Interview with Team Legion LoL: "Goals are to continue to compete at the highest level and qualify for Season 3"



Thu 4th Oct 2012 - 8:03pm

Team Legion has competitive teams in League of Legends, Starcraft 2, Smite and Tribe. I had the chance to talk to the LoL lineup and had a good time discussing the international scenario, Season 3, the team's goals and more. Read on below.

LgN.LoL roster:

Jon "Demunlul" McCulloch - AD Carry
Alex "iNoobish" Mata - Support
Tyler "Lautemortis" Nicholls - Jungle
Neil "PR0LLY" Hammad - AP Carry
Cruz "Cruzerthebruzer" Ogden - Top

Thank you for your time! I’d like to start this interview knowing more about Team Legion. When and how was the team formed? What’s your story?

Lautemortis: Team Legion took the core of team RFLX, jungler Lautemortis, mid Pr0lly and support iNoObish and added in top laner CruzertheBruzer as well as Demunlul for AD, and has been a team for the last 5 months. The team was basically formed from high elo players (and iNoObish). loooooooooool

Demunlul: From my perspective I just watched Legion (RFLX) in a couple of tournaments when Pr0lly played rumble top and was always interested to watch them because they were maybe not as good as the top teams but always put up a good match. Considering they were new I was pleased. I never saw myself in this team at all, or playing in big tournaments as well. Lautemortis was randomly in my game on a smurf in solo queue (I had no idea it was him); he added me and I accept whoever adds me usually. Then one day he asked me to sub for them for a $500 tournament and we placed 1st over Epik Gamer. I wasn’t asked to join until a few days later where they said they wanted to make changes within team, then Arcknight didn’t have time to play anymore so we picked up Cruzer.

PR0LLY: The team started as Laute said, just a 3-man team. Picking up random players throughout our journey to get better, and we eventually landed on Demunlul and Cruzer around the same time. Once these two joined, all of us started taking it more seriously, and this is when the team really began to form.


In the beginning of your professional League of Legends career, was it hard playing face to face with the top teams? How were you emotionally? Do you guys still feel insecure?

Lautemortis: Playing against top tier teams as a newly founded team was basically asking to get crushed. But you learn a lot from losing and you learn where and when you should be in situations and how to come back from early deficits. Emotionally its hard to stay motivated while being torn apart, but with some good players and attitudes you can learn from your mistakes and move forward to eventually being able to compete and beat higher caliber teams.

CruzertheBruzer: Feels fine emotionally. I don’t feel insecure, but I don’t necessarily think we should feel content with our performances. 

Demunlul: I was a little nervous joining the team, not because of playing good teams but to preform well for my team considering I was recruited from being a substitute. Other than that I was excited to play the top teams although we didn’t play them all that much.

PR0LLY: Before MLG providence, which was our first event, we always had a hard time finding scrims with the professional teams. It wasn’t too hard to face them, but too hard to get a hold of them and be taken seriously. As soon as they saw us play at our first LAN, they realized that we would be a good punching bag. Then they started to scrim us. Emotionally? Psh, I have no emotions. I am a robot, and I must play more LoL. If I were programmed to have feelings I’d have feelings of grandeur, because I’m the best arab robot league player in the world.


So far you’ve earned quite a nice fame; the team keeps growing and achieving remarkable places on major tournaments. What is your goal?

Lautemortis: New goals are to continue to compete at the highest level in League of Legends and to place even higher. Evenutally qualifying for Season 3 and becoming a well known and respected team. Also making lots of friends and eating tacos.

Cruzer: Qualify for Season 3.

Demunlul: Establish a stable internet and qualify for Season 3. 

PR0LLY: My goal is to get a sponsor from Wonka’s Everlasting Gobstopper department and Wendy’s. Winning more would be cool, though.


Which was the hardest or most dramatic game of the team’s career so far?

Lautemortis: Playing CLG in S2 championship qualifiers was extremely difficult. The third game represents both the most difficult and most important game our team has played thus far. We ended up losing a hard fought game, but ended up a better team because of it.

Cruzer: Game 3 versus CLG; more on the line than any other game, chance to play at World Championships.

Demunlul: Game 2 and 3 against CLG at Pax was pretty hard and also pretty fun, I wasn’t nervous or anything but I got really excited, although we didn’t win I was pretty happy how we did against them, CLG obviously played better than us and deserved the win.

PR0LLY: I’m going to copy the rest of my team and say CLG at pax prime. As soon as we saw the triple TP strategy and realized we didn’t do enough preparing it became super intense. Everytime somebody missed a skill or you missed CS it became a sharp pain in your side and something that you hated yourself for. Is that dramatic enough? If not, I punched my left boob for every mistake. And now I only have one boob.


