Interview with Bigfatjiji: "I want deletion of the scumbag gp5 meta"



Sat 23rd Jun 2012 - 7:08pm

I was able to speak with CLG.NA Mid Lane player Michael "Bigfatlp" Tang. He started playing for CLG right back at the start. We speak about his eSports experiences and how he wants the game to change in the future.

How does it feel to be on a team with a great reputation such as CLG?

Jiji: I've been on the team since we were nothing; so I’ve witnessed ourselves grow all the way, and sometimes regress too of course… But I have to say no matter what I’ll look forward to improve and make the awesomes with my team and organization!


You are one of the more passive players in the mid lane, what is it that stops you from playing aggressive?

Jiji: It’s the bandwagonzing. Every other game or more, I play aggressive. But most people do not see it because they aren’t looking for that and aren’t willing to change their thoughts. It’s been hammered into people’s minds so hard by a lot of people. But personally I don’t really care or mind at all what anyone thinks l0lz.

Do you feel sometimes you play too passive and it can lead to failure to pressure other game objectives or stop a roaming mid lane?

Jiji: Of course, when you are supposed to play another way to properly deal with something and you don’t do the right play. You will fail something and allow enemies to take advantage of something.

After the recent announcement of CLG black do you not feel having a strong second team to scrim against may hinder your performance as you come against the same play style over and over again?

Jiji: First of all, always scrimming vs the same team will not really be that effective after sometime. So they are not the only team we scrim of course.

CLG black will also learn many tactics and things from you; if you were about to clash for the top spot do you not think this could turn out to be to your disadvantage?

Jiji: All CLG teams are encouraged by myself to do better and to improve, if they do become better than its good for CLG! And I would like to have a tournament where CLG A EU B is ranked top 3 in the tournament. That, would be pretty damn cool 8)

With the addition of Voyboy do you feel he will conflict with your play style or fix the issues with the pacifism your team has adopted?

Jiji: The only problems there are is within his own lane currently. Other play styles outside of laning didn’t really create any problems so far.

Do you think that George of the jungle is going to work well as he is more involved to help make calls or will his lack in experience be a hindrance?

Jiji: His calls when he calls are not too much different from back then when he was playing top. But if you as if his going to work then: yes, with practice and gaining experience and learning through failing, it will work well in the end.

Do you think mid lane has much more potential for a shift in the Meta?

JiJi: There’s always something out there, like recently the scumbag gp5 meta came. Or you can always put pantheon middle and crush.

Many players often throw online tournaments through a lack of hardware in their PC to what extent is a good PC important as a pro gamer who relies on it as a source of income?

Jiji: For league, it is a ridiculously cheap requirement for your PC. Just get something that can get you ~70 FPS while streaming and you are set.

What changes to the Meta could be made that would for you personally increase your enjoyment from the game?

Jiji: I want deletion of the scumbag gp5 meta.

What is it currently about being a pro gamer that brings a smile to your face?

Jiji: To this day im still proud of myself for becoming a fairly successful professional gamer. The one best moment has not happened in a while that brings a smile to our faces, winning tournaments!

Finally I just want to thank you for the interview and praise you and CLG on being such a solid team from so early on. Is there any shout outs you wish to give?

Jiji: The shout outs of course goes to our sponsors, and Razer!