Interview with Fnatic's newest addition, sOAZ



Tue 5th Jun 2012 - 9:49pm

I have had the opportunity to speak with Paul sOAZ” Boyer. He is a top lane player for Fnatic. After some recent drama his old team has been a little shaky and had to drop its place in MLG.

Hey sOAZ could you please tell us why nRated and yellowstar decided to leave your old team?

sOAZ: As a team we were doing really well online. The main problem was the mood of the team so nRated & yellowstar decide to leave us 2 weeks before MLG and Dreamhack qualifier so we decide to drop the spot for the MLG & play Dreamhack as a mix.

Can you tell us more about this mix?

sOAZ: Around the same time as our departed bot lane Sypher also split. This allowed us to use lounet and lyumi bot lane as well as use blackhaired top. I don’t know blackhaired very well but he is a great player at top. This will mean I will be playing mid.

What happened to AMT?

sOAZ: We felt although a good player he was slightly below us as a team and we decided to part ways with him.

Now you have left aAa do you think the team will have much of a future?

sOAZ: aAa will now focus on season 2 and I think they have potential to continue to be an amazing team.

Many top teams from other games are all from the same country, what is it that makes you want to play with people all from your home land?

sOAZ: I personally like it for the communication although this seems obvious everyone knowing exactly what each other means really does help. Also for bootcamp, removing stuff like flights lets us play together more often and Boot camp before tournaments.

Do you think you will struggle playing with Fnatic considering you are used to playing with all french people in the past?

sOAZ: It might be a bit hard but It's a great oppurtunity to improve my english and I don't think it will be a problem in the long run.

Do you think Fnatic made the right choice dropping shuishei a long term member and trying to learn play with a new team lineup?

sOAZ: I don't want to say yes or no. Shuishei is more of a Mid player and there is noway Fnatic can continue like that.

Do you think that Fnatic have a bigger chance at season 2 now or will you focus on more future objectives?

sOAZ: We have a really good chance for season 2 with a fresh line up. We do have to train really hard for it though especially as we need to learn to play with each other but maybe we can bring some suprises.

Is there anything about the current Meta you wish would change?

sOAZ: I just wish that we could go back to using 2 Aps and get rid of the current situation with bruisers being so dominant. I also want the old jungle back.

What is it about the new jungle that you seem to dislike?

sOAZ: I prefer the older jungle because although the new jungle becomes easier jungles with a slower clear time are a lot less effective in the current climate of play. With a slower jungle things where a lot more controlled for someone with a slow clear time and gave them time to think about ganks. They are still playable ofc but if the early ganks are failed then the faster junglers just gain a huge advantage through clear time and will become ahead.

Do you think the Meta has much room for change?

sOAZ: I don’t think the game will change much soon there is only minor changes in the game at the moment with buffs nerfs new releases etc.

Do you want a future in eSports and do you think that it could sustain an entire family?

sOAZ: I think eSports has grown a lot and will continue to grow, I do want to keep a career in eSports but idk if it can sustain a family on its income alone.

Thanks very much for the interview, is there any shout outs you want to do?

sOAZ: First I want to say thanks for the interview. I want to say thanks to all the aAa staff especially chenaf and corbier who helped alot, also to my team Fnatic thanks for trusting me to play as your new top lane. Here is my new facebook page!