Draft Pick Etiquette



Thu 19th Jul 2012 - 6:14pm

Draft Pick Etiquette

At the day’s end, an honest hardworking man is entitled to retire to his choice of leisure or sport. One may choose to retreat to the study with a stiff drink in one hand and the most recent periodicals under his arm, or roll up one’s cuffs and engage in a lively bout of boxing at the nearest health club. On other days, a man can exercise his tactical wit and mechanical agility with an invigorating match of League of Legends.

No, you cannot mount and display the spoils of your conquest like a Serengeti ranger; alas, the gentle ladies of the court will not swoon at your battle scars. On the Fields of Justice, victory and defeat are tallied in pride, Elo and .lrf files. The stamina of a summoner is not measured by his sweat and blood, but rather by the steadiness of his hand and the patience of his mind. In this arena, the diverse base of users presents millions of opponents for you to conquer and subjugate.

However, as we all have experienced, there are times when a man’s character is tested well before exiting the summoning platform. I am referring to seedy affair of champion selection. To distinguish yourself from the hoi polloi that pollute the chat with their low-minded rabble, I present to you a simple etiquette guide. For the sake of brevity, the savagery of blind pick is omitted from the contents of this article. Below are three guidelines to settle dispute, promote strategy and inspire camaraderie.

1. Respect the Pick Order - Be Flexible and Graceful

Upon exiting the queue, brace yourself for a barrage of position calling, champion claiming and possibly Portuguese. To reply in kind with “trondmer mid or fed,” is both foolish and self-defeating. Give a gentle reminder to your teammates that pick order is random, and while they may have preferences, first pick still has first pick and last pick still has last pick. The dark days of premade priority have passed, and draft pick is now fairly equitable.

If chanced with the position of captain, then congratulations. By every right, you should be able to choose whichever champion or position you wish. However, if you see that you are fifth in the column, be prepared to play whichever position your team requires gracefully.

You yourself should have the flexibility and competency to fill and excel at any role. It is a responsibility that any serious player should abide to upon entering Draft Pick. Regardless of your pick position, always declare your strengths and preferences upon entry to queue. Doing so will allow other players to pick accordingly and avoid conflict. If your teammates return the favor, it is highly likely that every player will settle into a role that they are comfortable with.

While on the topic, suggest the audacious proposals of swaps and counterpicking so that you may gain an upper hand against the other team. While this sounds impossible in the average champion select, you would be surprised with how far a cordial and encouraging tone will take you.

2. Elevate Yourself – Trust the Tribunal

If this reminder falls on deaf ears, respectfully suggest that they retreat to Blind Pick if they do not have the skill or generosity to play more than one position or champion. Anyone who still refuses to abide by pick order has probably descended into a fit of profanity. Because you are a reasonable man and not a soft-skinned child, you shall deflect these provocations, mute the offending parties, bite the bullet for a match, and submit a well written report. The Tribunal has been a spectacular success, and it is highly likely that any ruffians will be reprimanded responsibly. Instead of complaining about your team, take advantage of the twenty or so minutes to simply practice your mechanical skills, farm, and win your lane.

With a bit of perspective, these games become less stressful when you realize that this is merely one match of probably hundreds in a game that only occupies a fraction of your life. This moment of temporary frustration will be forgotten in a week’s time. If you are well-spoken and diplomatic, most of these situations can be averted and a compromise can be reached. Many players may put on a show of brinksmanship and recklessness to get what they want, but when confronted with even-handed cooperation they recognize that a similarly desirable outcome can be reached without throwing a tantrum.


3. Don’t Be a D*ck

This is the easiest rule. Be respectful, kind, and accommodating. While you may influence others, you can only truly control your own behavior. When typing something in chat, just ask yourself if you are being a dick. If the answer is yes, delete what you wrote and shut your damned mouth. It is damned simple.

Be nice to your team

Rather than belittling your teammates with exasperation and sarcasm, encourage them, guide them and cooperate with them. Whether you like it or not, this is your team for at least the next twenty minutes and you should do well to have a pleasant time with them while it lasts.

If you are charming and charismatic, strike some conversation or map out a level one invade. Help someone out with a build if they are trying something new. There are plenty of things to say during the pregnant pauses and silences of the Free period. Having others on your team realize that at least one other player is not a flaming Philistine will provide them relief.


While this list is nowhere near comprehensive, abiding by these simple guidelines will ease the painful picking process along. If all else fails and you have depleted all of your manners and patience, then blow off some steam in a custom game, read a book, or spend some time with nature.

I shall depart with a short list of small tips that many have likely stumble across on their travels:
- Defend the right of first pick, even if you are at the bottom.
- Play with friends. You are less likely to argue with them.
- Have a text file of your preferences at the ready so you can copy and paste it into chat.

Good luck, and feel free to add me in game so we can discuss fine things such as Cezanne, dry wines, or some other crap. PBE: Achilles, NA: MrKilgoreTrout.