Interview with the highest elo (2900+) player, ForellenLord



Sat 15th Sep 2012 - 6:48pm

Carl "ForellenLord" Lückmann is a German League of Legends pro gamer with the highest Solo Rating in the Season Two Ladders of all LoL Servers. He is 18 years old, has formed the new Team ELOBLADE and lives in Bochum. I was able to get an interview with him and hope you enjoy the read.

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Hello ForellenLord! How could you manage to get the highest elo of all LoL players? Did you have a hard time rising your elo? 

ForellenLord: Hi people, at the moment it is really really hard to get more elo. But till 2.9k, it wasn't hard at all. I was chilling around pretty much until shookl2 suddenly had more elo than me. For myself, I couldn't just leave the situation like that, and played pretty much one whole day(12hours) to get this 2.9k mark.


Do many people message you and ask you for advice or to carry them? Does it sometimes annoy you? And how does it feel to have the highest elo?

ForellenLord: Sometimes it does annoy you, but after a couple of weeks you don't even recognize it, I always answer similiar. That are quite many people, but yeah. It feels really good, but ofc you shouldn't overrate it. Like, höhö I am #1 I will beat everyone anyways. I still have to play ofc to at least stay at this level. But of course I wanna get even better.


Do you, as a pro gamer, have enough time for family, friends and a girl friend?

ForellenLord:  I don't have a girl friend. And if I would, she has to understand what I am doing and that I can't afford that much time for her than other guys. Friends is kinda the same. Sometimes I feel bad that I can't come to every party or whatever, because I sometimes have to play. But I have friends who understand that so it's kay.


I'm a bit curious. Why did you choose to name yourself ForellenLord? How did you get to that summoner name?

ForellenLord:  A long and secret story.


So, your main position is mid lane. How comes, why do you enjoy playing mid lane the most?

ForellenLord: In midlane you have a great effect on the game. Also, in midlane you play the in my opinion most creative heroes, which are rare in LoL. For example Anivia, Orianna. Heroes who aren't just pressing qwerqwe and win fight'. And midlane is a kinda independent lane. You always can do something.


Here comes one of the most popular questions: Who is your favourite champion and why is that so? And which champ do you dislike the most?

ForellenLord: At the moment Ahri, Twisted Fate, Orianna and Nidalee. They all are just so much fun to play and not that easy to master. Hate the most, hmm. Ah, Singed. Singed is a hero with a real stupid mechanic. Run and win the fight.


At gamescom 2012 the upcoming champion Syndra has been revealed. Did you test her and are you planning to play her?

ForellenLord: Not at all, don't know anything about new heroes. I never check the forums for new heroes, I normally just read the patchnotes and watch the champion spotlight.


Do you try to counter the opponent mid laner after you see his pick in the champion selection? Or do you select a champion that might be better in the team fights.

ForellenLord: I normally take what fits in the team, but I try to not get counterpicked aswell. I try to take a champion who does help the team overall more than the opponents midlane. For example Twisted Fate, he helps his team to become stronger, so I don't care if I am not that strong in a 1v1.


How do you build your items? Do you go straight for damage or do you also buy magic resist if your opponent bullies you a lot?

ForellenLord: My itembuilds always depends on each game I play. It's hard to give you a general tip. But the more fed you are, the better it is to get more damage. At least most of the times.


How is your laning phase? What is the most important thing besides farming? Do you play agressive or careful?

ForellenLord: I play carefully agressive. As long as I know I can't die, I play agressive. A general tip: Never go agressive without flash.


When do you decide to gank other lanes? What is important to consider?

ForellenLord: At first, I push my lane, if my lane isn't pushed, I normaly don't gank, because I'd lose 6 creeps, that gold is nearly the same as a kill. I often take the safe gold, the creeps in midlane or ghosts. But of course not always, just to surprise the opponent by my decision


Is there any advice, tips and tricks you can give to other mid laners? A lot of players asked for tips to get out of elo hell. What is ur wisest advice?

ForellenLord: Don't do action without flash, ward both sides. Always. There is no elohell, but thats another story. I'd say don't flame and buy tons of wards. Wards are winning games. I am not sure if that was so 'wise', but should be fine.


You were in team Alternate. Recently you have formed a new team called "ELOBLADE". How do you feel with that new team formation?

ForellenLord: The new Team is really great. Our skill is allready really high, but we still didn't reach our limit. A team with 4 other really good players helps me alot, because I can concentrate on myself a lot more. So any team has to be aware of me even more :D.


Is there anything you keep telling yourself and your team before every important game to feel more confident?

ForellenLord: Eeeh. Something between "we can do it" and "concentrate as much as you can".


What was the most important moment in your career?

ForellenLord: Maybe that I joined a new team? We will see in the future if it was worth it. One of the most important moments was being picked up by alternate. That made everything professional.


What are your main goals for the upcoming Season 3? Do you plan to train more with your new team and try out new strategies?

ForellenLord: As I mentioned in my statement on Facebook: Become one of the top3 teams in EU. Since we have #1 in soloq and #2 soloq in the team, it's possible for sure. And of course Metalx and Kottenx and Leo have the same potential. That of course includes more training and new strategies.


And do you play any other games except League of Legends?

ForellenLord: Dota2, if I have a lot of time.


Any last words to your fans and other LoL players?

ForellenLord: Thank you guys for reading this interview. Thank you fans for being a fan of mine.


Thank you very much for your time and good luck and success with your future gaming career!


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