Interview with FatMamma: "I expect us to be in top 5 EU [during s3]"



Wed 1st Aug 2012 - 8:04pm

I've had a chat with BLACK's, support player, FatMamma before their journey to New York to compete in MLG 2012 Summer Arena. Team BLACK, Bacon Lovers Are Crazy Kool, is an up-and-coming European team which has proven itself from day 1. Even though they haven't been around for long, they have already qualified for MLG 2012 Summer Arena this weekend.

We talked about qualifying for MLG 2012 Summer Arena, going to events without an organization, how it feels surprising everybody, the future for Team BLACK, and coming up with an unorthodox team name.

Team BLACK cover

Hey FatMamma. How did you get into gaming and League of Legends?

FatMamma: Always been playing games. I started out when I was really young playing SNES and Sega, I got into league through a couple of friends at a lan about 2 years ago. Everyone was playing HoN at the time, but got convinced to try League and have been playing ever since.


How did the idea for Team BLACK start?

FatMamma: Well it was Oskar (facerollerx, our ap mid) who convinced me to start up a team with him and napraen. At the time I was bored of league and was taking a break from playing. After alot of nagging he finally got me to agree to play with them. We started out playing some small tournaments and after a while I fell in love with the game again.


How did you guys come with that amazing name?

FatMamma: Well it started out as a joke when we were really tired and we couldn't come up with a better name, I mean who doesn't love bacon? I didn't really like it at first, I thought it would make people look at us as unserious, but it really grew on me.


Team BLACK kind of came out of nowhere and surprised everyone by taking the spot for MLG. How does it feel representing Europe over there?

FatMamma: Well I have to say it's with kind of mixed feelings that I'm seeing Napraen (our jungler) and diqozoy (our ad) won't be present at MLG because they have visa/passport issues. But it feels good to be going though, we're going to put up a good show even though we don't bring our usual lineup.

Who will step in?

FatMamma: Rekkles and Svenskaren



How do you guys prepare for MLG this weekend?

FatMamma: We've been trying to play as much as we can even though we had some issues, and it was only since yesterday Rekkles and Svenskaren were confirmed as our subs, so we've basically only played with them since yesterday.


What are your expectations for MLG?

FatMamma: It's hard to say we haven't played any of the teams who are attending, so it's going to be interesting. If I had to guess I'd say 2nd place.


Who do you think will win MLG Summer?

FatMamma: Azubu Blaze.


What do you think of the Korean scene?

FatMamma: I've been following it for some time, and it's really interesting. I like the aggressive playstyle and early pushes.


Besides qualifying for MLG, what are your goals for the rest of Season 2?

FatMamma: Continue to play with my teammates, progress and improve as a team. Season 2 is almost at its end. It would be cool to go to gamescom though. We'll try to get as much lan experience as possible and practise for season 3.


What do you expect of season 3?

FatMamma: Well I expect us to be in top 5 EU, but our goal is to win s3 championship and everyone on our team is driven and motivated to do this.


Are you part of a gaming organization, if not, how do you get to events etc.?

FatMamma: We're not part of any organization at this time. Now that MLG is paying for the flight, hotel and such, we didn't feel the need to rush into anything. We want to explore our options and find out what organization is best for us.


What has been the greatest moment for you in gaming so far - and why?

FatMamma: There's so many, that I really can't compare them. I love to compete but on the other hand I love to explore and play RPGs. I remember when I started playing World of Warcraft, that was a pretty great moment, but also the moment when we beat in the MLG qualifiers that was really great too.


Any shoutouts?

FatMamma: Shoutout to my team, I love you guys and to Razer for providing us with amazing gear for MLG in last minute.


Thank you for having a chat with me before going to New York.