Interview with Broetoe: "M5 has a big chance of winning the Season 2 finals, I even heard some Korean teams are scared of M5"



Fri 24th Aug 2012 - 5:05pm


I had the opportunity to talk to Jacco "Broetoe" Broeder, about being a part of, about the other"tier 2" teams in europe, earlier results and their new addition El Muppo.

Broetoe: I’m Broetoe and I am called Jacco Broeder in real life. I take the role of the jungler within and I’m the “smart guy” of the team!


How did your gaming career start?

Broetoe: I started playing competitively in 2009 when I played CoD4 in a small team called Visualize. Several months and LANs later, I was invited to join YYT and played the summer LANs with them. After that I joined WinFakt and after WinFakt my interest in LoL started developing in 2011. I then joined my first team, which is the same team I’m with right now:!


Gamehoppers have finished in the top 3 in a few online tournaments now, do you think of another team as a rival?

Broetoe: At the moment teams like Team Black, Mouz and the French Eclypsia seems really strong. Teams like SK, M5 and CLG are still a step ahead of us and we couldn’t say we’d be in a rivalry with them.


Is there a player who you fear playing against?

Broetoe: As a jungler I’m most scared of Diamondprox from M5. His knowledge which lane needs to be counterganked had a huge impact on the games we played against them.


M5 just won Gamescom, did you get to see any of the matches? - Did any teams surprise you?

Broetoe: Yes, the biggest surprise was SK in a very positive way. They seem to play really well with their two new players and they all seem to have stepped up their game besides increasing their knowledge about the meta. CLG didn’t live up to my expectations as I thought they would implement some of the Korean playstyle due to their long stay in Korea. But to be honest I wasn’t able to see much of a development in their style.




How do you think the season 2 finals will end?

Broetoe: I think M5 has a big chance of winning the Season 2 finals, I even heard some Korean teams are scared of M5. Although I believe that either a Korean team or M5 will win the season, I have to say that I believe SK will represent Europe really well and if they play well, they’ll probably go pretty far within the tournament.


Who do you think is the strongest jungler in the world atm?

Broetoe: Diamondprox.


What champion do you prefer in the jungle - and why?

Broetoe: At the moment I like Shyvana the most due to her aggressive gameplay. Especially because she clears the jungle so quickly and her ganks and engages are really strong.

With the addition of El Muppo, how does the future look for Gamehoppers?

Broetoe: It’s going really well with El Muppo. I have to admit that I love to troll him a little because he’s the new guy. So he has to bring me my cookies and drinks. Oh, and he’s one of the best Top laners in Europe!


What goals do Gamehoppers have for Season 3?

Broetoe: Our goal is to own and become THE BEST in Season 3. We won’t stop working on us as a team and individuals until we reach that goal.


Do you have any shoutouts?

Broetoe: I would like to greet my team,, our sponsors and some special love to GH ArCaDe!!! Also to everyone out there: Be sure to follow us on!!