Interview with CowTard: "Mordekaiser is one of the champs that can work out even if you're really far behind"



Wed 29th Aug 2012 - 5:12pm

I was able to  talk to Viktor Stymne, better known as cowTard in League of Legends. He is 22 years old and plays for Team MegashocK at the moment. When he is not playing League of Legends he is studying civil engineering, and is about to start his 4th year out of 5.


How did you get into gaming?

CowTard: Uhm well, I've pretty much been playing video games since I were about 2 years old, my parents were pretty much forced to get a nintendo after some issues with me after I tried playing it at another persons house. But the more competitive scene started later. I think the first game I played really competitive was warcraft 3 where I was mainly playing 2on2 though, so there were no real tournaments. I got really high on Blizzards own ladder and it was also through Warcraft 3 I got introduced to DotA which I played as a game to play when I only wanted fun.

After this I'm not completely sure of the time line, but I did start to play League of Legends to try a DotA clone with a better matchmaking system. I also switched from Warcraft 3 to Starcraft 2 where I went pretty competitive as well and actually partcipated in a couple of tournaments, never really won anything though. And as I played more and more League of Legends I noticed that I have a real talent for this game (I was going over 90% winrate my first 20 games).

It took quite some time before I started playing League of Legends competetively, but after a while I started playing 3v3 tournaments with some friends (one of them being a current team mate) and winning some Riot Points. We were also playing some 5v5 with a team mainly for fun, but as we all started to improve at the game we decided to kick it up a notch and tried to start competitive in 5v5. And yeah, through this our current team has evolved... it's mainly just friends in the team who evolved into a quite good team.


Have you found your 5th member after El Muppo left for Gamehoppers?

CowTard: No, the whole thing with El Muppo was a bit weird in my opinion... It's like, we had another person playing top for us earlier this year but he had alot of real life stuff coming up and was cutting back on his gaming. Then we started to use El Muppo as a sub very often. Eventually he told us that he wasn't gonna play anymore and we recruited El Muppo to our team (in this way he was a bit of an outcast as the rest of us played with each other way longer) but with him we pretty much had our peak performance.

During some slacking this summer we had a couple of bad weeks and El Muppo decided to try his luck with instead. Shortly after he left, our support was going on a vacation through europe as well, and with 2 people gone our team was really demoralized and even though we tried some toplaners our team didn't really feel good. And after the weeks of vacation of our support, Gamescom was coming up and 3 of us went there and we got back from Gamescom this monday, so the team has not had its time to get back on its feet yet.

We do however, now, after the games against Team Acer, have a permanent substitute with imbaaasheep since earlier we have some people who really enjoys playing with us and are willing to substitute even if they're not ready to leave their teams to play with us instead.

What does the future look like for Team MegashocK?

CowTard: Well, most of the team seem interested in improving to an even higher level. The only issue at hand is the lack of a toplaner and people studying. Personally I'm not ready to give up my education for something as temporary as becoming a pro gamer. However since I'm quite a slacker in school, I still play alot and try to improve. I think our maingoal right now is to qualify for some offline event, as we never actually won a trip to any offline event.


You guys went to Gamescom, did any teams surprise you, in a negative or positive way?

CowTard: Well we didn't really go to Gamescom to watch the game, we worked as 'pro gamers' for Riot there, trying to educate people in the game. However we did of course watch as much of the games as we could, and I got shocked by two things, one of them being SK Gaming performing way, way out of their league. They have been so far behind the other pro teams and been doing so bad lately, but in this tournament they beat both Acer and The other shocking team was Acer, they were not playing their game at all... I'm not sure if it's cause of the lack of offline event experience or some other issues, but I think they really underperformed.


Who do you think is the top team in the world - and why?

CowTard: Well I have a bit of an issue to say this because I'm really bad at following the American and Korean scene but, I know that m5 is one of the absolute best teams just because they perform so well in the offline events and they're not afraid to mess with the meta. I also have to say that Team Solomid is one of the best, purely based on results and watching a few of their games.

Steve and cowTard(Steve and cowTard at Gamescom 2012)


Are there any mid player you fear playing against?

CowTard: I normally fear junglers more than midlaners, but a combination of offensive midlaners and offensive junglers is the most terrifying (as m5 or fnatic). There are also certain midlaners I have really hard times against, such as MoMa.


Are there any teams you enjoy playing against?

CowTard: Personally I really enjoy playing against fnatic even though we have a real bad winrate against them. Other than that it's mainly the second tier teams I enjoy playing against as we actually can try to variate our champs and comps a bit without getting completely smashed


Lastly, Leaguepedia says you are well known for your Mordekaiser, is he your favorite champion?

CowTard: He is. I feel like he's one of the most fun champions to play as he boosts his defensive attributes by playing real offensive also his gamestyle really fits with mine. The only problem with him is that he's too easy to punish, I almost never lose straight up 1on1 with mordekaiser, it's normally the junglers that put me in a disadvantage. He's also one of the champs that can work out even if you're really far behind just because of his ultimate.



CowTard: We want to say thank you to Riot for letting you represent them at the booth at Gamescom!

After this interview the team decided to leave Team MegashocK and joined Team WinFakt instead.