An Interview with Dontmashme About the End of TSM Evo and a New TD Beginning



Thu 25th Oct 2012 - 7:17pm

Brandon 'Dontmashme' Phan has played AD carry for several different teams competitively, such as Epik Gamer, Monomaniac Dominatus, and Team Solo Mid Evo. After playing publicly ´╗┐with Team Dynamic for some time, the organization announced that he has officially joined the roster.

With the upcoming MLG Dallas event, as well as the start to Season 3, Dontmashme discusses Team Dynamic's prospects for the future.


How did you get involved with the League of Legends professional scene?

Dontmashme: It all started snowballing from the very first 1v1 tournament. I went into the tournament with confidence because at that time I hit 2k elo in solo queue (where it mattered) in a short amount of time and took the first. Resulting from that win, it gave me opportunities to play competitively and I have ended up on Team Dynamic!


Had you played any other games competitively or seriously before League?

Dontmashme: Hello Kitty Online.


You are well known as being half of the formerly inseparable bot lane with support player Patoy; was it difficult to adjust to a new lane after his departure?

Dontmashme: It was not that bad adjusting because in order to be successful in the bottom lane, you must be able to play in all certain scenarios. I have played with numerous support players with different skill levels, so adjusting to another support is easy.


How strongly did this separation lead to your joining TSM Evo?

Dontmashme: It was quite surprising because I did not expect myself to be on Evo after being separated from Patoy. My former teammate and good friend, I Will Dominate talked to me for quite some time and he mentioned that he needed a support player to replace L0CUST and that ended up being Patoy. Then I was left alone on Mono for a good week. At that point I was going to retire, but Nhat Nguyen approached me to join. (Good guy Nhat!)


Did you find the same cohesive composition with TSM Evo as you did with your previous teams?

Dontmashme: Evo had a lot of potential and all we needed was a little more time. We only had 1 month to get synergy and team compositions down. We got all of the simple things down easily, but the only problem was our mid to late game. We are all mechanically strong and will always win our early game 80% of the time, but we all fail to execute our mid to late game. I’d have to say Evo is one of the best teams I have played on.


In an announcement about TSM Evo disbanding, Wingsofdeath stated that you “agreed as a team that if we did not perform at regionals and make something of ourselves for season 2, then it might be best to go our separate ways.” Was this a unanimous decision and what was your thought process?

Dontmashme: Yes it was a unanimous decision. My thought process on all of this was nothing to detrimental. After losing at regionals, all that went through my head is to keep improving and get better. It was a little sad that we had to separate, but I think if we had more time together as a team. We could have been a force to be reckoned with.


Congratulations on your recent move to Team Dynamic! Can you tell us a little bit about the process of trying out for a professional team?

Dontmashme: So after regionals ended and Evo’s separation. One week later TD Hexo asked me “Do you know any ADC’s looking for a team?” It was quite funny because I don’t think he knew about Evo’s break up at that time and I said “Me.” Then that is how I started playing with TD for quite some time now. It was quite interesting because they were not trying any other ADC’s at the time and it was only me. The tryout process was very long and I guess it was the fact that I was the only one trying out.


How well do you think your play style meshes with Pixel’s? Have you had the opportunity to play much with each other in the past?

Dontmashme: It is the very beginning and I am already seeing results. I enjoy playing with different support players and I think Pixel is one of them. The man can make monster plays with his amazing internet connection with 130 ping. Like I said it is only the beginning and results are coming in.


With a very small amount of time before MLG Dallas, do you think the team has had enough of a chance to get used to each other before the event?

Dontmashme: We have been basically practicing with this roster for 2 months now. I believe we are going to do well at MLG. I started getting used to every player on the team within a week. We all mesh well together and communicate well. The results we have been putting online have not been phenomenal, but we are starting to shine.


What do you think Team Dynamic’s biggest strengths and weaknesses will be going into Season 3?

Dontmashme: I would have to say our biggest strength would have to be our aggressiveness and communication. We rarely ever second doubt a call made from anyone on the team. We are all mechanically strong and can think for ourselves.

Playing on different teams, I knew TD always had attitude / ego problems. When I joined I mentioned the team’s weakness and it has been fixed ever since. If we can control our attitudes everything will go well.


How do you feel about the recent influx of strong assassin types to the League? Many players feel these assassins are hard to deal with as a carry, would you agree?

Dontmashme: It depends on what assassin’s we are talking about here. If it is Rengar, I don’t think anyone generally escapes unless your support has oracle and has exhaust ready at a super godlike reaction time. The best way to deal with assassins is to have your support peel for you at all times. Have the crowd control ready to stop the assassin. Running cleanse or buying Quick Silver Sash / Guardian Angel is not a bad choice either. Assassins are scary, but it is not something I will shit the bed on.  There is always a counter to something.


Do you have any shout-outs or anything else to say?

Dontmashme: First off, shout out to Team Dynamic and the team members (Hexo, ZionSpartan, Nintendude, Pixel and Paradoxical) for picking me up and since I am a member of TD now, shout out to BenQ, Razer, Plantronics.

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Thank you for the interview, and best of luck at MLG and in Season 3!