The Rules to Solo Queue



Wed 19th Sep 2012 - 5:39pm

Rules to Solo Queue

Hey friends, it's Fox with another blog. So playing solo queue whenever I lose a game, I think to myself "Where did we go wrong?". Sometimes it's really obvious, like every lane losing badly, but sometimes it's a really close game that comes down to one single moment. So I set up some rules for myself that I'm going to share with you all, to help succeed in solo queue.

Rule Number One: Don't Die 

Yep that's the rule. Seems simple right? Not always so much. I notice a lot of people have difficulty adapting their playstyles. Someone will get behind in lane, get counterpicked, or get a lot of pressure from the enemy jungler, and they won't change the way they play.  They come back with this mentality of "Okay I'm behind, I'm gonna catch up by killing this guy!" and a lot of times you'll end up getting even farther behind. Being down in cs isn't the end of the world, but feeding a few kills can cause the  enemies to snowball out of control. 

Now nobody is perfect, regardless of how hard you try, you're going to end up dying mostly every game, and that's just fine! The rule is a little flexible. Just make sure you don't give up too many deaths, or die without gaining at least some advantage for it (such as you dying for the rest of your team to win a team fight). 

If you see this guy jungling, you know he's going to want to gank you

Rule Number Two: Look before Leaping (and do Math)

Now this kind of covers a very broad spectrum. But basically just take a second and think about things before entering a situation. If you don't have sight on any member of the enemy team, don't go wandering around on parts of the map where you don't have wards. If you see two guys farming bot lane, go ahead and try to take Baron or 5 man push a different lane, but if it's your team that has guys off farming a lane on the other side of the map, don't engage in fights. 

And this doesn't just apply to team fights and counting the champions on your map.

Be careful when everyone is mia!

- Can I dive my opponet? The enemy used Ignite 3 mintes ago, is it up yet? 
- Do I have enough mana to do my full combo?
- And, if I use my combo, will I have enough damage to kill them?

There have just been too many games where myself or someone on my team has done something stupid, saying afterward "Oh I thought I had enough damage" or "Oops didn't realize I didn't have enough mana."

I know we all were told growing up, our teachers said "You're going to be using math all the time!" and we were skeptical. But here I am telling you to do math while you're playing video games. If you watch a streamer who comentates, they will sometimes mention things like "Well I need 280 mana to land all my abilities so I'm going to wait." I just remember watching Scarras stream and a Blitzcrank walked into his lane, used his speed boost and walked at him. Scarra just turned to him and killed him saying "Oh, he doesn't have enough mana for his grab." He didn't panic and blow his flash to escape like some people would have. He just calmly outplayed them.

It's just a small thing you can improve on to turn a lot of situations in your favor. 


Rule Number Three: Don't get Caught

After around the 30 minute mark, one person's death can completely sway the game's out come. One example I see all the time (especially when I was playing a lot of Skarner) was this: The enemy carry (or anyone trying to poke) would walk up to throw out a skill shots and poke at the enemy at what they think is a safe distance. Suddenly the Skarner on the other team flashes in on them while using Shurelia's, he ults that carry before they have a chance to react, they get pulled, and they die.

In a lot of situations you will lose Baron, a bunch of towers, an Inhibitor, and maybe even the entire game, and it will be all your fault because you got caught. And this is just one example. Split pushing without proper ward coverage, sitting in on top of an enemy ward without knowing it, or letting the enemy engage on you when your team isn't in a good position to fight. 

Dying in this game is rarely someone else's fault. If it was a risky situation, you should have gotten out. If you're your team's carry and the enemy assassin jumps on you and kills you, you should have waited to enter the fight, or saved an escape. There is always something you can do to not die. 

You should beware of this guy!

Rule Four: Have a good attitude

Bad attitudes are something everyone will agree is rampant in the League of Legends community. A bunch of people talk down to their enemies or allies, they get rage at their team for mistakes, and they blame everyone else for their own mistakes. And let's just be honest, this has never helped anyone. 

There is a somewhat famous quote by Doublelift recently, he said "You don't play solo queue to make your team better, you do it to make yourself better." and he's absolutely right. Stop worrying about what other lanes are doing, stop worrying about how many more times the enemy jungler has been in your lane over your jungler, and stop acting like this one game of solo queue means anything. Just play your best, play to win, and focus on improving.  If you keep this in mind, and you working on improving your play, you will go up in elo. That is a fact. You will lose some games on the way there, and that's okay, everyone loses games sometimes. It may take you months and months before you get to an elo goal, but that's normal. Sometimes people lose a lot of games. That's okay. Improving is a process, and it takes time.

And I want to add this, because a lot of people forget this. League of Legends is a game. Have fun! Your attitude changes everything.


So in conclusion, just follow these simple rules, and honestly, you will start to see your gameplay improve, you will have more pleasant experiences in solo queue and your elo will eventually get higher. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! 

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