Taipei Assassins Team Manager, Erica Tseng: "The fans gave us one of the biggest welcoming the moment we stepped into the airport lobby."



Fri 19th Oct 2012 - 5:39pm

The Taipei Assassins won the League of Legends Season 2 Championship last Saturday, taking home $1 million after knocking Azubu Frost 3-1. Much like TPA's last series win against M5.BenQ the Taiwan-based champions lost their first game against Frost to sweep the rest of the series - even prompting a surrender from Frost in game three.

After arriving back home in Taiwan TPA Team Manager Erica Tseng took the time out to speak briefly about the win and what's in store next for the team: "The moment we were in the third game and had a huge advantage, we knew we had secured the win," Tseng said, referring to the moment TPA knew they had the championship. "It was very overwhelming and exciting for all of us."

Tseng said that after game one the team wanted to avoid Frost's Karthus strategy - a wise move after Frost's RapidStar scored a quadra kill with the champ after a decisive teamfight. She added that TPA also wanted to pressure Frost's jungle more in the following games so they wouldn't have as much freedom to gank as they did in game one.

When asked about the Frost surrender in game three, Tseng said that it wasn't unexpected: "We were not surprised with the surrender, because they understood we had a great advantage in game 3, so they decided to surrender and start new in game 4 again," Tseng said.

Early into game four TPA scored two early kills against Frost. Tseng said that the team wanted to maintain that advantage and snowball it by changing lanes and keeping Frost pressured at every step.

TPA was clearly the crowd favorite going into the finals with the audience cheering "T-P-A" at various points during the series. Back in Taiwan the team was front-page news and was also greeted with cheering friends and family at the airport.

"The response back home has been awesome," Tseng said. "The fans are extremely passionate and gave us one of the biggest welcoming the moment we stepped into the airport lobby."

The team is currently taking a small break from League of Legends though Tseng said the next weeks will likely consist of press interviews and other public events. Afterward she said the team will get back into gear and prepare for the upcoming IPL5 taking place Nov. 29 to Dec. 2 in Las Vegas, N.V.

With a huge win behind the team Tseng said that she hoped the victory will make the world notice Taiwan as a noteworthy eSports competitor.

"Hopefully this will let more people notice Taiwan eSports and that we have a great environment here for competitive gaming," Tseng said. "Also, I hope more people will take our career a lot more seriously, and will be willing to work on promoting professional gaming as a modern sport."

As Season 2 comes to a close Tseng was thankful her team's performance and for the support of all the sponsors and fans.

"This season has been fantastic," Tseng said. "I’d like to thank the fans for being there throughout our ups and downs. Also, a quick thank you to Garena and our sponsors Razer, Intel, Kingston, and Acer."

Tseng said that as of yet the team had no definite plans for the prize money.