Leona - Leona is a bucket of CC, land the Zenith blade and the time you have them CC'd will give Corki good burst with Q, E, R

Sit in the brush and scare people with your presence. Start your shield and lane a zenith blade, once you get pulled in your shield will detonate and you should have your stun up keeping them in place. From there you can ult so it hits while they are stunned. Your shield will negate a lot of the damage they will do and the stunlock lets Corki hit free Q, E and Rs. The burst from that one scenario is so high that after landing it once the enemy lane will probably be incredibly scared and play very, very passively.


Zilean - Great poke. Safe from dives, good mobility. Brutal lane.

Sit with Corki and establish dominance by bombing anyone stupid enough to get close. Bombs + Corki's harass will force people out of lane or get kills pretty fast. The experience buff Zilean gives will make all your lanes have the edge as far as levels go. Speed up yourself/Corki to escape or engage. Ult will save Corki but not if there are 4 people standing on him (assuming Valk is down or they have hard cc). Just long range harass the enemies down and deny them hard.






Ezreal is a skillshot based AD caster. Level up mystic and arcane shift. Other than that just focus on positioning as it is crucial for you. Land mystic shots as good harass and to guarantee creep kills. Shift to avoid major damage/escape or set up a mystic shot/engage. Ult can be used to snipe or open (hitting 5 enemies will give you full stacks of your passive).

Team Dignitas' own Imaqtpie plays a mean Ezreal as well!

 Works well with:


Janna* - Janna's shield, distruptions, and peel make her great with Ez. Her tornado can make mystic easier to hit and shield makes it hit harder

Janna will set Ezreal up for some serious damage output with mystic shot and autos while keeping people in place with knockup and slow. Ez can shift over you and then you can ult to make vast distance between Ezreal and enemies. Level shield and babysit Ez in lane, help with trades/escapes.


Soraka - Infinite mana. Spam abilities all day, farm hard and trade hard.

If you are beasting the lane, throw some points into other skills than heal, if you are having trouble and taking a lot of harass, level heal more. Always give corki Ezreal mana as he will pretty much always expend it. Use the infuse silence to protect Corki Ezreal or guarantee that an enemy can't escape away with a skill. Pretty easy lane, keep Corki Ezreal alive and full of mana. Same thing as Corki.


Sona - Gives ezreal good sustain and poke. Good speedy escape and AOE stun ult

Ezreal's Q combined with yours makes for some good harass. The passive damage bonus works with mystic shot so try and keep that up when in lane. Heal when you need to as the passive also makes you/Ez more tanky. Speed + shift allows Ezreal to pretty much escape anything although they might just swap to you instead. Let Ezreal know when you are going to ult so he can set up his ult to open on both people while they are in your stun.






Graves is a monster in lane. His Q does significant damage and all of the bullets can hit a single target doing 150% damage (the two secondary hits do 25% damage a pop). Your smoke canister kills vision, this can allow you to trade and get in close with relatively little worry about trading.  Dash can be used to get close or get further away, keep in mind it give you attack speed thus making trading better. Ultimate is a beastly nuke that does a lot of damage and scales on AD. Basic combo is E, Q, R. That burst will melt more or less anyone in bottom lane.

Dyrus plays Graves.

Works well with:


Leona* - Leona CC and burst + Graves E, Q, R is insane burst. Possibly the most deadly of all bot lanes

Sit in the brush and try to land your stunlock combo. If you land it, you can easily get a kill with Graves. There isn't really much more to it. Land combos, get kills.


Taric - Armor passive + graves passive = tanky lane with lots of sustain, burst, armor shred and a stun. Enjoy

Taric wil make Graves incredibly tanky. Heals + Armor passive + stun and Grave passive make this lane incredibly effective at trading. Set up a stun and shatter, Graves will get his combo off. Ult makes Graves hit harder so throw down ult when you engage.


Soraka - Graves passive + soraka passive, heal armor buff and infinite mana. Ability spam farm and harass.