As for the tournaments you’ve been in so far, which one was the most special for you and why?

Lautemortis: We did the best at IPL faceoff which allowed us to qualify for PAX, but overall PAX was probably the most special. Riot treated us well, it had an awesome atmosphere and they gave us lots of money!!

Cruzer: IPL Faceoff, realized we could actually perform well at LANs, was concerned after MLG Anaheim.

Demunlul: Probably Anaheim because I got to actually feel what it was like to be at a LAN event, even though we were knocked out extremely early I got a feel of travel, met a few pros and overall enjoyed the experience. IPL Faceoff/Pax were obviously special because we were actually a little known by the other players and fans alike.

PR0LLY: MLG Providence was obviously the special event for me because it was our first event. I’ve never met any of my team before and this was the first time I got to meet some “internet” people in the real world. It was also the first time I had my flight and hotel paid for, so it gave a really nice feel for what we could achieve.

iNoObish: I’d say MLG Prov as well because it was the jump start to where we are as of right now. If we didn’t get that slight pass into the pro scene we wouldn't have tried to become better.


What are your thoughts on the competitive scene outside of Europe and North America?

Lautemortis: Competitive scene seems much more serious in other regions. Player skill levels are probably similar but teams from other regions seem to synergize better.

Cruzer: I’m in NA, I have no idea. Asian teams boast of long practice hours though and I know Korean SC players practice always. 

Demunlul: From what I’ve heard and assume they practice a lot as a team and individually (in Asia) so they will obviously have better team communication than most North American teams, possibly more than some that have even been established and together for a long time (like TSM and CLG).

PR0LLY: I’m really happy this game has a different meta in different countries. The metas aren’t so different that it’s insane, but it’s still something to look at and be like “Ooh ahh that’s cool”. As much as I’ve seen, the European and NA scene have gotten closer and closer meta-wise in the last 6 months. The asian meta is hard to tell because we don’t have the luxury of seeing all of their games since they’re more secretive about it. I don’t think any region has a stronger meta or anything, and this game still boils down to whoever has the best plays on a game-to-game basis.

iNoobish: I like watching the Asian teams because they run a lot of different types of support. It makes the game a lot more fun seeing how they make things work. I think that Europe is relatively close to NA just some different opinions on champion selection. 

Team Legion at IPL Faceoff: San Francisco Showdown - image courtesy of Legion Gaming fanpage

What do you think of the rumors of Riot paying salaries to the top teams in the next season? Can you share with us what you already know about it?

Lautemortis: We’d love the opportunity to turn playing League of Legends into a career, of course!

Cruzer: If Riot wanted you to know about it, you wouldn’t be asking us.

PR0LLY: I think it’s super pwn that playing LoL could be turned into a legit career. It’s a really sweet move for any prospective pro player and will cause the competitive scene to be much more dynamic.


Now for some quick questions!
Favorite champion?

Cruzer: Lee Sin

Lautemortis: Lee Sin

Demunlul: Lee Sin

PR0LLY: Lee Sin



Best player for each role?

Cruzer: Impossible to say, haven’t played against half of them

Demunlul: Second that.

PR0LLY: Froggen from CLG.EU is easily the best mid because nobody else has been able to win with lichbane + stinger. Respekt.

iNoObish: Top Lane: Darien, Mid Lane: Froggen, Jungle: DiamondProx, AD: Doublelift, Support: Chauster


Hardest opponent in North America in your opinion?

Cruzer: At LANs? TSM, they’ve won every recent NA one, there’s no reason to pick anyone else.

Demunlul: I guess TSM because they win everything.

PR0LLY: TSM is the hardest opponent ever. They suck at losing, it’s just too bad.

iNoObish: TSM the strongest at LANS but we struggle against CLG.


What about EU?

Demunlul: Moscow 5.

Cruzer: M5 due to their lan performances.

PR0LLY: The only EU team we’ve played is CLG.EU, so my only real option is them. Unless we wanted to talk statistically. Oh you do? M5.


And Asia?

Demunlul: Only played like 3 asian teams, dunno whoever wins every game over there.

Cruzer: Najin Sword or Azubu Frost.

PR0LLY: I am biased towards TPA because they have some sexy plays in their book.

iNoObish: Probably going to say Azubu Frost. Any team that can win 3 in a row vs CLG.EU in a finals set is super strong.


Thanks a lot, it was a pleasure talking to you guys. Best of luck in upcoming tournaments and in Season 3. Do you have any shoutouts?

PR0LLY: I’d like to shoutout to CruzertheBruzer, he’s my favorite top laner ever! And if he’d just add me in game we could talk about Lee Sin all day!

iNoObish: Razer and SANSHEE, also Jonathan McCulloch.