Interview with MiG GunWoong: "Ezreal needs a buff. Even though his role/style is very similar to Corki, Corki’s superiority is evident in many aspects"



Sun 24th Jun 2012 - 8:10pm

As for my interview with MiG Frost, I had the pleasure of asking the captain of the team himself about how the Frost team is doing after the OGN Azubu Spring tournament. Just as a note to the readers, some of the questions are the same as the ones that I asked MiG FantasyStar because I was hoping to do some comparing and contrasting between Frost and Blaze's top lane players. But, instead I received a whole bunch of answers that I did not expect!  

I hope you all enjoy the interview :) 



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Hi GunWoong. Just to get things started, can you tell us what your favourite food / top lane (or most used) champion / K-pop artist is? Do you have a hobby besides LoL?

GW: Favourite food: seafood, beef, denjangjjigae
Most used champions: Corki, Ezreal, Kennen
Favourite artist: Tank (I asked him for a K-pop artist... but I guess he likes American R&B!)
Hobby: You may have guessed already, but gaming itself is my hobby and my forte so to speak.


Champions that need buffs/nerfs?

GW: Ezreal needs a buff. Even though his role/style is very similar to Corki, Corki’s superiority is evident in many aspects when those champions are compared side-by-side. On the other hand, Graves and Soraka need nerfs. But instead of nerfing their capabilities as individual champions I would suggest, for instance, being able to see immediately after getting out of Smokescreen’s range and increasing the MR reduction on Starcall and decreasing its damage. ^^


How did you become the top lane player for MiG Frost?

GW: In the first WCG, I played the jungle position because there wasn’t a dedicated Jungler on the roster. Afterwards, when the team’s top lane player left, I took that position. But now I’m taking the AD carry position. I’ve actually played Support when the team was first created. I’ve always filled a position according to the team’s needs. I am comfortable with any position because I like to play LoL and dedicate myself to gaming; it just takes more effort.


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If you had to switch positions on the team, which one would you take?

GW: Like I’ve said before, I’m taking the AD carry role now and I’ve been practicing that role accordingly.


If you think you have a top-lane rival, who is it? Who do you think is the best Korean top-laner?

GW: I would say that my teammate MiG FantasyStar is a top top-lane player for sure. Other players would include Xenics Storm May, and Najin Sword MakNooN.


What do you think about the newest champions Darius and Draven? Will they be seen often in the OGN Summer tournament?

GW: They are both OP, especially Draven. If a Draven player can maintain two stacks of Spinning Axe during a teamfight, that player may become the best AD carry player. Darius is versatile because he can be played in top lane and jungle, and he’s also strong; he’ll be used a lot in the tournament.


There are five foreign teams that are competing in the upcoming OGN Summer tournament. Do you keep up with the foreign LoL scene? Do you have a foreign team/player that you are looking out for? Any domestic teams?

GW: All of the foreign teams are strong. I especially think that World Elite and both CLG teams are going to be very strong. As for domestic teams, I think Xenics Storm, LG-IM, and MiG Blaze are the contenders.


Can you tell us a bit about your coach?

GW: He is very kind and caring. Although he did not have any previous coaching experience, he does very well like a veteran. Perhaps it’s because there are people around him are pro-gamers or working in a related field.


Can you give some compliments to your teammates so that we can get to know them better?

GW: MadLife’s role as a support is exceptional. We think that supports need a specialized game-sense that can only belong to true support players. If a player is assigned to the support position because of his/her lack of skill, that team will never realize its full potential.

Our mid lane AP carry RapidStar is a special player because he possesses a truly unique initiation-timing that no one else has. In addition, I think that MiG Frost is the only team that can follow-up on his initiations. However he has a lot of ups and downs as a player.

Our jungler CloudTemplar is a quality player with a solid playstyle. While he does not kill opponents all over the map, he does his job in teamfights and is a very trustworthy player on our team.


(Locodoco, CloudTemplar, GunWoong, MadLife, RapidStar; Image courtesy of Fomos)

Have you found a replacement for Locodoco who moved to StarTale? Can you comment on what kind of replacement players you are looking for/ have found?

GW: As I mentioned before, I’m practicing the AD bot role. So, we are instead looking for a top-lane player. I’m adapting to my new role very quickly and my play is improving. We hope to return as the good old MiG Frost as soon as possible. (Interviewer note: Keep reading to find out who the newest member of MiG Frost is).


You are the captain of the Frost team. Can you tell us about your role?

GW: The role of a captain is not that special. I just take care of things that need to be taken care of for the members and the team, and I share administrative duties with the coach to a certain extent.


Unfortunately you lost in the finals of the OGN Spring tournament. Objectively speaking, what were the shortcomings for MiG Frost, and how are you going to address the problem?

GW: Teamwork and trust were lacking amongst us. Right now we are, and will continue to, practice to address those problems. Obviously LoL is a team game and we were short on the team factor. But there is nothing lacking with the members’ skills; it’s just the team factor.


To close the interview, do you have anything to say to your fans? Do you have a Facebook/Twitter account? If you are streaming, please include the link as well!

GW: Thank you for supporting the team. We will participate in as many tournaments as possible and post good results.



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Thank you MiG Frost/Blaze and the coach for the interview opportunity! Good luck in the tournament! 

Interviewer's note: Although the teams have been referred to as being under MiG throughout this interview, MiG has been picked up by Azubu; the proper name for the teams are now Azubu Frost/Blaze. In addition, Frost has picked up a new top-lane player just recently!