Riot's Brazil Online Qualifiers coverage



Tue 31st Jul 2012 - 4:05pm

With gazes upon Poland, the ESL Polska shows us that the world of League of Legends gets into the scenario more and more every day. But LoL is not only about Europe, North America and Asia, there are a few shy countries trying to appear bit by bit in this competitive world.

One of these countries is Brazil!

With the announcement of the upcoming brazilian server and the end of the 11-days Closed Beta, Riot games together with NESL  Brazil organized the Riot Brazil’s Online Qualifier. It’s a tentative to call the attention of the country to the game and make it more popular, as well as to create and consolidate the national competitive scenario.


The tournament

The event started its registrations at July 24 and occurred on July 29. Counting on 323 brazilian teams, it’s by far the biggest national online event of the game until now. The 2 finalist teams will have an all-paid trip to a special final event which should happen at August 9th. Apparently it's going to be a closed event with a limited amount of people.

Tournament bracket

The tournament lasted 1 day and had a module of BO1 until quarterfinals. Semifinals got to be BO3. Finals didn’t happen in this event though, they shall occur on the promised special event.

After 12 hours of intense battles, new teams revealed and a narrator losing his voice, the four best teams finally made it to the semi finals.


The Semifinalists and Finalists

- Insight eSports, former Awake, played nicely against GamerHouse and got to semifinals.




- The brand new CNB eSports Club grants its pass to the next phase after winning against Schk04.


The newcomer CNB faces the experienced Insight eSports. After two high level matches, both teams played really well but CNB gets the best of Insight, with a beastly and decisive 10-3 Gragas played on the last match by CNB prZo, winning by 2 – 0.

Replay of the last match:



- vTi Corsair gets the job done against ICF and is semifinalist.




- paiN.Razer qualified after a long and close one hour and six minutes game against team vTi Ice


Team vTi Corsair confronts its rival paiN.Razer on semifinals. Both teams are well known by winning a couple of tournaments in the national scenario and were expected to put up a nice fight - and they didn’t disappoint! After paiN losing the first match, the same reacts and puts on a nice 18 – 2 against vTi, leading the decision to the third and final match, where vTi Corsair emerged victorious!

Replay of second and last match:

With both finalists decided, there are still questions about the prizes. Will it be as rewarding as international tournaments?

Also, will Brazil overcome ping issues and preconcept and become a new potency on League of Legends? Or will it stay secondary on the competitive scenario? And finally, who’s going to be the grand champion? The prodigy newcomer CNB eSports Club or the famous and experienced vTi Corsair?

I’m leaving these questions in the air until our next coverage on the special event.

See you soon!

Eduardo “Shad” Novais