Interview with Froggen: "Anivia's kit is just too strong and then people usually have no idea how to fight vs anivia"



Fri 18th May 2012 - 6:26pm

Well, there are few mid players as well known and respected as's very own Henrik 'Froggen' Hansen. I instantly got the impression that between his schooling, avid anime watching and budding professional e-sports career that this was a very busy (pardon the Englishness in me) chap. It took some time before we could finally get the interview underway but I think you'll all agree that it was worth the wait.

Whilst no doubt well-known throughtout Europe, it is, I think, fair to say that Froggens stature on the world stage took a sharp increase when he joined More importantly, his stellar performance in the Kings of Europe tournament caused people to literally sit up and take note.

Hi, Froggen. Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Froggen: Hey, I’m Froggen the AP carry from CLG.EU I’m 18 years old and I’m Danish. I started playing League around 1 year 9 months ago after being introduced to it by my older brother. When I don’t play league I’m going to school and I also watch lots of anime.

Some would say you're the best AP player worldwide, do you agree with those that believe so?

Froggen: I have only played vs a few AP players from NA and no AP players from korea yet and I haven’t been at any really big offline event yet so it’s a bit hard to say who the best is, although I feel like I’m better than the others.

What attributes do you think are most important to becoming a successful mid player?

Froggen: The ability to understand how the game works; hitting skillshots/juking and have the right position. That would be 3 best things to have as a mid player. Beside from that, always do your best and have fun while playing.

Anivia is often banned by the opposing team; is it frustrating for you to see that happen so often?

Froggen: Not at all. Anivias kit is just too strong and then people usually have no idea how to fight vs anivia and they get caught 24/7 and lose a game easily like that.

How would you define your style of play?

Froggen: It’s really hard to say. My style is different from every match; it depends on what champion I’m playing and on how the jungle is going. If a player keeps doing weird stuff on lane I might want to kill him or care a bit for ganks.


Are there any other AP players you think highly of?

Froggen: Not really anyone comes to my mind. I think the APs are pretty equal, some are good in laning some are good in teamfights. I like Alex Ich more than the others since he is able to play other roles on a competitive level. Not a lot of APs that can do that. bigfatjiji also has a special place in my heart since he was the first pro Anivia player I saw and it was the first pro player I played against.

How did you come to join

Froggen: First I were in minor teams like infused, then the team got disbanded and I got a lot of offers from other “upcoming teams” I eventually formed a team with lyumi, wetdream, kbap and wickd under the AL tag. Then we had many roster changes and finally ended up with my current team and then we were picked up by CLG. So I’ve been in from the very start.

M5 seem to encounter problems when they come up against your Anivia. Do you think she offers a little more than most AP champions against teams that have a penchant for intensive counter jungling and invading?

Froggen: I think it’s a combination of the way I play Anivia and the utility she provides. Anivia is generally not strong in midlane before she gets some items so it’s rather easy to counter jungle against an Anivia. But with good team communication it’s possible to prevent counterjungle. I think they run into problems because they allow me to do whatever I want in teamfights and never hard engage on me.

Is there any particular 'Crystallize' (Anivia's wall) moment that you remember as your favourite?

Froggen: I usually don’t remember my Anivia walls since I think it’s really simple to place a wall infront of someone to lock them out of a teamfight. I do remember 1 wall though because people talked about it for a while. Kings of Europe finals vs M5 in a teamfight around dragon where I wall MF completely out of the fight with a lvl 1 wall, which allowed us to pick up 3 easy kills.

Are there any teams you're wary of playing against?

Froggen: Hmm not really, but if I have to name one it would be aAa since they knocked us out in some qualifiers.

Do you think that, with you being so synonymous with a singular champion that when it comes to bans and picks this gives you a upper hand in any pre-match mindgames?

Froggen: If it’s only one champion it doesn’t matter too much. The problem is when it comes to the point where you have 5 champions the enemy wants to ban and it’s only possible to lock out 4 if the champions (if they have first pick); then you will for sure get your champion that you are really strong with. I think that’s why some teams sometimes just leave Anivia open since they know I’ll pick it and then they will try to get a teamcomp that can shut Anivia down.

How do strong early game junglers affect the mindset of your laning phase?

Froggen: Really a lot. Everything an early game jungler should do is look for ganks. Any mid champion with an alistar gank can burst down the other mid in no time. Early game junglers usually lose a lot of damage when it comes to mid/late game so if you can get through the early game you have a good chance of winning. My mid pick would usually be something safer if they have early game jungler.

What would you consider to be your list of 'tier 1' mid champions as of this moment?

Froggen: Any champion played the right way would be tier 1 which means the FOTM champions would almost anytime be tier 1. My list would be: Anivia, Ahri, Kog maw, Kennen, Orianna, Morgana, Ryze, Karthus, Cassio, Galio, Twisted fate, Veigar in no specific order. Every single champion of those I listed can do something unique (except for ryze where you just destroy your keyboard)

And one last question. Do you ever get the urge to kill Wickd with a well timed Anivia wall?

Froggen: Funny question. Before Wickd and I were in team together I used to wall him out to let him die and then pick up the kills afterwards. Oh the memories! I don’t do that anymore even though it was a fun way to troll.

Huge thanks to Froggen for taking the time to answer the questions and being a genuine delight to interview. You can find him here on Facebook. Follow me on Twitter @LeagueOfOreo.