Safe lane. As Soraka passive + Graves passive and the heals that give armor. Nothing should really be able to shut the lane down, however Soraka doesn't do much damage so your kill potential isn't too high. However Soraka will give Graves infinite mana so he can spam Q and E and constantly trade/harass.






Yes, Kayle can work as an AD carry. In fact Kayle can be one of the best AD carries if played correctly. She also brings almost as much utility as Ashe to the table. Max out Fury first as that is what makes you ranged. Movement speed heal is nice and slow can help you kill anyone that runs. Ultimate saves lives but try to use it to negate a lot of upfront burst on yourself/your AP carry or whoever is trying to facetake damage for your team.

AD Kayle

Works well with:


Nunu* - Blood Boil + kayle passive makes ice blast hit really hard and gives kayle lots of speed. 

Blood boiling Kayle will make her fury hit more during its duration, her heal movespeed + blood boil will also make her very mobile. Your slow + her slow will make people very immobile. See how this lane works? You have all the movespeed, they have none. Her passive shred makes you hit harder, so try and get off as much damage as possible while they are debuffed.


Taric - Heals, passive armor, armor shred and stun coupled with kayle's armor shred and heal/speed bonus.

Safe lane for Kayle but her shred and shatter shred will give some serious damage output (true damage in some cases). Stun sets up nice trades and heal will keep you both sustained. Nothing too it, heal, trade and run the lane.


Lux - Poke all day, snare & slow, shield as needed. Kayle's mr shred makes you hit harder, of course lazer too.

Poke with singularity and snare when you can. Kayle makes you hit harder so make sure you abuse her shred debuff. Combine her slow and yours to lane easy snares and then ult to pretty much guarantee the kill. Your shield will negate a lot of damage and Kayle ult can save you from dives and such. 






Acid worm is one of the most fun AD's to play. % damage + Q shred and a slow make for a very strong lane. Once you hit 6 your poke is unrivaled. Slow and Q will allow you to hit them a lot, Bio arcane give % health and range to your auto attacks so keep that in mind and play safe. Once you get ult, lead your target slightly, you want them to walk into where it will hit with virtually no time to juke.

Epik Aphromoo's Kog'maw.

Works well with:


Janna* - Janna peel helps play protect the kogmaw very well. High elo loves Kog & Janna

Janna shield allows for some serious trades with virtually no risk to Kog, the extra damage also makes his output just ridiculous. The peel (slow, knockup, ult) will allow you to keep people off Kog while he becomes an evil little murder machine. Just try to shield him and then make sure he stays alive/if he is ok set up kills.


Soraka - Keep kog alive and full of mana. Insta win lane @ level 6. Then play keep kog alive and give him lots of auras

Safe farming lane for Kog. You make him tanky and heal him for quite a lot. Infuse him so he can keep Bio arcane up almost always then post 6 you will give him the mana to spam his ult. Just keep Kog alive and full of mana as he will do the rest by shredding anything that comes close or spitting on anything that is further out.


Nunu - Soak damage in front while harassing with Ice blast. Heal with consume. Blood Boil kog and try to keep people off him.

This lane is not easy. Harass with Ice blast and sustain with consume, tank most of the damage. Kog should combine slows to get a ton of damage on the fleeing person. Blood boil will help Kog escape a lot of stuff with movespeed as well as help him make the most of bio arcane. Your slow will also help him hit easier ults. In theory with Kog Q maxed, a Phantom Dancer and blood boil, he will hit 2.0+ attack speed and will melt anything that gets close enough for him to hit, your job is to get him to that point.




Miss Fortune


Miss Fortune is an interesting AD carry as she is very strong but sees little play. The idea behind her is to go poke and move away quickly. Try and use double up on the last minion before a champ to get osme nice easy long range harass. It takes some getting used to but is a lane winner. Other than that just toss a point into slow for the utility (E) and level up W for stacking damage and attack speed active (and 50% healing reduction on hit effect). Use Ult to clear waves quickly or get some good aoe damage in a teamfight. Like all AD carries use you head, you get bonus movespeed, abuse it.

