Interview with Crs YoungBuck: "Renekton feels the love and commitment I have for him"



Sun 3rd Jun 2012 - 5:36pm

I was able to speak to Joey 'YoungBuck' Steltenpool. He is the top laner for AL which is now consumed by Curse to form Curse.Eu. He is the new Top laner for the team and their recent performances earned them a place at Dreamhack, MLG and RoG finals in San Francisco.


Hello YoungBuck how is it in San Francisco today?

YoungBuck: It’s amazing over here, we got very sunny weather, a great hotel in japantown and the curse guys are taking great care of us and every other team.

Before you were accepted onto AL what was your previous team and competitive experience?

YoungBuck: I played about 5 months before LowLandLions, I experience that time as a small peek into the pro scene, I definitely learned a lot there and got some LAN experience as well. Before LowLandLions I didn’t have any experience, I was just at the right place at the right moment got my way into the pro scene.

Do you think as a team your recent performances were a “honeymoon” period as such with you being a new player in the team or are these performances sustainable?

YoungBuck: Yeah we have been performing extremely well lately and I think most of us including myself expected to need a lot more time to get used to each other. Fortunately for us we all click really well together both inside and outside the game. I think we’ll even become better, with curse supporting us and us moving into a gaming house next month we are going to elevate ourselves to a new level.

These upcoming tournaments are pretty close together; do you think you have had enough practice in a LAN environment to be a real threat at these events?

YoungBuck: If this was an online event I would definitely expect us to get very high placements in all tournaments, unfortunately for us the only thing we lack right now is offline experience. We’ll still expect to do well and place very high, especially the tournaments where extinkt will be playing with us.

What was it that prompted the merge into Curse.EU?

YoungBuck: We had been in talks with Curse for a while. Curse can give us a better environment and better support for us to chase our dream, which is to win the season 2 finals and become the best team in the world.

Do you think that the NA Curse team will provide a good scrimming partner or is the latency issue too much of a barrier to this?

YoungBuck: When we’re in Europe it will be practically impossible due to lag but we do have plans to train together before MLG Anaheim.

Do you think having a gaming house increases the amount you are tied into the team and makes it more stable or is it more pressure to perform when you are all living together?

YoungBuck: I think it works both ways. Living in a gaming house shows true commitment to the team and organisation however the pressure will rise as do the expectations.

Many people say eSports is a growing phenomenon what do you think about this?

YoungBuck: It’s growing in the sense that games are starting to attract a bigger audience and it's starting to feel like an accepted sport.

Do you want to keep a career in eSports all your life or do you have other ambitions?

YoungBuck: Ever since my early teen years I've been chasing the dream to become a professional gamer or do something that involved gaming so I see myself staying around in the scene for a longtime.

Some of the community thinks that the scene is still in its youth and that people bouncing from team to te am is unprofessional. In economics people leaving their jobs for new ones shows a strong economy, do you think that players leaving teams for new ones may just show the strength of eSports rather than its youth?

YoungBuck: Usually when teams lose players or swap around it’s due to a person not performing well or causing trouble within the team. I think every team tries to keep a stable 5 man line-up but due to the youth of the game and the prizes at stake at season 2 finals it's not unusual to see some swaps.

Back to the game itself. What is your current favourite champion and what is it that it brings to the table which makes it so appealing for you?

YoungBuck: My favourite champion is Renekton. I've mained him since September and just felt a special bond with the croc ever since I picked him up, I once told a friend that Renekton feels the love and commitment I have for him and that makes the champ work harder for me than for others. I also love that I feel that I'm capable of shocking people by doing crazy kills and escapes.

Is there any teams that you have not scrimmed against yet that you are going to face in tournaments that you think may be strong against you all?

YoungBuck: We haven't played NaVi a lot and they seem to have grown a lot stronger lately. Even though we beat them a short while ago I think they may pose a threat in the future.

Who is the top lane champion that you struggle to play versus the most?

YoungBuck: Irelia, I just feel like that champion has been overpowered ever since she was released, she has the highest single target damage of any bruiser and incredible sustain, her having a great lategame doesn't really help this.

Which top lane player brings you the hardest matches?

YoungBuck: There isn't a specific top laner that brings me a hard match, it's more the matchup that I'm playing that can be either hard or easy and certain players make certain match ups harder or easier.

Many people consider themselves to have a bogey team in which they struggle to beat which team is the one you think you struggle versus?

YoungBuck: Online there hasn't been a single team that has beaten us on a consistent base. Most of the times when we lose its either us not being sharp as a team or people trolling around.

Thanks for this interview YoungBuck. I wish you all the best of luck in the upcoming tournaments and with your team’s new organisation. I hope that your new gaming house will spur other teams to do the same and grow the communities we all love. Is there any shout outs that you want to do?

YoungBuck: I'd like to give a shout out to Curse for supporting us in chasing our dream, to Absolute Legends for giving me the opportunity to play at the highest level, to the team for giving me the chance to play among the best players in the world, to my family, friends and fans for their support and to my girlfriend for her support and her making me the happiest man alive.