Interview with Azubu Blaze Cpt Jack: "I want to face CLG.EU. I'm 99% confident that we can beat them."



Sat 28th Jul 2012 - 8:56pm

Kang "Captain Jack" Hyung-Woo has proved since the last season that he is the Korea's finest, if not the world's best, AD carry player. His numbers do not lie. Throughout the OGN Summer tournament so far, he has 26 kills, 1 death (Nidalee OP), 28 assists, and a KDA of 54. You can call him whatever you want, but for now, he seems to be that one player that everyone can associate with Graves.

Due to a popular request, I conducted an interview with him to find out exactly how he continues to show his stellar AD play.  


Thank you for participating in the interview! Please give us a brief self-introduction.

Cpt Jack: Hello, I'm Azubu Cpt Jack, and I'm the current team captain and AD Carry of Azubu Blaze. I have the Azubu OGN LoL Spring Season championship under my belt.


You are famous for your Graves. Have you used Graves since the beginning? Are you using Graves because he's a good champion?

Cpt Jack: I've been using Graves since he was released because he was a very good champion. Unlike the other AD champions, he shows no weakness in any phase of the game, be it during laning, mid, and late game. Considering his poking ability, ability to lane, and overall damage, there isn't a better champion. Even now he's a formidable bot lane champion. If he gets nerfed I might not be as excited to use him, but he would still be my go-to champion if I can pick him.


What are some characteristics of a good AD player? What do you need to do to play that position well?

Cpt Jack: The first important trait is the ability to judge the current game situation. For instance, I have to constantly think about which dangerous skills will be targeted towards me during team fights and which abilities have been used. You have to live regardless of the situation and be that last player that keeps on dealing damage. However, you aren’t dealing damage because you are trying to live, you wouldn’t be a good AD player. You have to output as much damage as possible in your current situation while you try to live.

Secondly, you have to have very good reflexes. You have to dodge all damaging abilities that you would be able to and any instantaneous attacks from your opponents. If you are able to constantly realize “this player is going to use this ability at around this time” you can dodge almost all abilities. If your reflexes aren’t that great you can play games that can hone them such as DJMAX.


Do you have a support preference when you play Graves or when you play AD Carry in general?

Cpt Jack: Janna or Taric? I like both because of Janna’s ability to increase damage through her shield and Taric’s armor aura help a lot during laning phase.


Can you think of the best AD Carry/Support combination?

Cpt Jack: Graves and Taric seems to be the best during laning phase.


Who is the most difficult AD champion to play? Do you have a AD champion that you do not prefer to play?

Cpt Jack: Draven is difficult. My eyes are going to fall out because I’m chasing the Q axes and I can’t watch the mini-map. I don’t like to play Caitlyn because, besides her auto-attack range, she feels weak.


Your preferred role besides AD Carry?

Cpt Jack: Jungle or top. Bruisers (I/N: "Dealer-tankers") such as Jarvan IV, Irelia, and Vladimir are too fun.


Do you have a bot-lane rival? Do you have any AD players that you recognize for their skills? Do you consider Locodoco a rival?

Cpt Jack: World Elite's WeiXiao was the most skilled opponent that I have ever faced. Locodoco is a good player, but I don’t consider him a rival since I’ve played against him a lot.


Can you evaluate Doublelift? Vayne (his “trademark”) doesn’t seem to be picked a lot during tournaments.

Cpt Jack: His micro and 1-on-1 play are outstanding. Vayne is a very good AD champion if she’s farmed, but her weak laning phase poses a great risk. Many conditions need to be met if she’s to be played from the player’s side and from the opponent’s side as well (champion picks from both sides), but it’s challenging to meet them and I think that’s why she’s not played as much.


Many teams have shown lane-swaps in the OGN Summer season games. If a 2 vs 1 happens in your lane, how do you approach this situation? I think you should destroy the tower ASAP and swap again, or constantly deny your opponent from farming.

Cpt Jack: Normally it’s better to destroy the tower and swap again. But if the opponent plays a champion that can’t be dominated in lane as much, denying farm is a good idea as well.