TSM Chaox' Miss Fortune

Works well with:


Taric* - Taric provides tankiness and sustain + stun. Easy harass and trades. MF slow + stun sets up MF ult nicely

Taric and MF lane is a rarely seen gem (hah puns). The trades that Taric can set up and MF can follow up on are pretty heavy and dangerous for anyone caught. The idea is set up a stun/shatter combo, MF can use her slow to help set this up or ensure that you have a couple more hits on whoever was stunned. MF should move in and pop her Q and W to lay down some serious damage. Play this properly and you will find that catching an off guard carry/support can become a very easy kill.


Nunu - Blood Boil all day. Harass with ice blast, consume to sustain. 

Same sort of thing as the Tristana lane with the Blood Boil + Impure shots for ridiculous attack speed. MF passive and blood boil also make her move around like a jackrabbit. Nunu should harass with Q and then MF follow up with her slow to get some easy damage on a running enemy. Keep the pressure on and ult to keep people in MF ult. Pretty generic Nunu play but also some of the most fun.


Lux - Slow + MF slow, easy harass. Snare then Ult with MF ult. Long range fun

Same sort of laning idea as Caitlyn but with a bit less range to abuse. Land lots of harass with Lux's spells and passive while trying to set up MF for a good trade. The potential range on double up paired with a good snare can land some nice damage and the double slow will also allow lots of control of the lane. Double Ultimate is a bit flashy but puts out some pretty ridiculous damage. Timing in this lane is key, if MF isn't in sync with Lux 99% of the time, it can fall apart very, very fast.





Sivir is considered by some as the bottom lane counterpick. Her spellshield allows her to more or less ignore a lot of the early game harass from enemies as a lot of it comes from easily predictable skillshots that Sivir can just negate. Her boomerang blade scales nicely and can put out some pretty heavy damage on a double hit. Ricochet also allows for some extra damage and nice wave clearing potential. Sivir's ult gives movespeed and attackspeed, two key things for any AD carry. All in all Sivir is a very strong bottom laner HOWEVER she doesn't bring very much in the way of utility or escape. 

Examples of spellshield-able abilities - Cait traps (shield and walk over them for free mana), Caitlyn Q, Corki (minus is E) and Ezreal's abilities, Grave's abilities, most support's means of harass (nunu ice blast, taric stun), Karthus ult, most jungler's gap closer/CC. 

TSM Chaox' Sivir.

Works well with:


Taric* - Taric stun allows double hit Boomerang (Q). Loads of tankiness and sustain. Sivir ult allows good chase/escape

Taric will give Sivir a rather easy and strong lane to farm up in. Taric will make Sivir more tanky and provide the stun to set up for easy double boomerang blade hits as well as quick escapes. Heal up Sivir if things are getting hairy and just try to land a stun that will result in a lot of damage, no use stunning if they are just going to walk away with no damage done.


Nunu - Harass with ice blast to slow, set up sivir's Q. Consume sustain, blood boil + sivir ult makes for some serious speed

Blood boil + Sivir ultimate, think about that for a second. Same sort of play as any other support nunu, use consume to sustain and harass with ice blast. Try to set up Sivir for double boomerang hits and ricochets on the enemy carry. Your slow + Sivir's passive and/or ult will most times secure a kill on a fleeing champ, keep that in mind and ult to feed the kills to Sivir.


Blitzcrank - Blitz grab + knockup and Sivir Q, E. That combo. Overdrive + Sivir ult gives you lots of speed

This lane is not an easy one to play as the basis of how to win it comes from two skillshots that must be executed perfectly more than once. Grab and knockup to set up Sivir for a double boomerang hit and ricochet hit as well. Just sit in brush and be trying to keep Sivir safe but set up that combo all lane phase. Once both of you get level 6, the setup should result in a kill. Get creative, not many people expect to be pulled into river bush.






Tristana is a classic AD carry. A lot of her play must be done rather agressively in the current meta if you want to keep up with the pace into mid game. If the game lasts into late game, you will pretty much melt anyone on the enemy team. Skilling is based on preference but it is recommended that you skill up rocket jump and explosive shot in certain lanes to maximize your killing potential while saving you Q for later in the game when you will be auto attacking more. 

