Top Champions to Carry Solo Queue - AP Mid



Mon 16th Jul 2012 - 7:02pm

If you want to improve your Solo Queue rating, look to master the following AP Mid Champions:


Twisted Fate is a huge threat in all games and can teleport across the map in just a few seconds.

- Twisted Fate's W skill, Pick a Card, is one of the most versatile abilities in the game. The blue card allows you to keep a high mana pool while the red card allows you to quickly push out the creep wave. The gold card stuns a single target for up to two seconds. Along with those effects, Pick a Card also deals strong damage.

- Twisted Fate is most definetely known for his ultimate, Destiny/Gate. You can use the revealing effects of Destiny to catch the enemy Jungler ganking your teammates or doing large objectives like Dragon or Baron. Gate allows you to teleport about halfway across Summoner's Rift to save your teammates from a gank, kill an enemy in a gank, or even both.

Twisted Fate's pushing ability paired with his global threat forces enemy players to play very safely and passively. If they, at any time, step a little too far out, Twisted Fate can quickly punish them with his teleport and short cooldown crowd control.


Veigar is an incredibly strong AP burst caster. The "burst" ability is powerful in Solo Queue because of its potential to catch enemies off guard. Once they realize their mistake, it's too late -- they're already dead.

- Veigar's Q skill, Baleful Strike, is a long range targeted ability that has a low mana cost. This lets him harrass him enemies down until he's ready to deal the killing blow. It also passively gives him AP on creep kills, slowly but surely increasing his threat late game.

- Veigar's E skill, Event Horizon, is a decently ranged area of effect stun. This is what lets him catch people off guard and sets Veigar up for the rest of his damaging abilites.

- Veigar's ultimate, Primordial Burst, has a huge base damage, an amazing AP ratio, and even scales off of the enemy's AP. Because you are most often going against an AP Caster during the laning phase, this skill is incredibly powerful.

With his amazing skillset alone, Veigar is very dangerous in lane and can often pick up kill against squishy casters like Karthus and Ahri. Furthermore, Veigar even has the potential to one-combo tanks in the late game with the help of  Deathfire Grasp. Deathfire alone will do around 30-35% of any enemy champion's health pool.


Zilean can instantly put out a huge burst of damage and, at the same time, save teammates doomed for death.

- Zilean's Q-W-Q skill combo, Time Bomb-Rewind-Time Bomb, can instantly decimate an enemy's health pool. In lane, this combo's range can be increased by using it on a enemy low-health minion such that the bomb's area of effect occurs on the enemy champion.

- Zilean's E skill, Time Warp, allows him to quickly move across the map to help out other lanes. Furthmore, it can half an enemy's movement speed, allowing you and your allies to easily dish out damage for up to five seconds

- Zilean's ultimate, Chrono Shift, allows a teammate to healthily revive after death. Although it's unfortunate when allies get caught by the enemy team, it is very common in Solo Queue. Zileans ultiamte can give that teammate a second chance. Furthermore, during teamfights, your enemies will have to kill your most wanted team member twice because of Zilean's ultimate.

Zilean's suprising burst damage, roam potential, and life-saving ability makes him both strong and annoying to the enemy team in any Solo Queue match.

Twisted Fate, Veigar, and Zilean are very strong in their abilities to help your team win in a Solo Queue game. However, keep in mind that when perfected, any AP Mid Caster can be used to carry a game. This is exemplified by CLG.EU Froggen's Anivia play and Team Dignitas' own William 'Scarra' Li's Katarina play.