Can you evaluate the foreign teams that are participating in the OGN tournament? It seems that Korean/Asian teams are dominating them. Are you able to point out a common flaw among them?

Cpt Jack: There seems to be no strategy behind the picks and bans. The losing foreign teams seem to pick champions that they want to play rather than picking to try to win the game.


Many games seem to be decided during the picks and bans in the tournament. How important is this phase, and how much do you study them when you practice?

Cpt Jack: We show up with strategies and picks based on what the picks might be and what the opponents might pick when we play. We find all of the games that our opponents have played in the past and study them.


Blaze continues to post impressive results since the last season. How do you attribute your success?

Cpt Jack: Our outstanding individual skills and understanding of the game. Our team fights are also strong because we communicate a lot.


A fan referred me to a Youtube video. Can you talk about the game? Did you realize after this game that you can become a pro-gamer and did your pro-gaming career start after this game?

Cpt Jack: This was the finals of a tournament that was run by a community site. I was on an amateur team back then and luckily I was able to make it to the finals to meet the Frost team (back then MiG consisting of MadLife, Locodoco, GunWoong, CloudTemplar).

MiG at that time had the force of the strongest team and everyone was expecting the amateur team to lose 3:0. We were given lopsided defeats in the first two games, but I picked Ashe in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th games and posted comeback wins to win the tournament.

No one expected this result and it caused a stir in the community. And, as a result, we gained some popularity. I was invited to the MiG team before these games and I’ve been a member of the Azubu team since then.


Do you still keep in touch in the other members of the amateur team? What happened to them?

Cpt Jack: Right now I don’t really keep in touch with them. I sometimes talk to vinylcat, who is the support for Najin Shield.


Another fan asked you to wear a pirate hat in your upcoming OGN matches.

Cpt Jack: Hahaha. If I receive one as a gift I will play while wearing it.


In a previous interview with MiG FantasyStar (now Azubu Reapered), he said that you promised to become the #1 AD carry player in the world. Do you feel that you are the #1 right now? Or do you feel that you have some stuff to work on?

Cpt Jack: I still have a lot of room to improve. Be it securing creeps or during laning phase, I feel lacking. I don’t feel that I’m the best AD carry player even in Korea and I’m putting in a lot of effort to improve my game.

My current goal is to win the OGN tournament again and become the best AD player in Korea. If I win the world championship wouldn’t I become the best in the world? I’ll prove myself through the games ^.^;


Riot has been making a lot of tweaks to LoL recently through champion remakes and many bug fixes. What fixes or changes would you like to see personally?

Cpt Jack: Either reducing the attack speed buff from Graves’ E by around 10% or removing the damage from his smokescreen / reducing the slow. I think one of those two changes would balance the bot lane. Right now Graves is an OP champion.


If you can remove one champion from LoL?

Cpt Jack: Ryze. He can neeeeeeeeeeeeeeever (I/N he really stretches out the “never” part in Korean lol) be defeated by a ranged AD champion. He can tank and do a lot of damage late game.


Your coach said in another interview that he would like to face M5 or TSM, and you are going up against TSM in the upcoming MLG Summer Arena. 

Cpt Jack: I’m very excited. I want to see if the Korean meta/skill would work in the foreign scene. We will practice hard and return with a win.


Who would you like to play in the upcoming stages of the OGN tournament?

Cpt Jack: CLG.EU finished 1st in the D group and I want to beat them. I’m 99% confident that we can do so.


If someone approached you and said that s/he wants to be a pro-gamer, what kind of advice would you give him?

Cpt Jack: If that person truly enjoys gaming and has talent, I would encourage him/her to try. But you might not be successful so please incorporate as much studying and gaming.


IU or Hyuna?

Cpt Jack: IU is cuter haha.


Lastly, anything to say to the foreign fans? Do you have a Facebook/Twitter account?

Cpt Jack: You can receive updates from me~ I won’t disappoint the fans and always show good performances. Thank you.


I would like to thank Cpt Jack for participating in the interview, and Azubu's coach for accomodating my request. If I receive enough requests from the readers I can try to get a hold of that person. I can be reached through the email address on my profile.