Interview with Alex Ich: "When your enemies are afraid you dictate the rules."



Tue 29th May 2012 - 8:42pm

I have had the opportunity to speak to many professional players about their careers in eSports and now I have been able to speak to the Mid Lane player from the Russian power house Moscow 5. I speak to Alex about his team and what makes them so dominant and what it is some teams do to beat them.

Hey Alex, first off thanks for the interview! Tell us what it is like to be on a team such as Moscow 5?

Alex Ich: I’m really glad that we could make such team as our and find such management as Moscow Five. They help us a lot and we will try to prove that we can still rock the scene.

Your team has really been dominating the league of legends team since Kiev, is it the meta breaking moves that make you so powerful or is it something else?

Alex Ich: It is not Meta breaking moves. It was just aggression overall. When your enemies are afraid you dictate the rules. Still we got some new heroes to the scene that was used after the Kiev and Hannover such as Urgot and Shyvana.

People recently moan about how stale the Meta is and how the changes to it are always so minor. Do you feel that is because LoL has been out long enough to adapt into the most optimal way of playing or people are just too scared to try something new?

Alex Ich: The game as played currently is the most optimal way of playing. Though you can use it as an opportunity to shock your opponent, using bot/top swap, double jungle and other stuff. You can see that sometimes used in offline championships. That should be well prepared by the team.

Recently we have seen your team beat others even as Moscow 4 with the infamous Gosu Pepper disconnects. Does it not irritate you that it happens often?

Alex Ich: It was irritating, but now Gosu fixed his connection, buying the second one, so it doesn’t happen anymore.

In mid lane we often see you playing champions that are tanky such as Morde, Galio and Ryze, what is it that attracts you to tanky farm lanes?

Alex Ich: Tanky heroes like galio and ryze were long time easier in laning phase and mid-late game. Dunno these are just type of heroes that I’m good with. So I play them. Ryze is good because of his instant binding, galio because of his insane farming, morde is insane farmer too. It’s not about the tankiness to be honest, but because of their build-in abilities.

Have you guys tried anything META breaking such as the solo bot Urgot and had it fail?

Alex Ich: Mm not sure, not in serious 5v5 I think. We don’t make a lot of innovative moves.

Ugot fan art!

With season 2 prizes being so large are you scared people will finally work out how to beat you guys or are you working on some new strategies?

Alex Ich: Will see, LAN is totally different from online, so not sure what will happen. We are not in best form right now, but we will try to do our best to come #1 as NaVi in Dota.

Some Mid lane players such as Ocelote prefer a very aggressive play style. Do you struggle to play more against aggressive people trying to stop your farm or is it no harder?

Alex Ich: Sometimes I struggle with hard match-ups, because I am getting dominated at lane so I can farm only and my enemy can roam all over the map. I’m trying to make such plays recently. Mid-lane is totally match-up dependent (skill, your hero, enemies hero, your jungler, enemies jungler, ward coverage). You cannot just say if it is aggression or not.

Often when we see you playing as a team, even when someone gets 3 man ganked you come away with more kills than deaths. Do you drop everything to save a team mate in trouble or do you have a specific tactic for when someone gets ganked?

Alex Ich: There are some tactics like take objectives if someone is 3man ganked. If it’s top, you can try to get drake in that time to not lose or even win of such thing happening.

Alex we have seen you guys stomp the scene for so long, do you think you will be able to continue this dominance or when you come up against teams like at LAN will you find it a lot harder?

Alex Ich: got star player Froggen. No one doubts that he is one hell of a good player. If the team does on LAN as good as online then it can become really hard, though we will see. I can’t predict such thing. Also there is AL team and a lot of other teams that are really good at the moment.

Finally Alex I want to thank you and your team for keeping us entertained with your always fresh tactics and ideas. Thanks for allowing me time for this interview. Is there any shout outs you want to do?

Alex Ich: I want to make shout out to my fans, to Moscow Five management for helping us, to my girlfriend Katya and my parents, to and everyone else who is rooting for us.