Interview with MiG FantasyStar: "Xin Zhao and Evelyn need buffs because they are just really weak"



Sat 16th Jun 2012 - 9:19pm

To continue my endeavor to bring more Korean content to Team Dignitas fans, I thought it would be logical to get a hold of the champions Maximum Impact Gaming (MiG). As you all should know by now, MiG has two teams. Blaze was the winner of the OGN Azubu Spring tournament while Frost was the runner-up.

I'm very excited to share my opportunity to get to know both of these dominating forces, and I will first present the defending champions: MiG Blaze and its top laner FantasyStar!


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Hey FantasyStar, I’m a blogger/interviewer/translator for Team Dignitas. Thank you for participating in the interview and I would like to ask you some questions…

FS: Hi, I’m MiG FantasyStar, and I’m in charge of the top lane and making calls in games.

For the purposes of getting to know you better, can you tell us your favourite food, top lane champion (or a champion that is used often), and K-pop idol/group?

FS: I like Korean food (denjangjjigae, kimchi, bulgogi, etc). My favourite champions are Riven, Shaco, Irelia, and Jax. Finally, I like T-ara’s Hyomin because I like skinny girls :D

What do you do when you are not playing LoL?

FS: I end up watching VODs of foreign tournaments. I can’t really enjoy personal activities in a gaming house setting, so I watch those VODS to make myself beneficial for the team.

Which champion(s) do you think needs buffs or nerfs?

FS: Xin Zhao and Evelyn need buffs because they are just really weak. As for nerfs, I would say Ryze and Shen. Ryze, in his current form, is very strong and very safe in mid lane. Ryze could use a nerf also because he’s useful for mid-lane ganks. Although Shen is not the strongest during the laning phase, I think his 1.5 second level 1 Taunt duration is too overpowered. In addition, in mid and late game phases, his global ultimate is too much of a game-decider.

How did you become the top lane player for your team?

FS: In short, when we formed a team, there wasn’t really a member that felt confident in top lane. So, I ended up taking that position. I actually played jungle mostly, and I also played the mid lane position more often than the top position.

If you had to switch positions within the team, which position would you take?

FS: Jungle or mid.

Who would you consider your top lane rival, if you had one? And/or who do you think is the best top laner at the moment?

FS: I can’t really think of anyone that I would treat as a rival. At the same time I can’t say that there is a player that I would perform significantly better against in top lane. I’ll just say that I’m the best top laner in Korea because I won the Korean league [OGN Azubu Spring] haha.

What is your opinion on the recently released champions Darius and Draven? Will the fans see these heroes being played often in the upcoming OGN tournament?

FS: Darius is going to be either picked or banned often, and although Draven shouldn’t represent a high percentage of picks, it will be one of those champions that will suddenly represent a big issue in the future.

There will be five foreign teams that will be participating in the OGN Summer tournament. Do you pay a lot of attention to the foreign scene? And is there is specific foreign/domestic team or player that you are paying attention to?

FS: I watch most of the foreign LoL matches, and I am keeping my eyes on CLG.NA’s Voyboy and World Elite’s WeiXiao. I feel that Voyboy has always been an excellent player since back then when I was playing on the NA server, and I feel that World Elite’s AD carry WeiXiao is the best AD carry in the world. The foreign and domestic teams that are competing this season are all strong and I should beware of all of them instead of only paying attention to certain teams.

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Can you tell us what kind of person your coach is?

FS: He creates a free and family-like environment for us to practice in.

Can you give a complement to each of your teammates so that we can get to know them better?

FS: Ambition always knows and accomplishes his role within the team, and when the team encounter difficulties, he excels for the team; he is the best mid laner.

Helios, in the beginning, was the worst player on the team and he changed his playstyle as per the team’s demands. He has now become the most talkative member of the team and someone who is very synergetic with me. He’s going to be the jungler that garners the most attention this season… I know it.

Lustboy, since he goes to the bottom lane with Captain Jack, doesn’t get as much attention as he does. But I know that he is a better supporter than Madlife. Don’t get swayed by what the community sites or people around you say. Keep playing like you have so far and you will gain more spotlight.

Captain Jack seems to be in a slump right now. Let’s break out of it and win this season as well! You said you will become the best AD carry in the world… keep that promise and do your best until that day comes.

(Interviewer note: There are some inconsistencies with first and third person languages because FS actually says things to his team members)


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Since Blaze was MiG’s second team, there may have been a perception among fans that Blaze is a “B team” or that it’s somewhat more inferior to Frost. Nevertheless Blaze won the OGN Spring tournament, and as a result I feel that Blaze is more superior to Frost. Can you talk about the relationship between those two teams and comment on any “rivalries” between them?

FS: Frost and Blaze are both rivals and family. We are also family and sparring partners for each other’s benefit. We do not hide anything from each other, and we help each other to reach greater heights; that is our current system. Even though we are enemies when we meet in official matches, until those matches are confirmed, we experiment and discuss the game together seriously. We also adopt certain playstyles when practicing so that we can help each other.

It’s irritating when we have to play against Frost. But at the same time, Frost is special in a sense that, if we lose against them, there aren’t any hard or negative feelings.


It seems that you won the OGN Spring tournament in a rather overwhelming fashion. What is your practice schedule like because it seems that you practiced a lot?

FS: Eat, sleep, game.

If there is an area of the game that Blaze needs to work on, what is/was it? How would/did you address that shortcoming?

FS: We practice a lot individually, but we don’t practice as much as a team. However, Blaze will have a gaming house soon so that shouldn’t remain a problem.

Also, some team members have a very pessimistic mindset regarding certain champion picks… if I use my understanding of the game to explain how these champions will be used in more detail, shouldn’t that solve the problem? haha.

Do you have anything to say to the fans overseas to close the interview? Do you have a Twitter/Facebook page? If you stream LoL, please include the address as well!

FS: First I would like to thank Team Dignitas, my favourite team, for the interview. I would like to say that Blaze is going to present impactful games that are going to excite the fans that are watching us from outside of Korea. (Of course we are going to be a stronger team as well.)


Twitter: @MiGFantasyStar

The Facebook fanpage has existed for a long time but foreign fans might not be aware of it because I don’t advertise it. I’m not bad at English so don’t worry if you are thinking that I’m a Korean that only knows how to speak Korean. I wish more fans would visit so that I can interact with them!

I would like to thank FS for an entertaining interview and MiG OnAir (MiG coach) for facilitating the interview  :D Stay tuned for the interview with MiG Frost!

Note: FantasyStar's Twitter and Facebook addresses might change in the future. If it does, it will be updated on this page.