Twisted Treeline 101



Sun 17th Jun 2012 - 7:21pm

Twisted Treeline is the first (and only so far) 3v3 map in League of Legends. The 3v3 gamestyle offers fast action in a small environment that relies on many jukes and tricks in the Twister Treeline jungle. 

The map is divided into 4 parts from top to bottom.

Blue lined - The blue lined area is the top jungle of the map. In the top jungle there are 5 neutral monster camps, two of those camps are the same as the bottom part of the jungle (marked in yellow).

Black camps - has two possible monster types

-  Double Golem's.

 Giant wolf camp with two lesser wolves.

Lime green camps - has two possible Buff camps - The Rabid wolf  is a camp that gives you a buff called Crest of Nature's Fury this buff grants the holder 20% extra attack speed and reduces cooldowns by 10%. The other camp is the Ghast's camp upon killing the Ghast the killer gains Crest of Flowing Water a buff that boosts movement speed by 30%.

The white camp - The white camp is the Dragon's Pit. This camp is the most valued camp of the map, upon slaying the dragon in the pit the entire team gains 280 gold (almost as much as Baron Nashor in Summoner's Rift) and buffs the entire team with increased damage percentage based on their champion's level. 

The top lane - A regular lane (minions spawn every 30 seconds in order to push) with an outer turret and an inhibitor turret. Unlike the Summoner's Rift metagame usually there are two people at top in order to keep the higher jungle under better control.

The top lane has the most entrances to both jungles and has the most versitile lane setups, from AD carry and support to double AP bruiser top (what?!).

The yellow lined area - The bottom jungle of Twisted Treeline contains two regular camp spawns (black camps) and Grez the Lizard Elder. He provides the same buff as the Lizard Elder in Summoner's Rift (bonus true damage and slow % on hit).

What is so special about the bottom jungle? - the bottom jungle is the heart of the early game, most fights occur before the 1:30 minute mark inside the bottom jungle usually in the brushes. The bottom jungle is the pathway to ganks, due to the many walls in the jungle it is keen that at least one of the champions in any team will have an abillty to dash\jump over those walls in order to gank.


The Metagame of Twisted Treeline

Twisted Treeline is really all about those fast encounters and early team objectives.

Most new players in the Twisted Treeline seem to take two AD brusiers (such as Olaf, Tryndamere, Lee sin) and an AP nuke\cc (Cassiopeia, Kenen, Galio). That lineup allows the brusiers to make sure the AP nuke wont die as fast as it would in other lineups. Although it is a basic lineup with alot with potential it has two main problems - the problems are the lack of AP damage if the AP carry is not laning well (the AP usually goes solo bot in order to farm levels faster) while the bruisers top lane can be harrased by the moderate player lineup.

The moderate players in Twisted Treeline will run a jungler (which is extremly difficult due to the high stats of the neutral monsters in the map) such as Udyr, Olaf, Warwick and leave the other lanes to level up fast usually with an AP brusier such as Mordekaiser and an AD Brusier on the other lane such as Riven. What this setup provides is a tanky setup with alot of damage and strong executioner while using Mordekaiser ult to shutdown the AP carry with a stronger single target nuke. 

The other moderate lineup is the Yorick + Support + AD Bruiser. The amazing thing about this lineup is the fact that you have another member on your team, unlike Summoner's Rift where the Yorick ultimate is a factor but not a major one in the small areas in the jungle of  Twisted Treeline can make the difference between a flawless ace and a terrible loss.

The "Pro" players I played with or against have always pulled alot of new tricks out of their sleeves, for now the flavour of the month is the support and AD carry top lane with a snowballing AD bruiser (Pantheon, Riven). The most common lineup in those matches is the Nunu and Corki lane, it has magic damage, it has the abilty to move over walls and gank, a built in smite (Nunu's Consume abillty "saves" the summoner spells) and of course allows Nunu to utilize his ultimate to the fullest due the many brushes.

There is one common thing in all these lineups - every champion that can build Wriggle's Lantern will get that (even the Nunu!). The team objectives are in a shared jungle therefore whenever you try to get a buff you need to get it as fast as you can and make an exit or push your newly obtained buff to the fullest in a fight.

A note about summoner spells - Exhuast + Flash is used the most. Why flash? Flash is an escape skill but in Twisted Treeline it is also great for ganking over walls and juke around the circular brushes in the lower jungle.

For those asking "What's wrong with Smite?" - nothing is wrong with Smite, but in a game that has so much physical damage grabbing another exhuast is very helpfull.

The early game

In the early game many teams are trying to force the fights around the red buff before the 1:30 minute mark, if you do not have a strong level 1 champions do not leave the tower range! You can never know what lurks in the bushes.

As the laning will progress you should ward the central objectives (red buff and dragon) and if they posses a jungler abit of extra ward coverage around the small jungle camps. 

Tips and tricks for the early game - If you have a ranged AD let him have the red buff no matter what (100 gold sets the AD carry ahead!) and an extra abilty to kite with the slow is helpfull. One of the best tricks in this map is using wards to your advantage and not just as vision, if you have Jax or Lee Sin, plant a ward in one of the brushes near the bottom wall of the top lane, at the edge of the range with Lee Sin's safeguard and Jax leap strike you can get inside that brush without the enemy team knowing.

The mid-late game

If you do have the lead and you play with Smite you should force your advantage into a dragon (recommended at least one Wriggle's Lantern) and decide which lane you are pushing. If you do manage to get an inhibitor down you have to make sure the enemy is not freezing the lane inside his base or they will farm better then you and can get stronger. If you are on the defense you should do what I just stated - freeze the lane inside your base if you are in a slight disadvantage you might get that upperhand.

For those who dare to jungle out there - get a sustained jungler I personally like Udyr and run the defensive mastery tree and work your way from the lower jungle to the top jungle. Try to flash over walls to catch your opponents of guard!

Final Notes

The early game fights determine 90% of the game, get a strong team for any phase of the game and try to go for big plays if you are losing. As I said earlier the Twisted Treeline is very versitile and you should explore many champions in different roles (full AD Tiger Stance Udyr carried me so many times).


Red buff -4 minutes

Dragon - 5 minutes

Wolf & Ghast buffs - 3 minutes

Small camps - 75 seconds.


I hope you all enjoyed reading this guide as much as I did making it, for any requests or questions please leave a comment.