Maybe the greatest Tristana player, MiG Locodoco

Works well with:


Alistar* - Favorite lane of TSM, Alistar does headbutt pulv combo and trist jumps on top and explosive shots. Highly deadly if played correctly

The idea behind this lane is playing insanely aggressive early to get kills and spiral out of control into Trist's late game phase fast. Ali will land a headbutt and pulverize combo the moment he goes for the headbutt Trist should be rocket jumping on top of the person targeted and land explosive shot then auto attacks. If played correctly this lane will result in what seems like incredibly easy kills and farm sending Trist into mid/late game quickly.


Nunu - 2.5 attack speed. And lots of magic damage harass with exsplosive and ice blast.

This is a different lane that Triststar. Play with more harass from explosive shot and ice blast then when they are low go in for the kill. Nunu's blood boil and slow should set Tristana up for some very easy farm and harass on the enemies while keeping her safe. Once you both are level 6 you can set up some pretty fun plays with an ice blast and hidden nunu ult + Trist's rocket/explosive combo and have her ult someone in/out if needs be. Then nunu ult will pop resulting in a pretty fancy ton of magic damage.


Leona  - Zenith blade in, shield, stun, ult (the lockdown burst) to set up trist for a jump, explosive shot and bustershot. Tons of burst

This lane plays quite alot like Triststar but has no sustain from abilites. Leona should jump in with her zenith blade and land her shield damage, stun and if past level 6 ult, keeping the poor enemy very locked down and a bit hurt. Trist should rocket jump in once the zenith blade has hit and start her explosive shot and auto attacks. If Trist is past level 6 she can use her ult to force the enemy further back forcing them into a really bad position should they survive the inital burst.






Urgot is a very unique AD carry as he doesn't have the sort of skillset that is seen on most AD carries. Urgot is all about the poke from afar which means landing his E. The idea behind using Urgot came from Genja of M5 who tried to break the meta and make a tank AD sort of. The build is as important as the play. Starting with boots and dorans blades then moving into a brutalizer and glacial shroud. This will allow Urgot a lot of damage and mana to harass and control with while making him nigh unkillable. Level up Q for the damage on marked targets, once you have ult coordinate with your team and set up kills on unwary enemies.

M5 Genja's Urgot.

Works well with:


Alistar* - Alistar's headbutt and pulv combo + Urgot AA, E and Q lead to some nasty damage and poke.

Really rude lane. Alistar's headbutt + pulverize combo leads to an easy E and harass with Q. Alistar will keep Urgot sustained if he needs it. Once you win lane Alistar can roam while you safe farm and poke. Swap and alistar can headbutt into tower and pulv under tower. Really cruel lane.



Soraka - Enjoy the infinite mana and tankiness she provides. Harass lots and farm hard. 

Soraka keeps Urgot's mana pool full which means Urgot can spam spells all day. Her passive and heal + Urgot's shield make him tanky to start and make him a mobile fortress later on. Focus on farming while trying to land some E's and poke enemies out. Soraka makes Urgot a really strong sustaining opponent and if you can poke out the enemy chances are he won't be able to come back.


Blitzcrank - Swap + pull. Great fun lane the requires timing and coordination. Very strong.

Same sort of thing as Alistar. Blitz should land his pull and knockup letting Urgot land an easy E and then a bunch of Qs. Urgot ultimate + blitz grab can result in some pretty epic team plays. This lane relies heavily on mana however, swap going back to the pool if you need to as your potential is based highly on your mana pool.






Varus was and sort of still is an unknown in the bottom lane. After playing him a lot I feel he is a very strong AD carry that if left alone can become a freight train of damage. Remember first and foremost you are an AD and your Q gets the best scaling. It is highly recommended to level Q first as even with no blight stacks (W) on a target it will still deal significant damage at long range. Throw a point in E for the healing debuff and slow and use it to detonate blight/slow enemies.

Level W second as the blight stacks and bonus damage even without magic pen are very strong especially in bottom lane where people don't generally stack magic resist. Ultimate can be used as an escape tool as much as an engage tool, think about it before using it and keep in mind it is a skillshot and doesn't have a lot of range.

