Interview with SK Kev1n: "I changed from top to AD because of one reason and that is Darien from M5"



Wed 8th Aug 2012 - 5:46pm

I have been able to speak with kev1n the top lane player for SK gaming. SK recently has had many roster changes but the team they showed at ECC Poland was able to take 3rd place. Showing strong games vs. some of the best teams in Europe SK was 1-0 up Vs. but unfortunately couldn’t make the finals.

Hello Kev1n thanks for your time today. I want to start out by asking you what you think of your new line up; do you think it is one you can finally all settle down with?

Kev1n: Hey, no problem. I think our new line up is very good. I feel like we could win everything with this team if we train hard enough and yes I think that we will stay together for a long time.

You recently switched from top to AD and have now gone back to the top lane. What was it that made you want to change to AD and after trying it out what made you miss the top lane?

Kev1n: To be honest I changed from top to AD because of one reason and that is Darien from M5. I was so demotivated because I lost every single lane vs. him so hard that I could not stay at top anymore. Some weeks after I switched to AD, I realized that Darien isn’t that unstoppable as I thought before, I realized that I could beat him after this break and I kind of missed the top lane feeling. Just to be on his own 1v1, to be careful of junglers etc.

We quite often see you on Jax or Udyr but what is your favourite top lane champion whether they are viable or not?

Kev1n: Jax and Udyr are definitely one of my favourites but there is one champion that I love to play and that is Irelia. Even she gets a nerfed to the heavens I would still play her.

Do you think after all the disruption SK has had in the last 6 months or so you really stand a chance at season 2 or are your sights set to the future?

Kev1n: I think even after all what happened in the past we still have the chance at season 2 and we are going to win it. We are also extremely excited for season 3!

We don’t often get to see you stream, is this because you don’t enjoy it or you like to keep your play styles to yourself or some other reason?

Kev1n: I actually would love to stream but the problem is that my upload is just too bad. I hope I can change this in near future!

Some people like to play AD carries like Corki or Vayne in the top lane. Considering you have dabbled in both roles do you think you could pull such thing off at competitive play?

Kev1n: I thought about it and I tried it. I might pull things out like that. We will see haha ;)

Since you are such an avid Yorick and Jax player have you ever thought about getting your team to play Zilean for a protect the AD carry sort of composition?

Kev1n: Yes, we thought about it 2 days ago but Ocelote doesn’t feel very comfortable with him. In the team we want rather play champions which we feel comfortable with to give the best we can. When someone doesn’t like a champion that much we won't force him to play it, but we will see!

In the future are there any bold strategies you might try against certain teams that we should be excited to see?

Kev1n: There are definitely coming things up but ofc I can’t tell you. :(

Having played mid and top what are the key differences you would explain to a player who cannot choose what solo lane to play?

Kev1n: Well top is for players who love to be in a fight being tankier and still deal amount of damage and be in the front of the team. Mid is for players who want to deal a lot of damage or just burst someone down, mid is also more like farming the whole day!

What skin in game is your favourite and for what reason?

Kev1n: My favourite skin is snowbunny nidalee because I'm almost the only person who got this skin. :) (got it Dreamhack) But I also like the new Chogath skin because of the music he plays, Ara and me had a lot of fun with it, haha.

If you worked at riot what changes would you make to shift the meta into a new direction and how would this change the game play?

Kev1n: I would change the jungle / wraiths. I would swap the golem camp with the wraiths camp. It would change the gameplay of the midlaners because they have to do more than just farm until min 25 and carry the game.

Thank you for your time kev1n is there any shout outs you wish to give or links you want to share with us?

Kev1n: No problem. I want to thanks all of our SK fans for supporting us !!! The SK team loves you.