Works well with:


Taric* - Heal, Armor, shred and stun give varus high trade/damage potential. Post 6 pretty much free kills with your stun, varus ult and slow.

Taric is a great laning partner for Varus as he provides a small window for Varus to land autos and a Q which results in a ton of damage. Taric should try to keep Varus alive while setting up good opportunies to harass/kill an enemy with his stun/shatter. Varus should try to land an E, some autos and a Q to really make the most of the trade although a couple autos and/or a charged up Q is  worth it. Once Varus hits 6 any stun Taric lands can be turned into a snare and potential kill.


Soraka - Infinite mana is nice but the MR reduction on starcall that makes your magic damage hit harder is what you will love.

Soraka give Varus a never ending supply of mana which means a never ending supply of Q harass from Varus. Her MR reduction will make Varus' magic abilities hit that much harder and Soraka also has an incredibly strong heal that allows Varus to get close and land the autos to mark a target with blight. Mostly try to poke with Q however.


Leona - Enjoy the lane, land zenith and just chain CC from there. Post 6 this lane is guaranteed kills.

Post 6 the Leona Varus lane is a gross mixture of damage and CC. If Leona lands a zenith blade or ultimate, Varus should be following up with as much damage as he can until the CC is about to end, then Varus should land his ult which will pretty much lock down a single target for something like 6-7 seconds. Pleanty of time to kill that poor target. 






Vayne is my personal favorite of the AD carries mostly because she plays as a mix of an assassin and ranged AD. Skilling is either max Q or E depending on if you can actually hit condemns (your lane is easy and doesn't actively avoid them). It is suggested to level Q, as it is consistant damage. Once you get your ult coordinate with your support to get a kill by chaining CC and getting in position to land an easy condemn. Get farmed and fed, melt everything that moves.

See Here for more Vayne details.

CLG Doublelift's Vayne.

Works well with:


Taric* - land stun to set up a condemn. Be an aura slave and keep vayne alive

Taric provides Vayne with a lot of surivability once she tumbles in. Try to stun and set up condemns as they will likely result in a kill. Heal vayne a lot since she will take harass because she has lower range. Nothing really to this lane other than keep her alive and once she gets ult set up really easy kills. Remeber she is an AD so do go and shatter to shred the enemies armor and help get more damage on them.


Blitzcrank - Rocket grab to set up a condemn, power fist. Post 6 your burst will be ridiculous.

This is one of the more fun lanes for Vayne however it has no sustain so your play must be very good to pull this off. The idea behind this lane lies in the ability to pull an enemy towards a wall and set up Vayne for the easiest condemn. If you get a grab make sure you knock up with power fist as well to prevent a flash instantly and give that extra half second for Vayne's position and condemn to be perfect. Once you land a combo you will most likely get a kill, if not you will scare the enemies to play incredibly passive which will allow Vayne to safe farm and control the lane easily.


Nautilus - Same deal as Blitz, dredgeline them to you to set up a condemn. Slow with riptide and snare with auto. Use ult as needed. Enjoy you beastly lane.

So yeah, same sort of thing as Blitz with more CC to offer. Land a dredge line to displace the enemy and slow them with riptide as well as snaring them with Nautilus' passive. This will set up Vayne for a huge amount of potential damage and may even set up a good condemn. Once Nautilus hits 6, his ult will likely set up great combos and for Vayne likely resulting in kills. Play smart in this lane as it will be on Nautilus to be the CC machine however he won't be able to 2v1 if Vayne isn't on the same page.


Honarable mentions

Sadly not all potential ADs or Supports made it on here, so here is a list for you to play with:

AD carries: Kennen, Anivia, Ahri, Fiddle, Twisted Fate, Twitch.

Supports: Akali, Fiddle, Galio, Gangplank, Jarvan, Karma, Kayle, Maokai, Morgana, Nidalee, Orianna, Shen, Teemo, Twisted Fate, Volibear, Yorick.

Never forget to challenge the meta and experiment with Supports and ADs you may not see so often. Credit : The reddit thread